February 7, 2011

Writing Prompt: A Doorway Leading to. . .

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Rainbow_pen Recently, a couple of my friends went on vacation, and apparently encountered a magical portal to another world during their trip! At least, that’s what it looked like to me when they showed me this photo after their return:

As soon as I saw this pic, I envisioned a character pulling the door open to discover a whole new realm beyond. This road looks like it could be next to a castle, a row of country homes, farms, a deserted town, crazy upside-down houses, anything!

What do you think? What’s at the end of that road? What’s behind the hedge? Where do you imagine the doorway leads? Write your ideas in the Comments below!

— Karen, STACKS Staffer

  1. werewolfcat5

    I think the doorway leads to an animal park,like where people can actually touch wildlife animals and feed them.

  2. darkpurple25

    There is empty space beyond the door. If you step through the doorway you will be sucked away into nothingness, existing but not existing, being but not being for the rest of eternity, and your body and mind and soul will be locked in endless torture, and you will become a ghostly shell of a thing, a thing left to die at the hands of absolutely nothing.

  3. dizzyferret

    Theo ran, and ran, and ran. The fight that she had just had with her dad was the worst ever. she stopped suddenly. She had been running blindly and she had come to a dead end , or so she thought. A shaft of light suddenly illuminated a small door knob almost impossible to see. On an impulse she turned it and pushed the door open, then she started to walk. Little did she know that behind that door was home. Her home.

  4. Patricia

    I think it’s a portal to Illieth. Illieth id the original ome of the supposed elves, who are actually a technologically advanced race of humaniod aliens with pointed ears (like Vulcans!Yes, I’m a Trekkie; deal with it.)

  5. beastlysaga1

    Behind that old rotting door, there is a magical world full of opposites! The sky is below and the land is on top once you pass through the thresh hold. You must jump from cloud to cloud, and the sun is the King’s castle. You go to him leaping and finally, get to the village. But the village is so wonderful, you never want to leave! All their food is so magnificent you use every last penny in your pockets and stuff yourself with sweets. It’s dusk now. The towns people are closing up shop and bolting their doors, shutting their windows, but weirdest of all for a town so free of crime, they leave out dead animals, like sacrifices. Night falls and the King’s castle is no longer seen. But the moon belongs to an evil King. He is the King of Evil, of suffering, and pain. I’ve started the story, Now you finish it.

  6. maddy2002

    I have been to Disney land before. And it was the best day ever mostly because they had a bunch of fun rides their.My favorite ride that i went on was splash mountain because you go down on a really! really!! really!!! big!!!! huge!!!!! hill!!!!!!!!!
    From maddy2002!!!

  7. maddy2002

    Is anybody likes Disney land or Disney WORLD or something else that is like it or fun like it?
    From maddy2002

  8. Kaitlin

    Oh my gosh! A lepercan just opened a door, that I thoght was just a wall!!! I keep on walking and talking in my movie voice. Then, I see it! It’s, it’s, a dumb old house.
    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! The house is eating me!! maybe… I should’ve hadn’t called it…

  9. Katie A

    This made me think of someone standing at the door looking at the view.Watching the leaves blow in the wind from the doorway.

  10. beesmart2

    it leads to an unknown ghost town not even on the map. beyond the doorway awakes a secret cave filled with dark secrets.

  11. alexandra a

    aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh aliens attacked our home and our car rrrrruuuunnnnnnnnn!!!!!!!!

  12. Victor

    Argh! I was grabbed from behind! Its hand covered my eyes and dragged me away from the doorway. What was going on?

  13. Karen, STACKS Staffer

    Wow, I cannot believe you guys are continuing to come up with such awesome ideas! Some make me shiver with apprehension, some make me want to race out the door, and some make me LOL. I love ‘em all!

  14. b22

    O M G im soo not goin out there their going to eat my brains and take my credit card and BMW please nooo i dont wanna go out side
    LEAVE ME ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Madrigal Agent

    It leads to castle, but Leonard remembered never to go beyond the door or the guards will get him and bring him to the queen. Most peasents had to memorise this passed down by their ancestors. Leonard however knew that if he never went past that door he would never knew what lied ahead. Even if he died, he would know what lied ahead.

