November 30, 2009

Writing Prompt: Gifts for Fictional People

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Writingprompt_charactergifts We're coming up on the best time of year . . . the time for presents! I'm sure you're busy buying presents for siblings, parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins (lions, tigers, and bears, oh my!). And they're all happily buying presents for you.

But, enough about that. I don't want to know what you're *really* buying for people (or should I say, buying for real people). Instead, I want to know what you'd get for those best friends of yours that live inside the pages of a book.

What presents would you get for the characters of your favorite books this holiday season?

I'll start with . . .

Jamie Kelly (from Dear Dumb Diary by Jim Benton)

Glitter pens to make her (dumb) diary sparkle

The Cullens (from The Twilight Saga by Stephenie Meyer for ages 12 and up)

A baseball bat, because you've got to break a lot of bats when the balls you hit break the sound barrier

Hermione Granger (from Harry Potter by J. K. Rowling)

Books! (No explanation needed)

Now it's your turn. Leave your gift list in the comments!

—Carly H., STACKS Staffer

  1. Ley56

    Ax-Ten Cinnamon buns from the cinnabon.
    Marco-101 to annoy your parents(I’m so mean.)
    Cassie-World’s most dangeress animals.
    Rachel-A picture of her and Tobias.
    Tobias-Suger mice (got that idea from some thing I read. Let’s all not give a hawk suger mice when their in hawk form.)

  2. Sean

    If I could get a character from a book something for X-Mas, I would get Declan Ross (Isle of Swords) a new cannon for the Isaac Bruce!
    This way he can use it against enemy ships.

  3. anomonous writer

    i would give percy jackson’s pegasis cheese and rename it dave and then walk it off a cliff cause it can fly

  4. anomonous writer


  5. anomonous writer

    i would give eragon from the eragon series a subway sandwitch cause they r awesomesauce
    id give saphira an elephant cause she would think it was awesomesauce

  6. Stuffedninjagirl678

    Here i go…
    Max: his own black belt
    Greg Heffoly: twisted wizards 1 & 2
    Abby Hayes: mephone
    Magic Pickle: viniegar pool
    Judy Moody: bonjour bunny colection
    Stink Moody: private house
    Junie B.: her own pet
    Fudge Hatcher: a bag of cut up money
    Peter Hatcher: earmuffs
    Ally Finkle: kitty set
    Fredy Thresher: mouth guard Bye bye!
    stacks pal,

  7. Morgan

    Dracula (Dracula)- Edward Cullen’s head on a platter.
    Cheshire Cat- Whatever Cheshire Cats like. Perhaps a raven with a writing desk.

  8. Cheeseninja513

    Well um… this is extreamly hard. I guess I would give Allie Finkle from, well you all know that book. I would give her a new notebook to put all her new rules in. I would also give Greg Heffley (Diary of a Wimpy Kid) a braclet that says “TOUGH!” Well that’s all i have to say oh wait one more thing BAM, BAM TURKEY AND HAM! PEACE!
    Cheeseninja513 :)

  9. fallfarie

    Geronimo Stilton:A book
    Thea Stilton:A new motorcycle helmet
    Trap Stilton:Choclates
    Benjamin Stilton:A new writing set (so he can be like his uncle)

  10. darchelle

    i love jamie kelly book “DEAR DUMB DIARY” i would bye her another diary but even bigger a it will have more security so no one will get in and so she can write more… haha

  11. horsedogwolf

    Hermionie: Books! :)
    Fred and George: Another joke shop
    Dumbledore: Thick woolen socks
    Mog (a character in my current book that I’m reading, The Printer’s Devil): I’d buy back his mother’s bangle, from whoever stole it.
    Cass (from The Name of This Book is Secret): A super cool book that tells you all the things you need to know to survive in the desert, in an avalanche, in a shipwreck, etc., because she’s a survivalist
    Max-Ernest (character from same book): Another book, this one one that teaches you how to stop talking, because he is such a talker.

