February 21, 2014

Winter Sports Books & Movies

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Winter sports book and movie recommendations!

Are you totally caught up in the excitement of the Winter Olympics? Winter sports are the greatest! But if throwing on a pair of skates and executing flawless flips and spins seems a little out of your range, we bring to you this list of winter sport books and movies (for those of us who are happy to spend our time indoors with a cup of hot cocoa instead).

Gold Medal Winter by Donna Freitas
After years of early morning training and more jumps than she can count, Esperanza’s dream of figure skating for the United States is coming true at last! But with the excitement of an Olympic slot comes new attention and big distractions. In the midst of all this, Espi is trying to master an impossible secret jump that just might be her key to a medal. Can she focus enough to shut out the drama, find her edge over the competition, and make the Olympics as golden as her dreams?

hans brinkerHans Brinker, or The Silver Skates by Mary Mapes Dodge
This is a classic tale of two siblings, Hans and Gretel Brinker, who want to enter a local ice skating race on the canal in their small town in Holland. Fifteen-year-old Hans realizes that their chance of winning is small–they only have homemade wooden skates instead of the steel skates the other competitors will be wearing. Determined to win anyway, the two siblings train hard in hopes of winning the race and the prize of a pair of silver skates. But home life threatens to interfere with their dreams. Will they be able to overcome the obstacles to win?

cool as ice

Cool as Ice by Matt Christopher
Chris has been skating for years, and decides to try out for the all-star hockey team even though he’s small. Surprisingly, he makes the team, but that turns out to be the easiest part! While on the team, Chris learns important lessons about friendship and what it really means to be a winner.




MOVIESmighty ducks
The Mighty Ducks (rated PG)
This classic movie tells the tale of one underdog youth hockey team’s hilarious and heartwarming rise from a rag-tag bunch of kids to a championship-competing team. No Winter Olympics season is complete without watching this movie at least once! And if you like it, check out the sequels, D2 and D3 (both rated PG).

miracleMiracle (rated PG)
Based on a true story, this movie follows the U.S. men’s hockey team’s journey at the 1980 Winter Olympics. Nobody seems to believe that the team has what it takes to win, but their coach believes that if they can put aside their differences and go for the gold, they might just prove everyone wrong!

Cool Runnings (rated PG)
This is definitely my favorite Winter Olympics movie. It’s hilarious and makes me so happy every time. It’s especially exciting this year because Jamaica competed in the bobsleigh event again in Sochi! In 1988, Jamaica surprised everyone by sending a team to compete in the Winter Olympics. Getting there wasn’t easy, though, and even when they did make it to the Olympics, they found that other teams look down on a team from a tropical country. Did they make a mistake in entering the competition? This movie about overcoming the odds and discovering what it means to be a real champion is a must-see!

What about YOU? Do you have any favorite winter sports books or movies? Have you seen any of these movies or read any of these books? Share your thoughts and recommendations in the Comments!

And remember, the Sochi Olympic Games may be over, but the STACKS Winter Reading Games are just beginning! Come back every day next week for reading events, sweepstakes, and a live readathon.

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