September 26, 2011

Write On! Book Sequel Writing Prompt

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Rainbow_pen Write On! After the Last Page. . .

This week we have yet another fabulous idea straight from you guys. This week’s Write On! Writing Prompt comes from hoolianlegacy101.
Everyone should say what they think happened to their favorite book characters after the series ended.

Ponychatty2 must have a psychic connection with hoolianlegacy101, because ponychatty2 also asked:
Write about if you could write the next book in your favorite series.

Well, I know I am always sad when a great series comes to an end. I looove to know what happens next. I am a big epilogue person. Like when Harry Potter ended,

I loved that J.K. Rowling wrapped it up, nineteen years later with Harry marrying Ginny, and Ron marrying Hermione, and they all saw their kids off to Hogwarts.

So inquiring minds like hoolianlegacy101 and ponychatty2 want to know:
What happens in your favorite book series after the ending? Or what would the NEXT book in your favorite series be?

Let us know in the Comments below!

—Ratha, Stacks Writer

  1. werewolfcat5

    Well,I haven’t finished any book series yet because most of the books I read are chapter books with no series,so I hope I finish one series of books and make a guess.

  2. Shadow Princess

    well, i guess i would say for the Twilight saga that Jacob doesnt imprint Reneesme but another girl comes into his lif ewho is a fairy! but she is afraid her father wont approve of her love and she is a princess in the realm of fey and she came here to live with her uncle for a while.

  3. Ley56

    Well this is going to be easy. Beware has death.
    I woke up and groaned. I looked around and what I saw I couldn’t beleavie. Marco, my students alive! Wait… their expression…I looked at where they were looking. I gasped I reliezed what had happened. The only reason we were alive was because Tobias took the blow. He was laying on the ground. I held back a sob anouther death my fault. I stared out into space so beautiful. How could it be? I looked back at Tobias and stood up. “We need to leave” I said softly. The others nodded I waked over to Tobias’ body. I started to drag him away from there. “To the emergancy hatch.” I said we soon were back on Earth. A bunch of people we’re waiting for us. They all gasped when they saw Tobias. I ignored them. Soon after that we had a funeral.
    Some where in the Underworld
    I looked at Tobias he looked at me. We smiled together forever. The others soon came soon after.
    The End Of The Animorph Series

  4. Jenna

    my character, Nikki STAR went on to live her dream of being a popstar and married my super cute crush! BTW THIS IS JENNA IF U EVER READ THIS!

  5. amusedaqua20

    I am going to continue the Percy Jackson series so here goes:Percy and Annabeth are just leaving camp never to come back.When they realize what they just did.They decide they are just going to go with their original plan.They keep going on and on soon they get to Percy’s house by taxi(you know the taxi they used in the 2nd book).Sally comes into the room with her husband Paul Blofis and they both say”WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU DOING HERE?!?! “Well…”said Annabeth. “We ran from camp and didn’t look back”said Percy.”It wa-sn’t a wise cho-ice”when Annabeth said that her voice quavered.Percy looked like nothing happend said bye to his mom and dragged(literally dragged!)Annabeth into his room where they just sat there and talked until they decided to go to Olympus so they go to the 600th floor of THE EMPIRE STATE BUILDING.It turns out Athena was the greek god and/or goddess there.:Sorry it’s late and I don’t want to write this anymore,maybe I will write the whole thing on paper someday I promise if I do I start with this begining! Got to go BYE!!!!!!!!!

  6. dizzyferret

    Another book that I would write the sequel for is the secret series! Cass and Max-Ernest would be in the basement of the Magic Museum. Suddenly they here a commotion coming from upstairs. They run up to see what was wrong and they find a young girl lying limp at the bottom of the stairs.They get lily and Owen to help pick up the girl and take here to a room.She’s unconscious from her fall.Owen lays her down on a couch and as Cass sees her face she freezes. The girl looks exactly like her!

  7. dizzyferret

    If I could continue a book I would continue The Heroes of Olympus.There would be a new girl in the camp.Theodora Walters, also known as teddy.She’d be the daughter of Apollo and she’d have a few tricks up her sleeves that nobody would see coming!

  8. bluebagel22

    i like Louis
    sachar books. He is an awesome author. My fav one so far is 6th Grade Secrets. Also i luv Wayside Stories from Wayside School. Holes is good too and many more. READ LOUIS SACHAR’s BOOKS!!! freind me if you like louis sachar :)

  9. pegasusathena1

    I know this has nothing to do with this subject ,but since the Buzz Board won’t let ma add a new message I will put what I want to say here.
    There are all kinds of courage. It takes a great deal of bravery to stand up to your enemies, but just as much to stand up to our friends.Dumldore harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone by J.k. Rowling I am a question to the world not an answer to be heard. From the song I’m still here (Jim’s theme) from Disney’s Treasure Planet.
    Question Authority!

