November 21, 2009

World Hello Day

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Hello_day People always talk about how they want world peace, but how often do they really do anything about it? Well here is something that you (yes, YOU!) can do to help create world peace. November 21 is annual World Hello Day and all you have to do is say “Hello!” to ten people.

But how is that going to create world peace? Think about it. If everyone in the world stopped fighting and actually just started talking to each other, we would have instant peace!

Try it. Instead of automatically snarling at your little brother first thing in the morning, give him a big hug and say hello. Instead of grumbling at your parents because you’re tired and in a bad mood, give them a cheerful “Good morning!” Instead of walking past that person in the lunchroom who you normally would never talk to, smile and say hi. If you have been holding a grudge against someone, ignoring someone, been mad at someone for no real reason, give it up and just say hello. Say something nice to someone on the Message Boards. Or send a shout-out to someone’s STACKS profile. Really, there is no harm in just saying hello.

Ten people. That’s all. Find ten people today and give them a friendly greeting. If everybody did this every day, then maybe we really could have world peace! Leave a Comment to let me know how it goes.

Sonja, STACKS Staffer

  1. Chelsea

    If i could chose a chacter out of a book it would be gerogy from Diary Of A Wimpy Kid.I would buy him that video game he wanted in the story because he didnt get it on X-mas.

  2. Taylor

    I like saying hello instead of fighting. I fight with my mom alot, so hopefully today will make a difference.

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