February 10, 2014

Winter Olympics Create a Caption, Part I

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Olympic Ice Skating Photo

We’ve got a fever . . . Winter Olympics fever, that is! There have already been so many amazing photographs of athletes doing cool tricks and performing to the crowds in Sochi that we just knew we had to use one for Create a Caption.

Here’s a photo of Russian skater Evgeny Plyushchenko, competing in the Figure Skating Men’s Short Program. There’s a whole lot of drama going on here, but here’s what I think he’s saying. . .


“Dude, I know the skating competition is fierce, but I’ve got WINNER written all over me. I mean, look at this outfit! LOOK AT IT! Do you know how long it took to BeDazzle this? Do I get points for BeDazzling? I should get points for BeDazzling.”

What do YOU think Evgeny is saying? Share your caption in the Comments below!

–En-Szu, STACKS Staffer

Photo courtesy: XXII Winter Olympic Games

  1. sunshinedreamer10

    “If you even think about giving me second place, you’re gonna get some a this!”

  2. dolphinaqua1662

    Hey! My costume ripped! Don’t look at me! Yes, I know my skating is absolutely amazing and you don’t want to look away, BUT YOU HAVE TO!!!!

  3. platinumpaw32

    “This costume is tight and uncomfortable but it took me a MONTH just to bedazzle half the rose pattern on my shirt.”

  4. Larissa

    i wanna sing can you let me sing? to bad im gonna sing! and this outfit will keep me from looking foolish.

  5. Elijah

    I just can’t believe how he could do that. It must to have a LOT of practice to do ice skating and singing at the same time. I mean it looks like that he makes it looks so easy to do.

  6. Sonja

    What do you you think about this outfit because this outfit shows awesomeness and I am so going to win a gold medal. I deserve ultra sparkly points.

  7. DOGCAT3722

    omg the olimpic figure skating even this guy he was AWESOME omg I just loved watching that he and all the other skaters where AMAZING

  8. pinkunicorn1066

    OMG! Is that Taylor Swift? Why is she covering her eyes? Maybe I should change my fashion sense.

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