  10. Jaden S

    I like Star Wars The Clone wars! I love clones. My fav is Captain Rex, Commander Gree, and Mandalorians. Whats your fav star wars clone?

  11. alywrites

    My favourite story is The Splendor Falls by Rosemary Clement-Moore, one I think should DEFINITELY have a sequel, and I think it should explore more of Hannah’s past and what exactly happened to her baby and her romantic interest and his brother and her dad, and I want it to explore more of Sylvie’s and Rhys’s relationship and learn more about magic and it’s consequences.
    For a series, I’d have to say the Darkest Powers series by Kelley Armstrong and exploring more of Derek’s and Chloe’s relationship and her necromancy. And more about Simon and Tori, and exactly what happened to her aunt and Rachael and Liz. And I’d like to know what happened to her mother!! Why isn’t she there? Why is she gone? D: How did Chloe get her powers?

  12. DorkQueen

    So I guess we’re not supposed to actually write like 50 pages for the epilogue of our fav book? Lol. Anyways, here are some summaries of epiloges for my fav book series:
    1. The Hunger Games: I didn’t like the way Suzanne Collins ended Mockingjay so I’m going to change it. I think that during that mission thingy, Peeta should have died, and then Katniss would be heartbroken for a while, but then Gale would be there to comfort her.
    2. Maximum Ride: The final book is coming out in 2012, but my idea of a good ending would be that Max gets back together with Fang, and Maya gets together with Dylan.
    I wish I could have time to do more, but unfortunately, I have school stuff to do.

  13. Lily Luna :)

    Well, I was going to do Harry Potter anyway, and I started writing a fanfic-type thing….
    “The young boy, barely eight, drifted, half-asleep, as his mother read him ‘Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets’ for the umpteenth time. ‘Funny,’ he thought, ‘she always gets emotional at this bit.’ Ginny was being dragged into the Chamber. ‘Actually,’ he thought, ‘Mum looks rather like Ginny. Flaming red hair (that he had inherited), sparkling, mischevious blue eyes. And Dad-’ his father had untidy black hair, brilliant green eyes and the slightest hint of a scar on his forehead, that he claimed came from a car crash- ‘never mind,’ the boy thought, as he shook the idea out of his head. ‘That’s ridiculous, silly, impossible! My last name’s not even Potter! I’m a Muggle, there’s no such thing as wizards, right?’ And he fell asleep, peacefully, as Harry saved Ginny from the basilisk.”
    Yeah, so. It goes on, I haven’t finished, but the rest isn’t that good. He learns that he is James Potter, and that his parents kept the fact that he’s a wizard- and the son of Ginny and Harry- from him, so that if Hogwarts wasn’t rebuilt in time he could live life as a normal child. His cousins, too, but I kinda changed their names, it pretty much ignores the Epilogue, with some things/ideas from it. :)

  14. Alexis

    I love How I Survived Middle School. I think they should make something called How I Survived High School about Jenny in High School.

  15. ninjadragon99

    The Secret Series by Pseudonymous Bosch-[SPOILERS] I would pick it up again and write another book, what’s with the Midnight Sun now that Dr. L is gone? More adventures are in store here for either an attached author, or a loving fan-fic writer :)

  16. stuffedpickles

    My favorite book is HAttie Big Sky by Kirby Larson. I always imagine HAttie going to seattle to live with Perilee and eventualy marrying Charlie. (I might even be right about this because ms. Larson is writing the sequel!)

  17. magicalpanda1

    One of my favorite books are the *Chaos Walking* triology, and if it were to have a sequel I think that Todd and Viola’s relationship would get more lovey-dovey and that the new ship would all be surprised and alarmed because of the Noise.

  18. SilverFairy1

    If i could write the next book in… hmm i cant really choose so is it okay if i pick two or three?
    1.) Gallagher Girls. This series has nt ended so just the next book. I would make it that another boy comes in to play and that he is a better spy than zach. He is also nice than zach. BUT, he is more dangerous and risky to be around than zach
    2) Hunger Games- Series has ended- maybe President snow has a long lost son ( Wouldn’t surprise me) that just found out that his dad is President snow so now he wants revenge.
    3)… umm. FAblehaven anyone?- Series ended- Umm. Maybe its when Seth and Kendra are care takers and they have children. their children make friends with some… unusual creaters in human form. yea

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