February 26, 2014

Winter Reading Games Event 3

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olympicsbanner130Choose Your Fictional Character Dream Team!

While it’s awesome to see trained athletes tearing up the ice in a team sport like hockey, here at the STACKS, it is day 3 of the STACKS Winter Reading Games, and we have to wonder: what would it be like to have an Olympic team made up of characters from our favorite books?

Since hockey is probably the team sport on ice that I understand best, I’m creating my dream sports lineup as a hockey team. My picks?

  • 204-4426Percy Jackson, obviously, because he can control water and would therefore be a speed demon on ice.
  • Clarisse La Rue (of the Percy Jackson series) because she’s super-aggressive and would have no problem knocking out an opposing player.
  • Hagrid (of the Harry Potter series) because he’d be an amazing goalie.
  • George and Harold (of Captain Underpants) because they are fast thinkers and you need to be a fast thinker on ice!
  • Harry Potter because he’d probably discover he had the ability to do something awesome halfway through the game and totally take down the opposition.

How about you? What would YOUR fictional character dream team look like? Share in the Comments below! And come back tomorrow to participate in the next Winter Reading Games event!

image from kids.scholastic.comEn-Szu, STACKS Staffer

  1. Lindsay O.

    Two things I forgot to mention: 1: Rabbit is the coach. 2: an example of a funny saying on a team t-shirt and/or a team mug is: The Strong Legs are number 1 by a long goal!

  2. Lindsay O.

    Here is my fictional character sports team: The Strong Legs. They play soccer. Here are the teammates: Mrs.Bunny,Mr.Bunny (both from Mr. and Mrs. Bunny: Detectives Extrordinare! and Lord and Lady Bunny: Almost Royalty!), The Hare (from The Tortise and The Hare), Kanga, Roo (both from The Many Adventures Of Winnie The Pooh), The White Rabbit (from Alice in Wonderland.), Rabbit (from The Many Adventures Of Winnie The Pooh.), Paksahara (from The Familiars.) and E. Aster Bunnymund (from E. Aster Bunnymund and The Warrior Eggs at The Earth’s Core!) The reason why they are called The Strong Legs is because they have strong legs which are perfect for playing soccer. One of them is very good at martial arts. Paksahara is the goalie because she can stop a ball with her black magic! (This team says that Paksahara is not cheating. They are right because she just puts stick magic on both of her hands. The stick magic just makes the ball stick to both of her hands without anybody knowing except me and this team. The ball sticks to her hands when it gets to either of her hands. Even though she is a shapeshifter, she is so good at magic she can do every form of it!) Their mascot is a very muscular man (most of the teammates are male.) This muscular man is bald and wears long red pants and black boxers underneath. He has a brown mustache. The team uniform is white with red stripes. They wear red and white soccer shorts. Everyone wears some kind of underwear under their pants. The team colors are red and white. The players are not very aggressive. The two most aggressive players are (from most to least) are Paksahara and Rabbit. The team’s only cheerleaders are fans. The team merchandise is any sports-related merchandise you can think of. They have a few non-sports related merchandise types though. They have clothing (I mean all clothing types) ,books,stuffed animals,mugs,bobbleheads,frames and sculptures. They are a good team and get along well…….most of the time. The shirts are numbered 0-6.

  3. anubisdance5

    My sport is dance. My team would be Tris Prior [Divergent](Teens), Katniss Everdeen [Hunger Games] (Grade 9 and up), Clary Fray [Mortal Instruments](Grade 9 and up), and Hermione Granger [Harry Potter]!

  4. destiny d.


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  5. ELLA

    Betty Bunny because if there were chocolate cake at the end of the pool she would be really fast because she would want to win.
    Fancy Nancy because she is very smart and could come up with a lot of ideas of how to win.
    Pinkalicious because she would find the best bathing suits for the team.
    Poppy Pig because she dreams big.
    Ella (Ella the elephant) because she is nice and will make friends with the competition.

  6. Swain

    My picks are…

    Frank Zang from heroes of Olympus : He can shapeshift into a yeti thing and be awesome.

    Aqualad:(comics count ): He can control water and I hate to admit it but, he’s better than Percy Jackson.

    Iceman: (age 12 and up)( It explains itself.

    King Kong: Goalie!

    Beast: Super strong, flexible, smart monster. Yeah.

  7. Pegasusathena282

    My choice for the hockey team would be Sadie Kane. I would pick her because she is determine and not shy. When she wants to do it, she will do it. And also because she is just like me.

  8. Elle

    Percy Jackson, because he is AMAZING!!!

    Annabeth Chase, because she is super cool too!

    Hermoine Granger, because she and Annabeth would be totally great thinking up game strategy together!

    Coach Hedge (from Heroes of Olympus), because he is totally aggressive, and is ridiculous! he’s super funny too, that’s a fun thing to have on the team.

    And last but not least, Jonas, from The Giver. He is totally awesome!

  9. breezebrain39

    I would choose these people:
    Nikki J. Maxwell (from Dork Diaries): Sure, she’s not very sporty, but she is pretty good at distracting people, and I think she would be very good at blocking the other team’s shots.

    Isabella (from dear dumb diary,): She’s fierce, tricks people, is strong, and if other players come hurling at her she can block them easily because of how big she is.

    Matilda Choi (from N.E.R.D.S.) She can fly with her inhaler, knows combat, and is short which means she can go through tall player’s legs easily.

    Julio “Flinch” Escala: He is VERY hyper, which means he is very fast, and he also has super strength.

    Nicholas St. North (A.K.A. Santa Claus from the guardians series): He’s Santa! Everyone would freak out because they’re playing hockey with Santa Claus when he’s supposed to be in the North Pole so they would just star in awe at him and not play at all. Plus, I think at the end of each game, Santa could give the rest of the team cookies with milk!!!

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