February 2, 2009

Women in Comics and Books

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When I was a kid, I pored over the Sunday funnies. Brenda Starr was my hero! She was a feisty, beautiful newspaper reporter who uncovered the dirt on all sorts of dark conspiracies, dangerous criminals, and dirty politicians. It was a tough job, but Brenda with all her smarts — not to mention her sparkly eyes — was on it! I thank Brenda for being the inspiration that eventually led to me being part of the Graphix team that won the 2006 Lulu of the Year Award (Graphix is a line of graphic novels published by Scholastic, in case you didn’t know). The Lulu is a great honor, given for promoting women in comics and women comic artists.

Q: What is a good book for a girl to read? Because I have read a lot of books but they aren’t really that great so I was hoping you would have some in mind. — Girljustwant2havefun

A: There are so many wonderful books for girls to read that it’s hard to choose! At Scholastic we publish the Queen Bee Graphix (for teens) and The Babysitters Club Graphix. And some of my favorite books that I’d recommend are Paint The Wind by Pam Muñoz Ryan, Igraine the Brave by Cornelia Funke, and the paperback series How to Survive Middle School.

— Sheila, Scholastic Graphix Editor

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