October 30, 2009

Would You Survive Goosebumps HorrorLand?

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Goosebumps_horrorlandsurvivalguide Welcome to HorrorLand amusement park, the scariest place on earth!

Have you read the HorrorLand series by R.L. Stine? The series is about someone — or something — that is summoning ordinary kids to an amusement park of horrors where they have to find a way to escape. Fright-master R.L. Stine takes you on a thrilling adventure in the Goosebumps HorrorLand series.

In HorrorLand your nightmares come to life and you’ll need the new book Welcome to HorrorLand: A Survival Guide in order to make your escape. This book will give you behind-the-scenes info on:

  • The Stagger Inn doom service menu
  • Ratings for the scariest rides in HorrorLand
  • Tips on how to avoid top Egyptian curses

Read this excerpt from the book to find out the top 3 things NOT to do in HorrorLand. . .

How to Get in Trouble in HorrorLand

While we were preparing this chapter, the Guest Relations team took a survey. We asked hundreds of Monster Police to answer the following question: “What are your favorite reasons for bullying visitors?” Below are the three most popular answers. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

Reason #3: Monster Blood
Due to a recent at the /hungry Crocs Piggyback Ride, anyone caught with Monster Blood will have to eat it. And then you’ll be in BIG trouble!

Reason #2: Meddling
“Some things are nobody’s business but ours,” said Sergeant Clem.

Reason #1: Mirrors
“No mirrors of any kind are allowed,” said an officer named Benson.
“It’s for your own safety, really. You don’t want to see what you look like after one day at HorrorLand.”

  1. Anonymous

    i love horrorland and goosebumps books.i really wanted to met all the people in the books of horrorland

  2. Anonymous

    Is Horrorland real? If it is and you know where it’s located please tell me! I’ve always wanted to go. LITERALLY! I have read EVERY book and seen EVERY show/movie!!

  3. drawingdog10

    I really like goosebumps. I have Goosebumps Horrorland, The Scream Of The haunted Mask, Help! we have strange powers, Escape from horrorland, The streets of panic park, When the Ghost dog howls, Little shop of hamsters, The wizard of ooze and Slappy new year.

  4. ilyforeva1

    this is a really great book!!! just like the other horrorland books r like!!!!!!!!!

  5. eeyoreb3

    I love the Goosebump series!!! They are the only books I read.I love all of the horror and scary stuff.I also love the shows!!! They are very realistic and the when I read the books I feel like the show is going through my head.I hope you all enjoy it.Very great book!!!!

  6. readerboy123

    i’ve read it SO AWSOME it said “life-guards more like death-guards”luv it

  7. pretty girl s

    i hate this books i think they really dont got any meaning to kids reaading a boo like tis i am very srry to the person wrote this book its not tha it isnt nice it just had no meaning at all to me i really dont know about many ppl but i dont lie this book at all lol

  8. ROCKSTAR114599


  9. Dylan62903

    i love goosebumps and there my favorite show to watch at night because there freaky but not really and i love the Night of the living dummy to because the dummy pops out every were

  10. princess19990

    hi! i just have a question. every time that i try to chat, all i see is pics to choose from along with two sayings like…… hola chica and the second like…… it’s almost 2010! my computer won’t let me scroll down to press send even though i tried so many times it’s just not working out for me. all i want to do is spend some time chillin’ and conversating with my friend!!!!!!! so all i need is for u to help me out and maybe add me to your friends list. maybe we could be like chatting buds or something like that.

  11. princess19990

    I think goose bumps looks cool! I have read it before, just it is kind of scary. You should never read it before bed time or else you might get night mares!!!!!

  12. Vampires_roc

    lol it seems funni i luv horror books. there sooo kewl espicialy when the main character just screams 4 no reason i love that. im used to much mor scarier things than that
    Ps gud series=Cirque Du Freak and Twilight lol AWESOME books!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. CookieMonster1242

    I Have Not Read This Book Yet It Looks Good i Wonder When Im Going To See It And Probley Get It HaHa

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