July 9, 2012

Writing Prompt: First Sentence

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Write Your Own Mystery or Fantasy

Today’s Write On Writing Prompt is a great call out to all you aspiring writers. It comes to us from Fulafuj (who has the most awesome Profile Avatar I’ve ever seen). Fulafuj prompts:

Write your own mystery. Or fantasy. It has to be adventurous.

Since we wouldn’t have room to post an entire story, we challenge you to write the first line of your epic mystery or fantasy. There are some great first lines to stories that suck you in. Like . . .

“It was a dark and stormy night.” (from A Wrinkle in Time)
“Mr. and Mrs. Dursley, of number four, Privet Drive, were proud to say they were perfectly normal, thank you very much.” (from Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone)

Got a great first line for a mystery or fantasy story? Or if you’d rather, post a summary paragraph for your story idea! Be as creative and crazy as you like. Thanks for the great prompt, Fulafuj!

—Ratha, Stacks Writer

  1. DragonDreamer19

    “Fire surrounded Mickie; it danced around her, lapping at her flesh with a greedy hunger.”

  2. tacosfriendenchilada!

    On a peculiar afternoon, rainy and gloomy as usual, i played in the abandonded house across the field i always played in. But today i was worried because i hadnt seen Mr.Chouse, the neighbor since Mrs. Bills went fishing. and the trees seemed to stare

  3. Happybook16

    I was in a small and dark room, silent, still, and frightened, waiting for something odd to happen.

  4. Aquaheart71

    Charlotte, A.K.A. Charlie, climbed out of bed with a frown on her face. Could summer really have slipped away so quickly that she hadn’t even had time to pick out a kick-butt outfit for the first day of eighth grade? With an heavy sigh, Charlie stepped toward her closet. Her closet was the closet to end all closets. It was a about the size of a regular bedroom and contained every designer from Armani-Zanetti. Charlie breezed passes last seasons Dior and sauntered up to her collection of 7 For all Mankind jeans. As swiftly as she picked up a pair, they were tosses aside.
    “Ripped knees?” She announced to no one in particular, “Ew! That is so last season.”
    Oliver, Charlies miniature dachshund that she’s had ever since her 10Th birthday, climbed up onto the stool in front of the built in vanity table. Oliver barked cheerfully as Charlie skipped passed him.
    “Oli’!” Charlie grinned, “you have to help mommy pick a killer outfit for school today!”
    Oliver whimpered at the mention of school.
    “Aw, i know you’ll miss me, but don’t worry sweetie! Mommy will miss you more!” Charlie cooed.
    She scooped up Oliver into her freshly spray-tanned arms. Charlie skipped to her Guinness World Record worthy array of jeans. Eyeing each piece of premium denim carefully, she settled on a pair of almost black Paige skinny jeans. Then, Charlie glided towards her wall of sweaters. She deftly removed a cream colored vintage Chanel belted sweater from its hanger. Placing Oliver on his doggy bed, Charlie fitted the outfit on her Custom sized mannequin. She frowned disapprovingly and unbuttoned the jeans and instead chose a pair of denim Michael Kors high waisted sailor shorts. She flashed a mega-watt smile, that even celebrities envied, and nodded at the perfect outfit.
    With her Lancome make-up flawlessly applied, her lips slicked with M.A.C. gloss, Miss
    Dior Cherie dabbed delicately on her dainty wrists, Charlotte flipped her home-done blowout. Although Charlie could spend, in a week, more than most people make in a year, she firmly disagreed with paying for a blow out. Puhlease! Hair and Make-up were like second nature to the girl! Fastening her Dolce and Gabbana gladiator flats around her size seven, pedicured feet and grabbing her electric blue coach bag, Charlie declared that she was ready.

  5. Witchunicorn5

    ‘Earth was never so scary.that’s what Violet thought.
    and humans would never even dare to find what lies in secrecy.and Violet didnt them at all.
    because before she turned 17 she was human.
    and now she is a part of the secrecy.’
    the discover.i wrote a lot of books and have a lot of experince.

  6. griffinbeige5

    I woke up from my dream,startled,and right before my eyes,was the man,the man I saw in my dreams,and the man I saw in the book.

  7. Bluecake584

    once upon a time, there was a witch a very mean witch she was evviiillll!!!!!!!!one day she wanted to fire down emilys house.(emily) a girl in the witches town.bu8t her broom broke down.when she got there (by walking)she forgot that she had a wand the wand was at her house!then she went home then came back!but the girl emily saw the witch and called 911. the witch was capchred!and emilys family had no trobe agin.

  8. Cassie

    here’s mine:
    Stacy stared out at the cold roaring winds of the thunderstorm not knowing it would bring her bad luck in which might risk a life or two.

  9. Jamal

    It had me cornered in the gloomy alley of an abandoned street, paralyzed with fear. If it weren’t for it’s red blood-shot eyes, I would have not….

