May 6, 2010

Wish I Might

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Wishimight Hello and welcome to Scholastic Booktalks where we recommend brand new Scholastic books that we think you will love. Today's booktalk: Wish I Might by Coleen Murtagh Paratore.It is a sequel to Forget Me Not: From the Life of Willa Havisham.

Summertime, and the living is easy. 14-year-old Willa, her mom and her step-dad live on Cape Cod. As usual, their summer is busy — full of tourists and wedding planning at the Bramblebriar Inn. There has even been a mermaid spotted at the beach! Everything is going so well. Willa likes her job — she gets to read lots of books and she's in love. It's so exciting to think what this summer has in store for her.

What Willa doesn't expect is a stranger showing up in her town and announcing that he is her brother.

Willa's birth father died in a terrible accident before she was born, so the only things she has of his are a photograph and letters he wrote to her mother. And when Will, the boy claiming to be her half-brother, shows up in her town, she can definitely see the resemblance between them. Her boyfriend, JFK, doesn't trust him and, before leaving for his summer internship in Florida, JFK warns Willa to be careful.

After spending some time with her possible half-brother, Willa learns a jaw-dropping secret about her father. If this secret proves to be true, it will change Willa and her family forever! Too bad she has no one to share it with. Her former-best-friend Tina has become fast friends with annoying Ruby, and all they do is talk about boys and fashion. Ever since he left for his Florida trip, JFK rarely returns her calls or texts. And, worst of all, her friend Mariel has disappeared!

Why is this summer becoming so complicated? Why can't it be relaxing and fun? Is this what happens when you start growing up and learning the truth about your friends, family and boyfriend?

Read Wish I Might by Coleen Murtagh Paratore!

— Jen, Scholastic Booktalker

  1. funnyplace

    omg this sounds so good yet scary!i cant wait to read it and see what the secret is. how mysterios. maybe her dad is a ghost. i wonder is it just a qoincidence or did it have to do with her friends abduction. cant wait to read it

  2. hi

    Does anyone know who are the girls in the front cover. I think one of them might be my friend. Thanks! =D

  3. softballstar21

    this book sounds so mysterious i wonder what the secret is about her dad and why JFK does not trust willa’s possible half brother i think im going to have to read this summer i cant wait to read it

  4. Michelle

    This book was soooo good!!! I read the whole series, snd i highly reccomend this one. Its my favorite. I wish the authour would write another to the series.

  5. Erin

    I absolutely LOVE this series!!! Does anyone know if there is going to be a 3rd book after “Wish I might?” If anyone knows the answer PLEASE let me know;)

  6. Raina

    This book is ok but there are so many other books i would suggest to read like dreamland!

  7. Ninjamember

    Yeh it looks like a great book!! Seriously it does… people should read more books more often becuz then they will not get the chance to read a book like this!!
    ~ Signing off peeps,
    Ninjamember (; LOL

  8. famouskookygoggle

    everybody keeps saying good things about this book i think I’m going to give it a try.

  9. alexB12345

    I like scary and magic books like Harry Potter or The Lightning Thief which is adventure book, but i like it but i also sound interested in this book.

  10. nia

    hey casey if you get this message the first time i did not like what it did because it did not let me post anything on ur website bye peace out and kaylee is my friend too

  11. mp10713

    I read another book by Coleen called “Forget Me Not”. It was one of the best books I have ever read before! I might try to find this at the libabry in town and read it! Sounds great!! :)

  12. cavyheart

    Oh cool, this is a series? I remember reading the Wedding Planner’s Daughter a while back and it was really good. I’ll definitely check this out next time I’m at Barnes and Noble. :)

  13. pretty grl s

    this looks likke a good book i would love to read this book it looks like somedin i would read as bein a girl like mii lol i love mii and book than any thing (family comes first and god lo rember that to the end of times)

  14. minibatman

    That IS a very good book!!! I love it!!! this is definatly a good sumer read!! I can ONLY say good things about it.

  15. beartiger10

    HEY anybody who is looking at comments and doesn’t like long wordy stuff don’t read this…i like to type a lot; looks ok but i have three new books pretty long

  16. HANGON

    I think that book would be good. It sounds interesting. I will try to find it the next time I go to the book store.

  17. mirialin_moon_knight4789

    Well, everyone is entitled to an opinion. Me? I like books where there’s a courageous hero, and magic, but set in our place and time. “Star Wars” is an exception, but that’s about it.

  18. nelly2014

    this looks like a very good book!! i will take the time this summer and read it!!

  19. Abby Finkles

    This book looks pretty good I might want to read it over the summer. Comment below if you want to read it and tell why. :)

  20. belle

    omg what are you doing. see you later
    send me a comment.
    get or friends to send me a comments

  21. Arlo285

    I’ve read all of the other books in the series and they are awesome! I can’t wait to read this one!

  22. swisher30

    I read Forget Me Not and loved the book so much i went to the bookstore the next day looking for the rest of the series.They didn’t have it and I was CRUSHED! When I read the blog and found out the next book I told my mom I HAD to go to the bookstore SOON! I suggest Forget Me Not to anyone that loves a book about friendship and fun! The book was so realistic, the charcters felt real to me alost like i knew all of them personally!

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