October 24, 2011

Write On! Quackledorph Writing Prompt

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Writingprompt_generic This week our Write On! Writing Prompt comes to us from B. (How mysterious. I love our Splotter’s enigmatic initial!) B challenges us:
Write a story with one of the character’s first names being Quackledorph.

Ok, here’s my go at it. . .

Once upon a time there was a girl named Annabella Quackledorph. Her friends called her Quack. But because of this, ducks started following her around everywhere. She got so annoyed. So she decided to change her look and go goth. She wore black nails, black lipstick, and black hair. But this scared her baby sister, who freaked out and cried. Her mom made her change back. So she asked her friends to call her Q instead. The name stuck. And this is how she got her new name.

Ridiculous? I’m afraid so. I know you guys can do better! Leave your story featuring a character named Quackledorph in the Comments below. B, if you’re out there, let us know what you think of the stories. And if you can, give us a clue what the “B” stands for!

—Ratha, Stacks Writer

  1. werewolfcat5

    Once upon a time,there was a wizard named Quackledorph.He was the most powerful wizard but his name was silly.Not everyone liked him,some people wanted to kill him and take his place.One day Quackledorph was walking to the diner when he heard a sound.It sounded like crying and it was coming from the bushes.He decided to go have a look.When he peeped behind the bush,he saw a baby wrapped tightly around a blanket.He decided to pick the baby up and keep him home until the baby was old enough to venture off on it’s own.Speaking of old,was it a female or a male? Quackledorph tried to remember what spell he did to decide whether it was a boy or girl.Suddenly,he got it.He chanted,”Human,oh human.What shall it be? Show me if it is a female or male please!” And the magic showed Quackledorph the identity of the baby.It was a male.Oh yeah! The baby was still crying and Quackledorph didn’t know what to do.Quickly he ran around his house,trying to find a book that would show him how to take care of a baby.He ran up to his basement,and at the bottom of all the other books in the corner,he found it.He flipped through the pages,the baby still crying.When he came to the right page,he went back up the stairs and read.Then he took a carton of milk from his refridgerator and casted a spell to make a baby bottle appear.Then he poured the milk in the bottle and put it in the baby’s mouth.Immediately,the baby stopped crying and he was happily sucking the bottle.Relieved,Quackledorph put the baby on the couch and let him sleep.Now what shall he name the baby? Then he remembered when he had found him and said,”Quackledorph.That’s it,I’ll name you Quackledorph the second.” The baby awoke and now stared at him.Then he started crying again.Quackledorph panicked.What should he do? He quickly read the book again and then he scooped the baby up and cradled him in his arms.Then the baby went right back to sleep.And this is the story of Quackledorph! To be continued…..

  2. Eric

    I like that Quackledorph didn’t have to be a duck to have the name Quackledorph in
    “Quackledorph The Cat” But the way I read story it says to me in order to be happy change physically what cannot be changed. Why does Quackledorph the cat need to metomorphsis into a duck to find happiness and self-acceptance, or belonging? Seems Quackledorph the cat’s name wasn’t her biggest problem, so what about fuzzy or sox, it is she didn’t want to be a cat. Why hadn’t she found comfort in Tom rather than alteration? Seems Quackledorph the cat would have benefited from be an active cat where the others were lazy.

  3. purpleartemis25

    Once there was a girl named Quackledorph. She was a shy home-schooled girl. But when she was 11 she went to school for the first time and and everyone teased her by calling her Qucko or Duck all day, even the teachers!!!So, Quackledorph decided to play a trick o them all. That night she went to mother and whispered her plan.They got to work right away.After that no one ever saw Quackledorph again,but from then on every time they said their own names, a suspicious “QUACKLE-DORPH!!!” came out of nowhere.

