July 23, 2009

Writing Prompt: . . . and Zombies

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Zombies130 There are a few kinds of characters that are always awesome. Pirates. Vampires. Vampire Pirates. Robots. Ninjas. And my personal favorite: Zombies. Don't know what it is, but I love zombie books, movies, video games, whatever. If I ever find some sweet heavy metal about zombies, that will probably be all I ever listen to for the rest of my life. The Haunting of Derek Stone: City of the Dead looks cool, but there definitely needs to be more zombie books out there.

 I like asking “what if.” So in the absence of a dedicated zombie genre, I'd like to propose another game. Add “and zombies” to any book title you can think of, and let's just all imagine the hilarity that would ensue.


“If You Give a Mouse a Cookie and Zombies”

“Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs and Zombies”

“The Old Man And the Sea and Zombies”

“Diary of a Wimpy Kid and Zombies”

Do it! Use your brains! Youuurrr deeelliiccciiouuusss brrraaaiiiinnnnssss . . .

—Jack, STACKS Staffer

  1. Charlotte's Friend

    Little Women and Zombies
    Sleeping Beauty and Zombies
    Curious George and Zombies
    Bambi and Zombies
    Treasure Island and Zombies
    Holes and Zombies
    I Wish That I had Duck Feet and Zombies
    It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown and Zombies

  2. brianh

    The stuff under the drain and the zombies
    the stuff in my sister’s desk and the zombies
    grannies and the zombies
    the haunted telletubbies and the zombies
    mike tyson and the zombies
    Mean mr mustrard and the zombies
    spongebob and the zombies
    toothpaste and the zombies
    my yesterday’s brussel sprouts and the zombies

  3. Misa

    Yes vampires are certainly cooler than zombies. But I’ll humor the prompt anyway.
    Twilight and Zombies
    Gossip Girl and Zombies
    The Clique and Zombies
    By the way, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies is an actual book out there. I’ve been meaning to read it. The cover just cracks me up. :)

  4. horsedogwolf

    anne of green gables and zombies
    one fish two fish red fish blue fish and zombies
    but i’m not terribly fond of zombies. on a scale of one to ten where one is “that’s about the least scary thing you could think of” and ten is “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH! WHY DID YOU SAY THAT?! YOU FREAKED ME OUT!” I give zombies a nine. (vampires get ten

  5. Stuffed_Noodle

    jilllover, your titles are funny.
    How about:
    Little House on the Prarie and Zombies.
    Pride and Prejudace and Zombies.

  6. LostinBooks

    A Tree (and Zombies) Grows in Brooklyn
    Annie Between the States and Zombies -I don’t think
    that would count as a suitable historical fiction report!

  7. Madison

    The Secret Life Of Sparrow Delaney…and zombies
    Green eggs and ham…and zombies
    The Hunger Games…and zommbies
    I can’t think of any others…. But I have heard of a zombie book titled “You are so Undead to me” (young adult) I don’t know the author, but the cover has like a girl in a soccer outfit and one foot on a soccer ball.

  8. jilllover

    Here are my zombie names:
    Harry Potter and the half- blood prince and zombies
    The Amazing Days of Abby Hayes and zombies
    How I survied middle school and zombies
    The 39 clues and zombies

  9. stilletoes

    i have never read this book b4 but from the cover it looks really good and my friend said it was an estatically good book.

  10. Tayyab

    What an idea you have given me! I think about ‘Oliver Twist and Zombies’, ‘David Copperfield and Zombies’, ‘A Christmas Carol and Zombies’, etc.

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