  12. Matthew

    Here`s my list:
    For Gregor, (Diary of a Wimpy Kid), a couple of video games
    For Percy Jackson, ( Percy Jackson and the olympians), a new bronze shield and a trip to his father`s palace
    For Annabeth Chase, ( Percy Jackson and the Olympians), a new bronze knife and some Greek books
    For Dan Cahill, ( The 39 Clues), the photo that Dan lost in Book 1
    For Amy Cahill, ( The 39 Clues), books
    For Travis Wolfe, ( Tentacles and Cryptid Hunters), a new cryptid
    For Grace , ( Cryptid Hunters and Tentacles), some more Moleskine journals
    For Marty, ( Cryptid Hunters and Tentacles), some books so he can make more graphic novels

  13. TwilightFan424

    Hey. I would give Bella Swan (from Twilight Saga books) a cutout of Edward because she loves him. Sharpay Evans (in High School Musical junior novel)a mirror that is a big as one side of her lcoker because she loves to look perfect and likes to look at herself. Bud (from Bud Not Buddy) a wish or more clues to find out if Herman E. Calloway is really his father.

  14. Avantika

    If I could give a present to my favorite character (It would be Arthur) I would give him a bunch of puppy books!

  15. marie

    I would get Celeste for Models dont eat chocolate cookies a diet plan.
    Then I would give Hermiony from Harry Poter a hair straightener.

  16. IamReadingstar5!

    Allie Finkle (Allie Finkle’s Rules For Girls by Meg Cabot)
    A cat collar, for Mewsie.
    Winnie (Eleven by Lauren Myrical)
    Giant Dr. Pepper Lip Smacker

  17. allie finkle fan 876

    allie finkle (allie finkle’s rules for girls by meg cabot)i’d get her box car children books. She loves those books!

  18. cakefrosting76

    ps: maybe some thing where she could bother addie!! haha. lol. [addie is in the Pops group. which is these snobby princesses.]

  19. cakefrosting76

    Jenny McAfee [from How I Surived Middle School by nancy krulik]
    Hmm.. thats hard. Probably a new shirt… she wears the same shirt in every cover. lol. Or maybe something to do with! Thats her fav website.

  20. thedude101

    Well at first I’d be pretty freaked out to see that a fictional character is real but then I’d give him or her a present so they wont hurt me but yeah, I think it would be pretty awsome.

  21. fallbookgirl

    If give my favorite characters presents they would be:
    Katniss Everdeen [The Hunger Games] a new set of arrows and bows
    D.J. Schwenk [Dairy Queen] tickets to a football game
    Deryn Sharp [Leviathan] a hot air balloon
    Mattie Cook [Fever 1793] a empty lot to expand her busuness
    Gilda Joyce [Gilda Joyce series] plane tickets to the most haunted places in the world
    Nita Callahan [Young Wizards series]a month vacation to a wizardly planet

  22. oneorangeshoelace

    Geeeeez… I have way too many favorite characters…
    Otto Malpense(from H.I.V.E.)–books and some new high-tech computer equipment.
    Wing Fanchu(same series)– some rock-climbing gear?
    Artemis Fowl–….Well, he has it all already, but…aww, what do you GIVE to a rich kid?
    Almost every David Lubar character– A heapin’ helpin’ of common sense, for crying out loud!
    Pendragon–something he could use in almost any world he goes to. Beef jerky??? I don’t know…
    Reynie Muldoon (Mysterious Benedict Society series)–books, ’nuff said.
    Cass (series by Pseudonymous Bosch)– survival kit, though she seems to have enough in that area.
    I’ll think of more later.

  23. AliceCullen2000

    I am gonna do the twilight people.
    Bella: Pepper spray!!Gotta need protection when your vamp is not there!
    Edward: Books or CD’s
    Alice: Clothes or checkers (checkers because she is always gonna win)
    Rosalie:A mirror.(she will definitely like it)
    Emmett: I will give him a game of arm wrestling. (and let him win)
    Jasper: Hm, i will give him one day for hunting all day.
    Carisle: A doctor kit or something.
    Esme:I don’t know.

