May 21, 2012

Writing Prompt: Fill it Up!

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Writing_prompt_genericWriting Prompt: Fill it Up!

This week’s Writing Prompt comes to us from Lordofawesomeness (AWESOME screen name by the way) who asks an equally awesome question:

If you could fill up a jar with anything you like, what would those items be?

My first thought was chocolate. But then I realized if I filled the jar with $100 bills . . . I could buy lots and lots of chocolate!

What about you guys? What would fill up YOUR jar? Let Lordofawesomeness know, in the Comments below.

— Ratha, STACKS Writer

  1. Horsecheery11

    I would fill my jar up with jellybeans, and then I would share it with my friends!!!

  2. AmazingAthena69

    I would put 1000000000000 1000 dollar bills in there, so I could buy a chance to meet 1D. I correct myself, you can’t buy a chance to meet 1D, but if you could, that would be a dream come true.

  3. dolphinbrain37

    What i would putin my jar is money so then i could buy everything i need to survive and to be healthy.

  4. Lia

    I would fill my jar with… hmmm… green paper… different metals… has value… hmm… what’s that called again… oh yeah right MONEY!!!!!!!! Everyone has to want money!. 1. You can buy stuff. 2. The more you save the more you get. 3. The greater the prize you’ll earn!!

  5. werewolfcat5

    I would fill my jar with tons of money! Not to be greedy or anything because I never save my money.Whatever I see that catches my eyes I HAVE to buy it.So I could never save my money so if I fill my jar with money then I could buy ANYTHING I WANT!

  6. Jilll!

    I woould fill mine up, with good memorys and fortine for the day, that way if i every felt down id pick one out of the jar read it and it would make my da a little better(;

  7. dragonphoenix59

    Hmm…I think I’d fill it up with little pieces of driftwood, coloured pebbles, shells, and other beach-y, sea-y stuff like that!

  8. silverbookclub12

    i would fill it with $100 bills so i could buy things from bath and body works and buy books and buy anything i wanted

  9. Isla Silvercresent

    i would have a magical jar that would be small on the outside and a ginormous library on the inside! with all the books in the world….and a nice reading sofa with a tray of never ending goodies….in front of a fire place which is enchanted and cant burn….ok ill stop now, my fantasy-phase is coming on again

  10. purplepenguin252

    ummm……. i think i will have to go with money to because if you had money you could buy all the stuff you wanted to.


    i would fill my jar up with loads of brownies… ohhh how i crave them!! ( as you can tell from my stacks user name!! )

  12. bluebutterfly976

    There is many things i would fill a jar up with. the first thing is little knic knacks of puppies and kittens . th second is all the sd cards with my photo’s from my trip to California . the final thing is if I could take my memories out of my head and put them in photos or videos , I would .

  13. Hannah

    I would fill the jar up with a money tree. The money would just keep growing and growing and will never end, and I can buy all the things I want plus theres always going to be extra to buy my favorite food Chocolate!

  14. hope

    i would go and save a thousand animals to bring to the shelter but my mom says i can’t bring stray dogs or cats in the car or in the house.i wish i could though!

  15. jamjam21

    i would fill a jar up with with cookies all kinds that i love.
    I am a skinny hunger cookie monter.

  16. fabulososteel2

    i would fill it with art stuff. I love art. especially pottery, now whose with me?!

  17. bandsheep5

    If i had the choice to fil up a jar with anything it would be memories because one of the best thing we humans have is our family and our friends so we should be thankful for all the fun times we have had with our families and friends even though we want to have other things one of the most important things we should be grateful for is family and friends they are some of the things that help us to be able to get through life so we should be grateful for our memories of spending time with them

  18. Megan

    I would fill up my jar with Lego MiniFigures! I make movies so I would have more actors!

  19. b

    I would give 25$ to charity and ill keep 50$ for my family for bills and fun stuff like a home inproovement thing and 10$ to my grandma and 10$ for my grandpa and 5$ for extra things… idk what would you do?

  20. beeaqua383

    I would fill it up with jelly beans, even though I think they are disgusting. I would have a contest for people to guess how many jelly beans were in there, and whoever won, I would give them away and I’d be so happy because I think they are gross. So, yeah.

  21. fuschiafashionista

    I have a brother who is obsessed with a game called Kingdom Hearts but i have never heard of it.

  22. Elia

    er… i guess if i could i would fill it up with awesomeness well i cant so i guess i could keep a bunny in it… if it were only big enough cause there so soft…

  23. Ally

    I would fill my jar with money for the children in Africa. Actually in Uganda, lot it up if u dont know about it.

  24. sapphiretalons2

    I’d fill my jar with diffrent colored pencils pens crayons markers and stuff like a rainbow!!! I’d fill my jar with a rainbow!!!!!!!!!

  25. roosterbrigagier5

    My jar would be filled with money… So i can buy lots and lots of books! :D

  26. goofysurfing2

    Good question…..I’m going to go with…hmmmm…I guess money!!! MONEY, MONEY, MONEY!!!!!!

  27. afternooncandy6

    I would probably fill up the jar with seedless grapes,lots and lots of grapes.

  28. talonsopeful3

    i love that idea i would put money coins and estimate how much money was in there!

  29. M's Class

    We would fill it with as much money as we can, not just 100 dollars! ( and sour skittles)

  30. trumpetamethyst2

    Hmm… Maybe, different knick-knacks such as cool erasers shaped as animals and stuff. Or maybe something like never-melting popsicles. Too bad. :c Thats just my fantasy. But I would fill it up with cool little toys and erasers. :D And maybe a ghost-chili pepper (the hottest pepper in the world). ;o

  31. Hungercraftlover

    I would fill it up with money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Megan

    The thing that would fill up my jar would be all different types of candy. Candy from around the world !!!!!

  33. Soccerzombie1

    Um… maybe the same as you! $100 bills! Unfortunately, I can’t think of anything else.

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