October 5, 2009

Writing Prompt: Almost. . .

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Writingprompt_almostI really like the question “What if?” I’ve always found it a
lot of fun to imagine what would have happened if one little thing had changed.
What if the plot to kill Hitler had worked? (World War II would have ended much
earlier. America would not have dropped the atomic bomb on Japan. There would
have been no Cold War.) What if the first photon torpedo had destroyed the
Death Star? (Luke never would have become a Jedi Knight, and the Rebellion
would ultimately have lost.) What if Transformers had not been made into a movie?
(My life would be terrible.)

Well, with that in mind, I’d like to propose a game. Take
the title of a book, then delete, move and/or change one letter, and give me the new plot. Example:

The Hanger Games

24 children are chosen to enter an arena
where they must duel each other with wooden coat hangers.

Hurry Potter
Harry Potter has to run really fast all the
time for no reason.

Bella moves to Forks, WA where she encounters a
group of sinister but really good-looking tie salespeople.

Give me your best/most ridiculous book titles and plots!

— Jack, STACKS Staffer

  1. Ley56

    The Invatation.
    Five kids must save the world from evil invatations when their only power is to be really late to everthing.

  2. Calvary

    Charlie Bone- Charlie Phone
    It’s about a kid whose magical endowedment has to do with phones
    The Lightning Thief- The Frightning Teeth
    It’s about a kid whose father is the god of mouths and he must rescue frightning teeth.
    Peter and the Starcatchers- Peter and the Moon Catchers
    It’s about stuff called Moonstuff. The Others are out to get it.
    Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince- Harry Potter and the Full Blood King

  3. catching_fire

    How about The City Of Remember… where people… keep forgetting…I’m sorry, what was I doing again?
    (BTW, it’s supposed to be The City of Ember)

  4. amyrose101

    The Shaker (from The Shaktra): Ali must beat an annoying music shaker in order to stop her from going crazy! ;)

  5. kristina

    yes i do Ghostofhogwarts/Ghostie. the lightning thief comes out february 12,2010.
    P.S.You will never figure out my true identity. i am a pseudonym.

  6. Book lover

    I have a good one “Wicked Lonely” A girl who goes through High school alone until a feiry comes to her, and wants to bring her to his world. For the first time Aislinn does not feel alone.

  7. Shirley

    How about THINGS FALL A PARTY?

  8. Shirley

    How about THE COLLAR PURPLE about someone who always wears purple collared shirts/blouses/sweaters; and gets fashion citations on a regular basis.
    THE TRUEST EYE about a girl whose eyes turn colors whenever she’s not telling the truth. Not everyone knows that she has this feature (only one parent, only some teachers and other adults).

  9. Meggietwin

    Meggie’s father, Mo, has the power to bring on a huge heatwave, just by saying ‘heatwave’ aloud… random.

  10. mila

    i liked when you said hurry potter that was so hillarious and the first book that is called writting promt almost i never read it but it sems interesting to me because i love writting so ofcourse

  11. Andy

    What a funny topic! I could only think of these:
    Mall Steps (Originally Small Steps) – Uhh.. someone steps in a mall…
    Moosebumps – About a moosebump.. weird

  12. missactress

    i don’t know if you have heard this book before but the is called “Every Soul A Star” could turn into every sink a drain a kid gets lost in a sink drain….LOL

  13. Apollo127

    Sur Thursday
    On Thursday, Arthur’s world is turned upside-down.
    If this confuses you, I’ll give you a clue–”sur” is the french word for “on”

  14. Callie

    Fudge LOVES supper!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. horsedogwolf

    Anne of Green Stables. Anne must work at a stable where everything is green including the horses.

  16. xrikkix

    How about:
    My Sister’s Keeper= My Sister’s Beeper
    It would be about some annoying beeping sound following this girl around…LOL

  17. Grace

    goose dumps well it is about a goose who works as a garbage man. and a seiries of fortunate events where the kids are having a great time!!!! ;)

  18. Miranda

    The Food Neighbors
    After her mother’s dissapearance, a girl begins too see people in their real forms… not human but FOOD!

  19. lucca4

    Of MIce and Dogs
    A mouse and a mutt befriend each other and gang up against their common enemy–the cats!!

  20. GhostsofHogwarts/Ghostie

    Oh, I like the sound of Purry Jackson. Do you know when it’s coming out? =) Great idea!!
    1. The Pictionary (Dictionary): A book when you look up words, it has pictures, instead of descriptions. Example: Pictionary. Then it’d have a picture of a pictionary.
    2. The Tail of Despereux: A tale about a mouse’s tail.
    3. Worrier Cats: A series of books about cats who worry too much.
    4. The Ghost (The Host): The story of how a ghost became a ghost.

  21. manga eyes

    o wait i got one:
    Purry Jackson and the olympians-percy jackson an ordinary house cat that finds out hes a demicat!!!!!!!!

  22. Megan

    What about from the Lightning Theif to The Lighted Wreath. It’s about a child who is the son of Posiedon who has to find a Lighted Wreath to give to Zeus! Or maybe from The Five People You Meet In Heaven to The Five People I Met In Kevin. It’s about a boy getting eaten by a man named Kevin and winds up meeting some of his family members who had suddenly gone missing the day before! I tried! Hope you like them!

  23. Grace

    Very clever. I think it’s really funny! Especially Tielight. I myself happen to be a Twilight fan.

  24. Amber Mint

    Oh my GOSH lol! HILARIous!!!!!!!! i love the tielight one! :) I cnt thik of any, but my brother said 39 stews! like, kids have to eat 39 soups in seconds.

  25. Thestral96, aka Teresa

    Hahaha I don’t know!
    Maybe Linkdeath, it could be about someone whose computer can’t connect to links ever so they have to travel inside it to fix it…meh, no.

  26. Dewdrop208

    The Tale of Emily Gingersnap. Emily needs to bake 1,00000 cookies, all gingersnap. The 39 Blues. People need to play the blues because the world is going crazy.

  27. 45 Vanilla

    Haha! Those are funny!
    Speck:(Instead Of Speak)
    Melinda is followed by a suspicious speck wherever she goes.

  28. Misa

    okay, that’s actually quite funny. I like Tielight. I’ll have to think of what to do a parody on.

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