  10. Brandon

    This is an excerpt from the middle of the story I am currently writing:
    How was I supposed to know what was going to happen? When I opened that door I had no idea what was on the other side. How many doors change your life forever? How many doors lead to a place that was so huge yet completely overlooked? Our demise was coming. We all knew it. Still, I never found the bathroom I was looking for…

  11. Emily

    Most people don’t expect to have to know how to use an umbrella as self defense, but again most people are not constantly running from scary men with masks.
    Or there’s this one.
    Most people ask silly questions like why did the chicken cross the road, or how many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop, but there are some of us who don’t ask those questions but have the questions asked to them, these people are the answerers, and only they know the answers.

  12. indigowizard3

    November Twicket tucked a number 2 pencil behind her ear, stuffed a red notepad into her left jeans pockets, and dashed out the door, not realizing that she had forgotten her backpack.

  13. AthenaWriting2

    There comes a day in a life , a day where the sun is shinning brighter, the Earth is spinning faster, and a second is lasting longer. In that moment something truly marvelous is about to happen

  14. AthenaChihuahua24

    You forgot my two favorite book first sentences:
    The sky was a cat vomit pink-Uglies, Scott Westerfeld
    Morning is the best time to talk to ghosts-Chains, Laurie Halse Anderson
    And mine: Isis Isadora woke up one morning seeing golden heiroglyphics float around her head. They were making her dizzy.

  15. silveremerald20

    Hello this is me WRITING to u which is stupid but its about school would you mind helping me? If you can just give me a rule when u reply to this!!!
    Well this friend at school i was best friends with her then when she met the new girl she just randomly started being mean to me WHAT SHOULD I DO? i need help to make her best friends with me or FRIENDS

  16. jadechocolate32

    This is my diary that i have made to write down my ideas and ease my pain. I have named it hope to remind me of what my goal is to establish peace a joy back into this dark and despair place we call EARTH.

  17. werewolfcat5

    It was a dark and stormy night.Every creature you could imagine was there in the forest,waiting for the full moon.And there was a house in the middle of the forest.A witch lives in it and gives the creatures life.The creatures protect the witch from harm.So,every night with a full moon,the creatures set out and do a mysterious chanting and the next day anyone or anything comes to the forest,they either get captured or mysteriously disappear.

  18. wolffrost14

    Okay, here goes:
    It was completely still outside, the moon’s light casting shadows over everything, making creepy shapes. It seemed as if the whole world had stopped breathing.

  19. Isla Silvercresent

    Once Upon a time there was a little girl who was quite beautiful and a fairy princess…then she woke up.

  20. beakloud5

    Here is a summary of story i just thought up in my mind! here we go:
    Mindy is the nicest girl you could imagine. One day that good girl image is shattered. Being framed for the robbing of a local store isn’t exactly a good thing. The catch is she didnt have anything to do with it. Shes been framed, but by who and why. She races time while trying to find the true culprit before she it put behind bars for good, and maybe forever.

  21. Gracie

    Looking back on it, I knew I never should have answered his question, never told him who i really was, never should have looked into his eyes, and never followed him into the silver mist that had intrigued me my entire life.

  22. Amanda

    YAY, FUN!!
    It was right there, just waiting to be found.
    Like it? Its for a story I want to write, called umm, well I haven’t thought of a name really.


    everything in my life was perfect until Karisma ruined it, stomped it down like a mad woman.

  24. silverphoenix55

    There’s nothing more important to life than to know what to do during a life and death situation. Unfortunately, I learned that tip a little late in life. (Doesn’t that inspire a ton of stories?!)

  25. Foreverelephant♥

    What I’m currently writing now begins with “The day I found my brother’s soul, it rained.” =)

  26. Hannah

    My name is Ashen Grey (made-up character name). The reason for my strange name is because of my eyes, which, you can guess, are ashen-grey.

  27. nikita

    it all started when i first brought that wicked, evil parrot for my sisters birthday.

  28. mysterydrawing5

    wow i am sure going to write a fantastic writing and thanks for giving good advicce for what to write on and about!

  29. mysterydrawing5

    wow i am sur going to write a fantastic fantasy drawing and thanks for giving the good advice for what to write on and about!

  30. Grace

    The girl went down the path of round stones, the sun seemed to be dying, but the sky’s pink quilt, seemed to be painted dark rich black until the whole world’s power switch seemed to turn off….. FOREVER.

  31. moonlightdragon15

    Great prompt, Fulafuj! Since I’m writing a story right now… yes, fantasy… I’ll just give my first line.
    Three dots swooped down from the sky.
    What about it? Does it suck you in? Give me your suggestions, please!!!

  32. brainyathena30

    “Stuffed bunnies are the most creepiest things in the world. Just staring at you,with those,big,black,eyes”-A story I want to write called,Attack of the stuffed bunnies :)

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