February 25, 2014

Winter Reading Games Event 2

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olympicsbanner130It’s OK to judge a book by its cover!

There’s a complex system of rules that judges of events like figure skating use to score each performance. Technical skill, creativity, the number of tricks performed—all of these things factor into the number judges come up with in the end.

Now it’s your turn to be the judge. The event? Book Cover Judging! Choose 5 books and rank them from one through five. What makes the Gold Medal book worthy of the number 1 spot? Is it because the cover fits the book best, or because you like the illustration or photo? Do you like the character on the cover?

I picked the five books closest to me, and here’s my ranking:

captain underpants   cityoflightdark   infinityring   horses dawn   spirit animals wild born

  1. The Adventures of Captain Underpants: This is probably the most exciting, colorful, and silly book cover I’ve ever seen. It fits the book perfectly! I mean, it doesn’t get more goofy than a man shaped like an egg wearing a red cape and underpants!
  2.  City of Light, City of Dark: When you first look at this cover, the sunset scene seems pretty calm and serene, but when you look closer, you can see something strange is going on. I love a cover that makes me take a second look!
  3. Infinity Ring: A Mutiny in Time: With this cover, you know you’re in for a very special adventure. It is a little mysterious, and doesn’t give away much about the book, but that makes me think what’s inside is going to be very exciting.
  4. Horses of the Dawn: The Escape: Okay, I love a good horse book. This illustration is absolutely gorgeous. I kind of wish there was more going on, though, so I could find out a little more about the book.
  5. Spirit Animals: Wild Born: A panda, a leopard, and a wolf? I love all three animals, but this cover seems a little too crowded. It still makes me want to read the book, though!

What about YOU? Choose 5 books and rank their covers. Share your rankings in the Comments below! And participate in the other STACKS Winter Reading Games events all week long!
image from kids.scholastic.comEn-Szu, STACKS Staffer

  1. breezebrain39

    The other comment I posted here was from the original books, but these are my favorites.

    1. N.E.R.D.S: The Cheerleaders of Doom: Matilda Choi which is my favorite character from the series is in the center, plus, Jackson is “rocking” that Elvis outfit (get it? Rocking!). This is by far the best cover of a book in the world!

    2.The Candymakers: I don’t really focus on the faces on the cover, instead, I focus on the candy-making machines. The machines really stand out on the cover, and it’s a rainbow of candy. Plus, who doesn’t like candy?

    3.The Super-Nice Are Super-Annoying: The covers in the Dear Dumb Diary, series are very, er, interesting, but I think this one especially stands out. I love the graffiti happy face Jamie drew (it has a nice mustache!) and, well, I’ll just say that Jamie looks like she’s going to go mad one of these days.

    4. Touch Blue: I like the monopoly game pieces standing on the rocks, and the house in the distance makes the cover look calm, quiet, and happy.

    5. Double Dog Dare: The girl doing upside-down yoga looks interesting. Plus, the the lizard make me think “wow, these must be some dangerous dares”.

  2. midsummerbook13

    1. Dork diaries miss know it all because she works for a newspaper and her cover name is miss know it all
    2. nancy drew 1 because i really like how realastic the cover looks
    3. dork diaries tales from a not so fabulous life because it really fits the book and what the series is about.
    4. kelsey green reading queen because kelsey loves to read and read and read!
    5. harry potter and the sorcerers stone because it really looks realastic

  3. Elle

    Percy Jackson & The Last Olympian: I love this cover! It just draws you into the battle of Manhattan with Percy on Blackjack! I love it!

    The Giver: This cover is pretty dang sweet. The Giver just acts all mysterious, and it just all looks amazing.

    Harry Potter 2 Chamber Of Secrets: This just draws you into the action.

    Fablehaven: Okay, I just love this book. The way the artist captured Muriel and the fairies is just really cool!

    The Serpent’s Shadow (The Kane Chronicles): The last cover of the Kane Chronicles is super cool! You see Carter and Sadie right in the middle of the action. Sweet!

    Signing off for now,

  4. breezebrain39

    1. Spirit Animals: Wild Born
    I love the cover and I think the animals really stand out in this story which makes me want to read it.

    2.Horses of the Dawn: Escape
    I like the cover (especially the horse!) but if it’s going to be an escape, there should be more than one horse on the cover. Plus, the title of the book is Horses of the Dawn, which makes me think that there should be more than one horse on the cover since “horses” is plural.

    3. The Adventures of Captain Underpants
    I like it, but for me it’s a bit too comical. The first time you look at the cover, it’s funny, but then it gets kind of weird. I like it, though, and would agree with reading it again and again.

    4.City of Light, City of Dark
    I don’t like planes or flight a lot. I bet the book would be very good, though, judging on the cover, It makes me think of flight which I don’t like. It would still be a good book to read, though. Although I do like the rainbow trail the plane makes (or the engine).

    5. Infinity Ring: A Mutiny in Time
    The covers in this series are repetitive. In each book there’s a ring on the cover but with a different back round each time. I would like to read the book, but the covers are repetitive.

  5. Ariel

    1. Dream Factory -1-5 (ages 12 and up)
    2. Whispering to Wishes-2-5
    3. The Famous Five5-5
    4. Nancy Drew4-5
    5. Death Note`1-5 (Teen and older)

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