  4. pearpearthe14th

    Quackledorph the Cat
    By pearpearthe14th
    Quackledorph stared down at her paws–as she seemed to be doing so often these days–as the cats around her chattered about the successful hunting trip that had taken place the day before.
    Quackledorph always felt out of place with this group of cats. She knew she should feel lucky, because she had a nice cozy house and nice people to take care of her. However, she had never quite fit in with the cats living at the house. They were not like her in any way. Quackledorph had shiny silver fur; the rest of the cats had dark black fur and white mittens. Quackledorph liked to run and jump and climb; the other cats liked to lie around and groom each-other’s coats. Not to mention, everyone else had normal names like “Socks”, “Fuzzy”, or “Kitty”.
    Ever since she was a kitten, Quackledorph had wished she could be like the other cats. She hadn’t accepted herself for who she was. It was really quite sad. The others pitied her, but they were too selfish to accept her into one of their many cliques.
    That was how Quackledorph lived her life: On the sidelines. Looking on as the other cats had fun.
    One day Quackledorph was padding alongside the pond, pondering her miserable existence, when she came upon a family of ducks. Something about the ducks intrigued her, so she walked closer, her paws treading lightly so as not to frighten the strange-looking creatures with the webbed feet. One of the ducklings broke away from his place in the line where he had been swimming alongside his brothers and sisters. The duckling swam to the shore and waddled toward Quackledorph on unsteady feet. He stopped just inches away from her, stretched up as high as his little body would allow, and touched his bill to Quackledorph’s nose.
    Quackledorph’s whiskers quivered, a purr rumbling up in her throat. The duckling quacked and Quackledorph meowed a goodbye. She watched with sad eyes as the duckling returned to the water and rejoined his family.
    That night as Quackledorph sat down to eat her supper, she turned to the cat sitting beside her, a tom with unnaturally large ears. She had never made an effort to talk to the other cats before, but there was something about this tom that made Quackledorph want to talk to him. Perhaps it was his ears. They were much larger then any of the other cats’; for some reason this made Quackledorph feel more like an equal speaking to him.
    She poured out her heart to the tom. When she recounted her trip to the pond that morning, he seemed to be especially interested.
    “So, you really liked that little duckling?” he meowed.
    “Yes. He just made me feel so… Accepted. Like I belonged right there at the pond. With the ducks.”
    “You would be happy there, wouldn’t you?”
    Quackledorph thought about this. “Yes. But I am a cat. I can’t live at the pond.”
    “Do you want to be a cat?”
    “No. I hate being a cat.” Quackledorph admitted.
    The tom smiled at her, his eyes sparkling. “Then here’s my advice: go to the pond at noon tomorrow, and with your eyes closed, lap up the water from the center. While you’re drinking, concentrate on how much you like the ducks.”
    Quackledorph was thoroughly confused. Why did this tom want her to do all this crazy stuff?
    All night she tossed and turned in her nest, trying to decide whether she should listen to him or not, or if this was just some kind of silly prank.
    When she woke the next morning, a quick glance at the sun told her it was nearly noon. She yawned and stretched her legs.
    The tom had seemed so nice. Quackledorph decided to trust him.
    She raced to the pond, arriving out of breath. She stood panting beneath a willow tree. Now how would she be able to get to the water in the center of the pond?
    She thought about this serious dilemma as the mother duck suddenly swam up to the shore. She quacked and flapped her wings continuously. Quackledorph was worried that something was wrong, so she padded over to the duck. The mother duck gestured to her back.
    Finally, Quackledorph caught on. She realized that the duck was offering her a ride. As crazy as this seemed–a cat taking a ride on a duck’s back!–Quackledorph just decided to go for it. Stranger things had happened, after all.
    The duck swam into the center of the pond, then stopped. Quackledorph closed her eyes, leaned down, and lapped up some water. She focused her thoughts on the kind duck that had somehow known she had needed a ride in the pond.
    When Quackledorph opened her eyes again, the mother duck was swimming a few feet away. Quackledorph panicked. If the duck was over there, then that meant she was in the middle of the pond all by herself. And she couldn’t swim!
    Quackledorph looked down at her paws, but was surprised to see webbed feet in their place! She wiggled her feet, testing them to see if they were really hers. They were.
    She opened her mouth to speak, and… Quackledorph QUACKED. Quackledorph was no longer a cat. She was a duck.
    Quackledorph had never felt so happy in her life. She swam after the family of ducks, whom she spotted at the other side of the pond. They swam to meet her, greeting her with loud happy quacks.
    They accepted her into their little family, and that was Quackledorph’s happy ending.

  5. whitelamb5

    This story is very tragic. When I was 2, I was going to clean up my food when I tripped.You know what???? Forget about the story!!!!!!

  6. purplepanda391

    This is my story:
    Hi I’m Kyle, I am 15 years old i currently just started High School. My mom Angela is a city cop of this town. any ways you haven’t heard of my dad… well… because he left me when i was a little baby proximately about 2 months old he just left me there like a pile of trash on the ground that no one will pick up be cause there lazy and they don’t want to take his responsibility for it.

  7. Rolesha

    There was a girl named Quatashia,but since the kids at her middle school are so rude,they called her Quackledorph.

  8. Danielsurfing

    Quackledorph and Ribbiton
    Once upon a time, there was a girl named Annabell Quackledorph. All her friends called her Quacky. But that was in preschool. When she got to the higher grades of elementary, it only got worse. People started thinking that she originated from ducks, speaking because her nose, as a coincidence, was unspeakably large and wide. One day Annabell Quackledorph was walking around and she met a girl named Tamera Ribbiton. She had the same problem, and whenever she hiccuped, she had a faint “ribbit” into it. Annabell and Tamera got along very well, and they respected each other. After everyone who teased both Tamera and Annabell, they saw an important moral:
    Never, ever, judge someone by their name, look, or where they are from.

