September 5, 2011

Write On! Pet Writing Prompt

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Rainbow_pen Howdy, Splotters! Welcome to our ongoing segment of Writing Prompts made by. . . YOU. Each week we pick a Writing Prompt to feature in Write On, and this week’s prompt is a two-parter.

First, Mysterygirl123 asks:
Do you have any pets? Cat or dog, or any other animal? If you don’t have any pets, what pet would you love to have?

Then Anna asks:
If your pets could talk, what would they say? (Your dog would be like, “You people don’t understand what these collars feel like — I’m choking here!”)

I don’t have a pet now, but if I did, I would want a dog. . . one that preferably could take care of itself. And I would love for it to compliment me frequently, like “Woof – you’re so smart. And pretty. And wonderful.” It would be great whenever I needed a pick-me-up.

What are your answers for Mysterygirl123 and Anna? Let us know in the Comments below!

-Ratha, Stacks Writer

  1. werewolfcat5

    I don’t have any pets (I wish I have).The pet I would like is anything! But I would prefer a cat.I like dogs,but everybody seems to say they prefer dogs more than cats and I feel bad for the cats so I would like a cat.(I’m not a witch or anything.)
    If I had a pet and it could talk,they would probably say,”Thank you for taking care of me,though I prefer not to be yelled at sometimes.”

  2. dolphinbrain37


  3. Shadow Princess

    well, i dont have a pet but I’ve always wanted a kitty!
    and when i play with the butterfly fishing pole thingy she would say, “ok, i got this 1, 2, NYAAAAAH! (jumps for it) (then when i jerk it higher) NOOOOO! mah precious….ok i got THIS ONE (then repeat the process) :)

  4. lizzie

    well i am in 3erd grade and i am relly good with cool promps like yours so can you jest give me feed back on how you wright?

  5. lightblue113

    i rrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaallllllllllllllllllllllllllyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy want a cookie right now!!!!! can i have one?

  6. adventurehawk4

    i have: 2 dogs, 3 birds, 2 guinea pigs and a fish. I wish i had a horse or a dragon. that would be awesome. i would zoom over all the houses on my dragon and see all of the people gaping up at me. that would be so cool. my dogs are really old so they would probably be saying something like “uuuhhh… when are we going to eat. im hungry. did we already eat? i don’t seem to recall eating. what was i saying again? i forgot.”
    and my guinea pigs would say: ” Reet!! REEET!! were hungry. feed us!!! were hungry!! FEED us. were HUNGRY. FEED US!
    ohhh!! big scary creature!! RUN!” haha!! my pets are so cool and sweet.

  7. lonewolf9

    I have a bulldog. If I could have two pets, I would also have a hamster.They are so cute!
    If animals could talk, I think my dog would say can you feed me? and I need a good belly rub!

  8. Shannon

    This is a toughie. First, I would want a ferret. They are so cute! Have you seen “Along Came Polly” it has a blind ferret in it and it is SOOOOOO cute!<3 Anyway, then I would want a pug dog. They are like, the cutest things in the world. My ferret would probably say “get this nasty blue knit sweater off of my body! It’s winter and I have fur of my own!” My pet dog would probably say “*woof* leave me alone and go fetch me some treats. You are overwhelmed by my cuteness”. :)
    I have a pet cat. He is an orange tabby cat and he loves to bring us presents (but the presents consist of dead rodents and lizards and such :(
    But it’s cute none the less.

  9. celebratingband25

    Horse all the way!!! Say? “Hey you girl. What do I need this bit in my mouth for? I’m really well behaved.”

  10. BB

    I love pets!!!! I can’t live without them. My fav one would have to be my dogs. They are so cute. I would like to have a dog of my own but they would coast a fortune!!!!!!

  11. astronomyable3

    ummmm dont have a pet…. i would certaintly luv to have a cute monster or a weird animal, or a golden lion or an indian tiger!!!!! or even an alien u no!!!! they would always be saying intellegent things like algebric equations or strange phenomenons of science!!!!!
    Just wacko things!!!!!! but since i probably could never get a cute monster or a tiger, i guess a talking parrot would be fine!!!