  24. elephantpoodle

    Snape is my favorite character so I would get him a potion kit or maybe something that has to do with the dark arts.Snape isn’t all that evil you know.He needs a gift to!!!!!!:)

  25. disneyworldgirl

    well i would start by getting Hermione Granger {harry potter} a wizards best wizards book. then i would get Allie Finkle a new lock up diary to keep her rules in.then i would get greg {diary of a whimpy kid}his own house to stay away from rodrick also stocked up with looots of journals to write in and become famous with. then i wuld go to a book store and get Amy Cahill {39 clues} all of the best books. then i would get her brother jack a super ninja costume and also a bunch of rocks to collect.last i would give harry potter {you know what book} all his friends together and we would buy him candy,books,and would buy him another firebolt.but i would definetly find his fav quittege player to play at his next match againts slytherin.

  26. latia

    i will buy jacob from twilight a gift because he is my favorit charaters from twilight but if i can buy him anything i will buy him a bone because in twilight he is a wolf

  27. Ryan

    wow. if i had to give all my fav book charters they would: Junie B. Jones(from theres a monster under my bed) a flashlight,
    Cullens(twlight)gift card,
    Jacop (from new moon)a trip to Hawii Lol

  28. lon

    if i could buy a christmas gift for a person in a book i would buy Michelle a poster of god because in the book it said that she ging to the church and asking the preacher to pray for her and god to help her and for all the things shes going through thats whyu i would buy her a poster of god because i know she would love it.

  29. judy

    If I could buy a present for my favorite book I would buy a present for.The Princess Diaries:royal engagemant.I would buy a present for the princess.I would buy the princess a speacial kind of limozine!
    That”s what I would buy for my favorite book character!

  30. yasmin

    the name of book PET PROJECT and i would help and buy all the animals in the pet shelter so that the bratz will not be sad about all the animals sitting in cages with out running arould like they could be doing if they had a home if the animals don’t sell the owner of the shelter would have to shut down because there not getting any money from custermers to pay rent and buy food ,water ,blankets,and toys for the pets still in the shelter

  31. latia

    i will buy jacob something he is from twilight.I will buy him something because he is my favorit from the movie. But if i can buy him anything it will be a bone because in twilight he is a wolf. i think that wolf are really exciting and cool

  32. Chelsea

    If I could chose a chareter from a book,i would choose Geogry from Diary Of A Wimpy Kid.I would chose him because he did not get what he wanted for X-mas.I would buy him the video game he wanted

  33. latayja

    i will choose spongebob because i like him and i will choose dora and winnie pooh a spongebob book and a dora doll and a winnie pooh art and caft

  34. jaymee

    I would buy harry potter because it is so interresting and i have a lout of questions for the books they made

  35. lon

    if i could i would buy a book fromT.D. Jakes because the books he write are very interesting. I would also wan to buy a book from T.D. Jakes because i want to read a whole book by him called Woman Thou Art Loosed!

  36. yasmin

    i love chrismas but i really want to know why do we exchange gifts on chrismas because we are really supposed to celabrate the birth of christ but i love the hoilday every chrismas night i lay on the side of my bed and pray and wish christ a very good ,exciting ,birthday

  37. Crystal

    Hmmm… this is fun! Let’s see…
    Percy Jackson: A Mazerati. I’m sure he’d love that! :)
    Grover Underwood: Cyclops repellent.’Nuff said.
    Tyson: A big, big stick.
    Amy Cahill: An unlimited museum pass.
    Dan Cahill: An encyclopedia of gross, interesting, and gruesome things
    There has to be more… but I can’t think of any now… :(

  38. purplegooga

    Allie finkle (from allie finkle’s rules for girls by meg cabot)Some box car childrens books (she loves reading them!)

  39. HeroineHiding

    Wow! If I to give all my fav book characters presents, they would be:
    Amy Cahill(from the 39 clues)
    A bookstore giftcard.
    Dan Cahill(the 39 clues)
    A ninja outfit
    Eragon(from the cycle of Inheratance)
    Something to help him win the war in his world, by giving him something in ours.
    Thorgil(The Sea of Trolls)
    A very big, shiny sword that is good for her needs.
    Percy Jackson(Percy Jackson and the Olympians)
    A trip to waterworld.
    Annabeth Chase (Percy Jackson and the Olympians)
    Several books on archetecting.

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