  16. Artemis

    I really hope it leads to a suit of awesome magic armor and a mystical white horse so I could finally be a knight. Or even a coupon for ice cream, 50% off baby!

  17. british

    the doorway is an illusion. you may think it leads to the outside, but that is a mirror image of the area behind you. there is a sliver of space between mirror and the place where the doorway leads. squeeze through it, and you will uncover an etheral world, completely different from your own.

  18. rock255

    That doorway this doorway leads to what every thing the world could be simple beautiful peacful the world in it’s shining former glory!

  19. haymaze44

    I think it’s an archway to the next life, like, you know, the veil in HP. Once you cross throughi t there’s no going back.

  20. lordofawesomeness

    The doorway leads into a gold mine where a secret jewel has yet to be found by a young boy and his imagination. The jewel is blue can be dangerous and can fall into the wrong hands, will this jewel sace the world or indanger it?
    Tee Hee X3

  21. letsgo2play

    Uhh…cool! I’m, like, totally into imagination too, but for me,, it would be a very mysterious place! I like mysteries, or maybe I’m just reading too much Nancy Drew…

  22. athenagyrl

    The door leads to a secret town and the people living there don’t want any one to know. Still thinking of more stuff but this could totally become a novella!

  23. Kayla

    The road leads to a large silver gate, beyond which is located a magical land home to nearly every mythological creature imaginable — fairies, elves, dragons, phoenixes, unicorns, werewolves… Regal castles belonging to the respected human rulers of the land spring up every one-hundred feet, donning intricate architecture and stunning, vibrant jewels of every color. The foliage is lush and healthy, the ponds are pearly and placid, and the marble sky is always a soft tint of lilac blended with milky white.

  24. winterblitz

    do not go outside. you must wait until the flying monkeys from the planet Goren rescue you from the invisible ninjas. you will encounter them if you step outside. if th monkeys do not rescue you within 24 hours, you have General Whozizface’s permission to take the magical slingshot for protection. if you must do it, be careful, as they are invisible.

  25. queenpeanut01

    I think it goes to 2 roads 1 to a castle war and 2 to a gingerbread house where a lolipop is dancing out front singing

  26. jaime456

    The road at the end of the doorway leads to anything that you could possibly imagine. The leaves on the other hand, lead to your worst nightmare. This is a good example of peer pressure. The only way to stay on the road, is to do what your heart tells you to, but you can easily get led off of the road, causing you to lose your one chance at eternal joy and happiness. This road is a once in a lifetime opportunity to find your true spirit and integrity. The leaves look as though a waterfall or something of that nature is lying beyond, when really, it is a dark forest, filled with your nightmares, and with no way out. If you are to ever go into the forest, you would become immortal, but only to live for eternity in your fears and dangers. This is the only way to find how you react to the temptations that you find when you are around people and not listening to yourself.

  27. mariah

    the doorway leads to an incredible world with rainbows and unicorns hahahahahahahahahahah we alll float down here and down herre we eat butterflies and POOP out rainbows wooooooooooohooooooooo u know u want to join lol!!!!!

  28. owlgirl

    Once you step through the doorway you are pulled into a different dimension where all time is mixed together. Clocks, watches, and anything else that keeps time you must give up. There are all sorts of people trapped there, all who have stepped through the door. They have started a civilization, and soon all thoughts of leaving disappear.Every day there is the same, and soon it becomes that you can’t live any other way. There is only one way to get out, for those who are clever enough. You must start longing for the door to open, to go back to your time. You must remember all you have lost, and long for it day and night. Then the door will see you have a strong mind, and you will be returned to your time, as if you have never left.

  29. Gintore

    It would be a portal to the center of all imagination. Like a large round room with doors around, each leading to another magical world (such as wonderland or narnia). It would be lit by crystal chandeleirs and had gleaming silver walls. Sorry about all the description, it’s just my imagination running away with me. HE HE HE HE!

  30. snow dove

    i think the door leads to a magical kingdom,with fairies,princesses,and elfs!i think a castle is at the end of the road,and a magical forest behind the edge.i love to imagine that i am a princess even though i am 10 years old ,and in fith grade!weird right?

