March 12, 2012

Writing Prompt: Alien Planet

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Writing Prompt: Alien Planet

This week’s Write On Writing Prompt comes to us from MagicalGriffin3. It’s actually perfect timing because the John Carter movie (rated PG-13) is out, and scientists recently discovered a brand new planet: Keplar-22b. It’s the first Earth-like planet located in the “Goldilocks Zone,” which is a habitable zone discovered in NASA’s recent Keplar Mission. (Get it? Goldilocks – not too hot, not too cold, but just right for sustaining life!) Keplar-22b was previously too far away for scientists to find, but recent telescopes and missions have brought it to our attention. It could possibly have water, which means there could be life on Keplar-22b!!!

. . . which brings me to MagicalGriffin3′s Writing Prompt:

Make up a story that takes place on a made-up/real planet. Where it is in the universe and who/what lives there is COMPLETELY up to you!

It could be Mars, and there is a colony of Martian wizards who see J.K. Rowling as their leader. Would Keplar-22b be ruled by these Martian wizards? Or maybe one-eyed, green, slimy aliens who regurgitate pizza, and feed it to their young?

Make up your own story. Let your imagination travel to infinity and beyond! Anything goes! Let us and MagicalGriffin3 know in the Comments below.

— Ratha, STACKS Writer

  1. Lindsay O.

    Lindsay Press: Planet Purrtgad and The Crumbling Castle

    The Empress of Planet Purrtgad (whose name was Tudossia) was sitting on her throne when her castle crumbled! “Wopp derr tussa?,” said Empress Tudossia (in English that was who did this?) She sent her army of 201 to find out who crumbled the castle. On Planet Purrtgad, soldiers do the job of policemen and policemen do the job of soldiers. Planet Purrtgad is a big planet that was aqua green with light purple stripes. Everyone on Planet Purrtgad is a very fluffy orange rabbit who eat everything except anything scpicy and/or sour. They love food, anything shiny, their babies, soft things, and castles. They will not welcome any new species unless they take a very advanced test. Everybody there lives in a castle, but, the leader always lives in the biggest castle. They drink water, juice, and hot chocolate. Their spring is summer and spring combined. They have sky blue,bright red, light pink and dark teal wings for mating. Males and females must decide wich wings they like best. The older the Daequa (those are what the creatures described are called), the bigger the wings. They have the same flowers as we do. Their trees all have indigo trunks and dark purple leaves. They have the same colorful minerals as we do. The sodilers saw a Daequa with 13-inch wings (that meant he was thirteen in Daequa years.) You have to be at least eleven years old in Daequa years to go to the dungeon at the center of Planet Purrtgad. This Daequa went there. Empress Tudossia thanked all of her soldiers. The sun of Planet Purrtgad is a smaller version of our sun. Planet Purrtgad’s moon is half neon green half cyan.