  9. Cara Jane

    One day, a little girl named Paisley was playing with her doll. Paisley called the doll Quackledorph. Paisley’s parents were worried, Paisley played with doll to much and never played with any of the other little kids on the block.
    So one day, Paisley’s parents steal Quackledorph when Paisley is asleep and through her in the trash. But Quackledorph comes back and haunts the parents. The parents go crazy after three weeks.
    Paisley begs Quackledorph to bring back her parents and Quackledorph agrees.
    “Thank you, Quackledorph!” Paisley cries and her parents come back.
    Years later, when Paisley has her own children, she hands Quackledorph down to her youngest daughter, Aubrey.
    To this day, Quackledorph is still on the shelves of the Gregger family.

  10. Katy

    One stormy fall day, there was a mysterious girl walking the abandoned streets of a small town. People called her Bella-anne Quakledorph. She was neither there or no where. But, was always feared.
    One day a girl named Sharon was talking with her friends about Quakledorph. “Quakledorph?” she said to her friends,” Ugh, I bet my life thats shes just a stupid myth.” The wind suddenly blew and Sharon tried to take it back the bet but couldn’t for she had bet her life.
    That night Shanon sat awake and shivering under her covers. The wind seemed to whisper Bella’s name,”Quakledorph, quakledorph.” She shivered with fright.
    Then with one final scream of QUAKLEDORPH the closet door swung open and everything went black. The next morning, Shanon wasn’t in her bed and the storm that had been in the small town for months disappeared with the final word of Quakledorph. But to this day, people still tell the story of Quakledorph and no one disbelieved Bella again.

  11. Isabella

    Once, there was a girl named quackledorph. Quackledorph lived in a city. Quaclkedorph hated her name. When Quackledorph was a teenager, she went out with a boy. She asked the boy about what he thought about her name. The boy said that her name was fine. “Really”? Quackledorph said. “Yes” Said the boy. “All you have to do is not think about it and just tune out all the teasing. it’s easy. I did it cause my name is squeaky and they teased me so I just tuned out the teasing. “Wow” Said Quackledorph. And Quackledorph did just that. And guess what? It worked.

  12. topaztiger10

    One bright and sunny day, in a town called Elsey, a little girl named Quackledorph was taking a quick stroll through the vine strewn, main park.
    Now Quackledorph had a very absurd name, she hated it, but her mum and dad kept on saying that it was “unique”, personally Quackledorh didn’t really care, for as soon as she was 21 she was changing her name.Fast.
    Kids would constantly tease her, especially this particular boy in her class at school called Martin, he would jab her, taunt her and worst of all call her Quackle-dork!
    So as she was walking she came up with an idea.
    She would visit the old witch in the forest nearby.
    After a while she came to the witch’s old rickety house, with creepers all over the tin roof and walls.
    She rapped on the door and waited, before long a wrinkly ,cruel looking women opened the door. “What do you want” she snapped, “um…um’ stuttered Quackledorph “I have a favour to ask” . The old women’s eyes lit up and she leaned forward a bit “yes, well come inside first”
    and she ushered Quackledorph in, Once she was inside and seated on a olive coloured chair,she told the witch what her name was and she explained to the witch what her favour was as well
    “I would like you to cast a spell so that when anyone says my name they will turn into a duck”
    The witch was silent for a moment and then said ” well that is quite easily done, let me see to it straight away”.
    So once the spell was cast, Quackledorh walked back home, but she did not know what was about to happen.
    Before she knew the whole town were quacking, feathery ducks!
    Quackledorph ran back to the witch’s old house, and there she was waiting patiently outside her door, “well” she said, so Quackledorph explained to her what had happened.
    A ghost of a smile creeped up on the witch’s old face “I can help you, but you have to do something in return once the spell’s broken” she cackled, “anything, anything”! cried Quackledorph “just please change the town back to its original state”.
    The Witch’s face cracked into a grin “anything”?, “yes yes i promise”! Quackledorph said. And so the spell was finally broken.
    The next day, with the town back to its “normal” state, Quackledorph walked down the park, humming. But not for long, suddenly the Witch appeared in front of her, Quackledorph jumped, “You haven’t forgot your promise you made have you”? the witch said, oh yes..” Quackledorph sighed. ‘The witch held out her hand, muttered something under her breath, and touched Quackledorph, and a blinding light exploded from Quackledorph, and in her place stood a confused looking duck!
    The witch cackled and cackled and then, in the blink of the eye, vanished.
    To this day on you can still see Quackledorph in the pond nearby, and hear the occasional sound from her “Quackle-dorph”!

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