  31. love15

    I think there is an valentine world filled with hearts,kids laughing,heart soda machines,me and my boyfriend,my friends,houses,schools,tall bulidings everything but it is pink and red! Thanks for showing the photo karen! your AWESOME



  33. soccergirllol

    i think it leads to a beutiful rainforest!! it has all different types of beutiful trees and animals. and u could go up to an animal and pet it!!!

  34. Puppypops

    The path is long and winding.It almost seemes never ending when we suddenly see something.A dummy?Yeah.Only it is a living dummy.Hi I am Slappy and you are my slave it says.
    Bad luck!but it isnt our mistake.We didnt even say the magic words that bring a dummy to life!!

  35. 51dotfeg

    A doorway leading to a courtyard in an ancient castle in Gondar, Ethiopia.
    I have seen the picture before and this was the quotation about the photo.

  36. Yellowdolphin

    I think it’s a doorway to where ever your heart desires. For me it would be Hollywood! Maybe if you’re a bookwarm- it’s the biggest bookstore in the WORLD! If you freak about science, than it’s prehistoric time! Fantacy lover- No problemo! It’s Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Sporty and athletic- it’s the superbowl or playoff! THere is something for everybody ahead of that door!

  37. SoccerBoarder

    the portal leads to a medieval world and as soon as you enter, you become clothed in medieval clothing and whatever and it unfolds from there.

  38. Karen, STACKS Staffer

    Hi, guys! These comments are AWESOME! I want to visit all of these places! Well, maybe not the place where aliens destroy your soul . . . but all the other places sound so cool!
    Now, to the questions from fruitloops12:
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  39. spygirl248

    It’s all about what YOU eant to see. But, that’s only at the end of the road, get caught behind the hedge and your imagination goes bad. Like, evil bad.

  40. Becca

    I think the the other side is a magical place, where everything from books comes alive. There is Harry Potter magic, Greg Heffley is there, all books are alive.

  41. DestinyIslands

    I think the road leads to nowhere! It never ends and you just keep on walking through a world where the flowers never wilt, the sun never stops shining, and you can always hear the birds singing.

  42. Alexis

    I think it leads to a world where it seems all your dreams come true but, soon, it all goes bad (hey, that can be my next story).

  43. princessrec

    I think it leads to a mirror world where everything is backwards.You drive on the left side of the road and you drive backwards. It would be a really cool world.

  44. Cooly 11

    It leads to a row of a couple small cottages. All of them have a small bit of magic, and a confusing labryrinth in the tiny driveway. If you manage to make it to the center and back, one of your wishes will come true.

  45. halow27

    it leads to alantis and to fairyland where you can be a merfairy its a magical world for you and your friends!

  46. fruitloops12

    Hey jenjeni.What are you doin on the STACKS?And Karen the STACKS staffer how do you post messages that you can type on the actual message board im so confused i know that theres a button to press but when i pressed it it wouldnt let me post the message that i wanted to post it just went to a search page and im still really super confused can you please help me figure it out that is if you know how to.
    -Thank You

  47. Gurgalurgadooblydoo

    Everything is an illusion. The space aliens have tapped your memories so they can trick you into thinking that you’re traveling into a beautiful country estate, but really it’s a poor, broke, filthy country full of crime, and they’re planning to capture you and destroy your soul and turn you into a slobbering body with no mind and then force your weak, empty shell of a body to slave away for Thegreremrtttesdfas (that’s what it sounds like) massive corporation that feeds the entire alien world on poison that makes you want to get more so they continually buy more and more and more, falling into the deadly clutches of real-life dystopia, and you will be part of this torture of not only sentient beings, but the gradual eating away of the planet because of the acidic waste dumped out because of the intense, chemical-heavy process of making massive amounts of poison disguised as the things the aliens feed on, and when your body is worn to you’ll be replaced by another mindless, faceless worker, just one of the living beings to be destroyed by this cruel, evil display of malicious consumerism.
    (Note: That was only two sentences.)

  48. stonefairy

    I think it goes into a magical medieval world. At the end of the road is a village with stone and wooden houses, and at the top of a hill at the far end of the village is a castle where the kind king lives. Behind the hedge live forest animals; some magical.

  49. sonofhades

    The doorway leads to a place that molds itself to your imagination. if your listening to your ipod and led zepplin is on then you might see them there.

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