  2. writergrapes3

    My story is called the Confrontation with the Space Blobs
    One bright, warm, sunny, spring day, I was at the zoo, watching the elephants. I want over there because I felt like there was something strange pulling or leading me there. When I arrived, there was nobody even there! That was strange because usually there are tons of people watching or feeding the elephants. Come to think of it, there were hardly any people at the whole zoo that day!
    I looked further into the elephant enclosure, and there was no elephant in sight! There was surley something strange about to happen. While I was pondering what to do, I felt the ground start to shake. A big shadow was forming around me, but all I could see was the clear, blue, sky. The, the shaking stopped suddenly, and it made me fall down. When I tried to get up I bumped my head on something. When I looked up I realized what it was.
    It was a flying saucer! It also landed right on top of me! I was scared for my life at that point. I didn’t know if I could get out from under that thing. I searched and searched for an opening until I felt a latch and opened a circular little door.
    When I poked my head through, I couldn’t my eyes! All of the floor, walls, and ceiling were white! The wall had a control panel on it. The buttons on the panel were all square with no words on them. They were all different colors. Some of them formed a pattern. One of the patterns was blue, green, yellow, orange, blue, green, yellow, orange. There were other patterns, but I forgot what the rest were.
    When I looked down below the wall, I saw two little empty chairs that were faced toward me. I feared the worst. When I spun around, my head still in the hole, I saw a fat, pink, hand that was slowly reaching for my hair.
    When I saw the body of the Space Blob I wasn’t as scared as before. I saw another pink hand come out to hold my hand. The hand was cold and clammy. The Space Blob helped me up inside of the flying saucer. It had a device that when it typed in a word, the device said the word. When the device said words it sounded like a girl voice. So, I figured that the Blob was a girl, with the depicted a girl voice and the pink color that she was.
    I later found out that her name was Sally, and she had a brother named A.J. She knew the English language, but when she tried to speak, all it sounded like to me was bubbles popping. I also found out that she puts on strawberry scented perfume. That explained the strawberry smell that I kept smelling. She said that she was 12 years old in human years, but in Space Blob years it was 112.
    She told me that since I’m a girl, her brother would be vey she to meet me. I asked her, “Why is that so?” She said, “Because he is a clumsy oaf around girls like you. He’s not a clumsy oaf around me because I’m his sister and he can be himself around me.” At that moment I understood everything. I asked Sally if her brother isn’t good with words around people that he liked. Sally said that I was right because he always stutters and sweats when he talks. She also said that he stumbled over the right words to say. I gave a little chuckle and started thinking.
    I finally thought of a question to ask Sally. It was more of a favor than a yes or no question. I asked her if she would please go and get her brother me. She went into the shadows and was back a few seconds later with her brother. He was blue and smelled like blueberries.
    Sally introduced me to A.J. and she introduced A.J. to me. She said, “A.J., this is…” I totally forgot to mention my name! How stupid of me! I walked over to A.J. and stated my name and the nickname that he and his sister, Sally, could both call me. I stuck out my have to shake with A.J.’s, but he just stood there, frozen. After a few minutes he gave me a great, big, smile. Then, he gave me the biggest hug I’ve ever gotten! I could feel the happiness of both him and I. After that, he explained that the blueberry smell was his cologne.
    I asked them, “Why did you guys come here?” They said that they were sent here to try and make peace with the human race. I said to them that all of the grownups will scream and run away when they see you, so they should return to their home planet and tell their leader that they made a new friend. I told them to also tell their leader what my name was and to also tell him/her that I welcome them to Earth.
    The Space Blobs came from Mars.

  3. elfheroine1

    I loved that movie! It was SO good! Of course, I’m a geek, so I LOVE Sci-Fi. Although that was the first Sci-fi movie I’ve seen, other than the Star Wars saga.

  4. C L 137

    My planet would be Neptune where merpeople lived at the core of the planet not knowing of our existence .

  5. EpicInk2

    Actually, I have a story in the Message Boards, with a planet called Myst in it, and the inhabitants are a bit like Edward Cullen (irresistibly cute xD), with green hair and yellow eyes, and blue spiral patterns outlined with silver snaking up their arms.

  6. fairyfreya10

    Mine would be based off of Hunger Games (best series on earth)
    Only difference: After they blow up the forcefield in CATCHING FIRE someone would overthrow the capital through politically, not war-like, rebellion.

  7. baseballcard8

    My planet would be Mars because i would get to see some aliens probly.That is why Mars would be the planet for me to make a story on.I wonder what it is like in Mars? If anybody knows make a comment on my on my comment plz. plz be my friend go to my profile plz. thank you for reading my story!!!!

  8. AuthorArtistic2

    My planet would be like the society in the book “The Giver” by Lois Lowry. I really want a chance to see what it’s like there in real life!

  9. giggly drama

    My planet would take place in Lockafury where unicorns live in harmany with bunnise and mokeys while worshipping magic bannanas. :) :):):)

  10. But I thought you were going to eat that...

    My planet would take place in Yuiyedrieatiansedrtwere. Human-like species live on it but destroy planets they are at war with, (which is like always.)

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