July 21, 2014

Would You Rather Kiss . . .

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Here is a Random Would You Rather from the fabuloso STACKer EarlyFairy3. Leave your answers in the Comments!

  1. Would you rather kiss a snail OR a frog?

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  2. Would you rather be a successful movie star OR a well-known smart person?
  3. Would you rather go to the supermarket OR to the mall?
  4. Would you rather watch the sunset OR the sunrise?
  5. Would you rather do well in math OR in music?
  6. Would you rather be a dog OR a cat?

\ Thx, EarlyFairy3

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  1. Scott

    I’m starting to like this website!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. bootspants9

    I don’t like care for this “WOULD YOU RATHER” game i rather eat a snail then do this

    1. bootspants9

      I’d kiss Taylor L. if I could but i’m not a movie star. -__- ….if i were a movie star ya’ll I would kiss a celb. if I could but not the ones that take the small roles.

  3. CountryCupcake22

    1. I would rather kiss a frog because I have in the past a little bit.
    2. I would rather be a well known smart person because then I could find cures for things or at least be smart!
    3. I would rather go to the supermarket because there is much more needed things there than a mall.
    4. I would rather watch the sunrise because I have seen the sunrise before also because of it’s beautiful scenery in the morning.
    5. I would rather do well in math because math gets you smarter in life but if you were to be a singer then that would be their own thing.
    6. I would rather be a dog because if I were a cat you wouldn’t get bathes also wouldn’t get enough energy from walks if you were a cat.

  4. earsbird7

    Hey you girls and boys out there answer this question would you rather have a pet skunk or a pet hairless cat

  5. Coolgirl3031

    !. None
    2. movie star
    3. mall XD
    5. math (I hate it but i’m rlly good at it. GRR)
    6. cat ( I love dogs and cats but I love the warrior series so i choose cat XD

  6. ashley

    1 frog 2 movie star 3 super market 4 music 6 dog beceues i LOVE DOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Anastasia ( lionunlocking20)


  8. akyla

    i would not kiss a frog or a snail i would want to be know as a well -known smart person i would go to the mall i would want to see the sun set i want to be known well at both iwoud want to be a cat

  9. Anonymous

    1) frog
    2)Movie star its in my blood
    3)Mall of course
    6)Dog I am allergic to cats its stinks
    5)music because I am already good at singing also math but I chose music

  10. ANNIE

    1.frog because I have kissed a frog before
    2.well known smart person because I would still be famous, but also know a lot
    3.mall because I hate going to the grocery store
    4.sunrise because I usually watch the sunset, so it will be more unusual to watch the sunrise
    5.math because being academic smart is more important to me than being music smart
    6. cats I don’t know why

  11. Lyza

    1. that is a tough one. I’d kiss either!
    2. smart person. definatly smart person.
    3.the supermarket. malls are filled with creepy people.
    4.sunsets are nice, but sunrises are better.
    5.i do well in both, but if i had to chose one, it would be music
    6.i think it would be awesome to be able to do the things cats can do.

    1. butterflychocolate110

      I think it would be cool to do things cats do too like using a liter box hahaha


    1) Frog
    2) Well-known smart person
    3) To the mall
    4) Watch the sunset
    5) Do well in music
    6) Be a cat

  13. fierydragon361

    I would rather kiss a frog than a snail. Well-known smart person, of course. I don’t want have my face plastered on the tabloids!! Mall, duh! Sunrise because than the new day begins. Math, I am severely lacking! Cat, I’m to lazy to be a dog

  14. jadejoyful145

    I would kiss a Frog.Successful moviestar.Mall.Sunset.Music.Dog!I just adore them.Snails are so slimy and gooey.I am already smart.Mall has stores too! I love to sing but I also want music!