  12. Bee

    I have a dog. I want a pegasus so I can fly all around the streets!!!!! ~ZOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMM~
    I think that my dog sometimes says: (this is the annoyed version)” Hurry up silly human a sick sloth is even faster than you it’s time for my ME time now GETUP GETUP GETUP GETUP GETUP GETUP GETUP!!!” (happy version) ” Oh yeah that’s the spot.. ahhhhhhhhh… no no no silly human over there is the spot…. ahhhhh….(shaking leg)

  13. anet

    I have a hamster. I like to put him in mazes. I think he’d say, “Will you PLEASE let me out of here? I’m tired of searching and searcning to get out! Would you like this?”

  14. josie

    I have always wanted a turtle hamster guinea pig donkey miny pony. I have 3 dogs 5 cats 1 horse 1 llama 1 sheep 1 goat and 9 fish

  15. fashiondirector1

    i have chickens, and every time i drop leftovers out there, they all have to tell me “thank you”. if they don’t, i take it away.

  16. sweetsprinkles10

    Our family has a yellow labrador retriever. She is actually more golden than yellow. Anyway, I think she would say “I HATE these allergies. I have to eat KANGAROO, people!” (Daisy has allergies, so she has to eat weird flavored food, like tuna fish, kangaroo, or FISH AND CHIPS, which I think is SO strange.)

  17. trixie m

    i ahev a cant(persian)it pretty cute but i wish i had a cute fluffy playfull dog!!but my cat is always super hungry and plays with a ball and probably says”oh yeah im a footballer,oh yeah im the best!!oh man!!!!!!!!!!!its gone,the ball!!!it gone under the sofa!!oh man!!oh do i smell chicken!mmmmmmmmmm food for a footballer!!!”
    hahahahhahahahha cute huh!!

  18. Noura

    I don’t have one :( , i would love to have a horse <3. And would love for it to compliment me like: “OMG! you’re the best rider ever!.” or grumbles: “God! my back really hurts, you’re so heavy!” xD

  19. cnahk

    2.Hey dont tie me up take that forwheeler.Silly human I’m going to swim the river now because I hear master!

  20. redwolf31

    I have a chihuahua (dog) but I would want a wolf, owl, or more active dog. I hope that my dog would console me once in a while when I’m down.

  21. mouthmemie

    I have a cat. He’s a gray tabby. If he could talk he would say come-on people put me down, I’ll bite you if you don’t!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Winterprincess18

    I have a pet Betta (fish). He’s blue. If he talked, he would say “Stop scaring me when you open the fish tank lid! You don’t have to feed me!” It’s not my fault the Fish Tank lid makes a loud noise when I open it!! :) or “will you please feed me?” Sometimes, I forget to feed him! He’s one funny fish!

  23. coolchicken3

    I would like a dog and it would be like: Come on, humans are soooo slow. I’m across the street here.

  24. stonefairy

    I have a cat. He is a very nice and good pet, and some people who are allergic to cats aren’t allergic to him. He is very quiet and kind. If he could talk, I think he’d say, “Hello… I am very shy, but aren’t I cute?”

  25. lpe123

    use your imagination if you could build a park what would it be called and what rides would be in it.
    mine would have all the rides from hershey park.

  26. Percy and Harry fan

    Hmm…I don’t have a pet at the moment, but if I could, it would be a dog. I believe it would say, “No more baths! Please! Don’t you realize baths are for cats?”

  27. SmartyPants101

    I’ve always wanted a horse! My guinea pig would probably be thinking something along the lines of ‘YOU NEED TO FEED ME! I’M STARVING, HERE!’

  28. SilverFairy1

    Am i first to comment?!Ok so Q
    1. I have a cat. He’s a tabby too!
    2. Depends where he is.
    Outside- I am not going on to the wet gras- OHMYGOSH! Theres a bird! * Wierd cat noise* Take that birdy. OHMYGOSH…. A BUTTERFLY! Must eat!
    Breakfast- Oh my gosh peopl im starving here! Do you really think that filling my bowl up to the brim is enough! I want thirds! FINE, since you wont feed me ill just go on top of your table and eat your FOOD! Take that! Hows does it feel to not have your food!

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