June 13, 2011

Word Puzzle WOW!

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Qmark_130 OK, Superstars, in the Word Puzzle post from a couple weeks ago, I asked for 6-letter words and you guys blew me away!! A lot of you found a lot of 6-letter words, but some of you found 7-letter words, 8-letter words, 9-letter words, and even more!

So congrats go to the first people to post the words. I am only including words posted by June 1, so I apologize if you posted your Comment after June 1, or if I missed your words. You guys found a kasmillion gajillion words! I couldn't get through them all! I'm going to make the next Word Puzzle harder for sure.


6-Letter Words

  • Readingfan700Athena: person, simple, slacks, tracks, closed, preens, clamps, cramps, steals, snails
  • Adam: sandal
  • AquaOcean25: candle, Monday
  • VampireSurprise1: reason, season
  • spaghetti: Jasons (I'm not sure this deserves credit, but I'll give it to you this time.)

7-Letter Words

8-Letter Words

9-Letter Words

10-Letter Words

14-Letter Word!!!

Wow! Thanks everybody for playing along. If you have a STACKS Profile, sign in and read your special Shout-Out from me. And GNOLetsgo1 gets a SUPER special Shout-Out for finding the longest word!

image from kids.scholastic.comSonja, STACKS Staffer

  1. pegasusposeidon2

    To Annie iPad:I believe it’s pronounced noo-mon-o-ultra-micro-scopic-silico-volcano-con-i-o-sis.

  2. Annie iPad

    Want to know what that refers to? That refers to the sickness that comes to you when you inhale volcanic gas. That’s the longest word in the English language. I can’t even pronoce it! It is soooooo long!

  3. 2010musican

    This is a word I found in my dictionary : Pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis:!!!!

  4. basketballblue49

    My friend i don’t want say her name but she loves the Percy Jackson collection and i think that she is on the last book are is a the 3rd or 2nd on but I think that she is on the 2nd one and she is in love with the collection that it is not even funny and i think that you should read the collection like i did.

  5. pegasusposeidon2

    The longest word in American history is actually pneumonoultramicrospopicsilicovolcanoconiosis.That is a lung disease caused by breathing in dust from a volcano.It is 45 letters long.

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