December 31, 2010

Willow Smith Video Interview

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Image_willowsmith Scholastic Kid Reporter, Damien Murphy, interviewed Willow Smith and asked her to talk about her hairstyles and the message of her music video, “Whip My Hair.”

If you are a Willow fan, you will not want to miss this exclusive video!!

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Interview by Damien Murphy, Scholastic Kid Reporter

  1. katelyn

    i luv willow smith she is my favorite singer. i never could sing like she is and im 9 i can sing but people never saw me sing before… will yall take my friend request or be my friend i really need some more friends so please be my friend

  2. forever6678

    Wow!! Willow definitely knows how to whip her hair!! You go Willow! You sing amazing and I have heard like 60 people tell me how awesome your video is. Congrats!!

  3. Paige

    I love her song whip my hair! i love her mom,dad,and brother Jaden Smith for how much they are famous! Will Smith is the bomb!

  4. deja

    Willow smith rocks and to you willow i`am being MYSELF and i whip my hair everyday allday WHIP YOUR HAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ……….. AND I`AM KEEP`N HATERS OFF MY GRIND

  5. nicandtric

    hey willow smith i love your song whip my hair and singing your hair styles it so pretty your going to be just like your mom jada

  6. summerbunny2222

    Her hair is cool. How many people watching the video actually like her? I’m just wondering.

  7. willowrocks33

    ha. this kid has got talent. i wish she would come out with an album, ill be the first to buy it.


    she is definetly using her hands too much. haha, she’s a kid. but her song rocks and let her enjoy life while she’s young…I can’t wait for her album

  9. poplockitdropit

    Willow omg i’m like her biggest fan!
    I hope she read this and request me as her friend.I loved that video whens her next one coming out? Fill me in!

  10. caraboos01

    I think she is very eccentric and I (and my mom) thought her video was annoying. I mean, I don’t even watch High School Musical, so just keep me updated, okay everyone?

  11. ruby 1833

    i love the video i thought it give me some great tips about myself and ohters i think that u should just be youself and just feel great about who u are

  12. LilNewGURL

    I LOVE Willow Smith because she is just so cute!!! And I love her song!!! (((I WEAR MY HAIR BACK AND FORTH)))

  13. lola

    i love the interview a little to short but bring on the juice girl cause that was very good but remember to make the interview longer by i hope you make more of the inter views

  14. me

    I really like Willow Smith. She’s creative and exetremely talented. How old is she? 10? 9? It’s cool that she’s famous at a young age.

  15. Bianca

    Hey Willow/ i love your family”s names. like will and willow and jada and jadon. thats cool and i like ur song

  16. purplehearts52

    hahaha that was cute i love that song but my parnets are annoyed by it cause i play over and over lol

  17. TinkerBell554

    I absolutley lurve Willow Smith. She’s like a mini Rihanna. Her song Whip My Hair is just genuis. I really think that Will Smith and his kids are going to be the most popular celberty family EVER!!!!

  18. Timber Wolf 911

    I think the boy is is heisitating on what he said and flipping his hair. and i agree with most of you she is too young but you know her daddy is Will Smith.

  19. harley

    cool song 4 a 9yr. old little stuck on herself bit much though -n- wats up with the hands ….videos awesome:] XD

  20. babbiboo

    willow smith you are so pretty and i love your songs i wish i could be a singer i have a great voice but id think people will like it thx by willow

  21. spongebob

    hi willow i loved your video i think that your dad is funny and your mom is pretty also love your hair style

  22. HermioneHJG

    I agree with vanillabean88; she does move her hands a lot! Her song is pretty good, and she has a good voice for someone who’s only ten-years- old!

  23. suprisesoup

    I love Willow she is so amazing, but i think she started her career at a young age she could of waited till she was 13 0r 12. I think her brither Jaden Smith is soo cute. I like the Karate Kid movie. It is awesome. Reply if you like the movie or dont like the movie.

  24. sniffly

    your cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. 51dotfeg

    Why did that dude whip his hair? He kept smirking like he was going to laugh. Willow Smith is a Awesome singer just like her Father. I may be Young but I get inspired by Selena Gomez. I actually have wrote a couple of songs. So maybe I will become famous one day you know.

  26. pie 101

    that vido is awesome. i love all your hair staels. i so jealous. im also 10 but i cant sing that well you are amazing:)

  27. Earthsurfer

    I’ve never heard of her until today she seems really nice and i watched her video online I think it is really creative.
    LOL she did move her hands a lot it was really funny

  28. B

    willow smith is soo cool she once had the number 44 on her hand and said it was her lucky number soo now its mine

  29. Chrysanthemum98

    I don’t get the point of her song, and I think that her family helped her become famous at such a young age. If that was me, I would have ot wait till I was 16 to even get a producing company to listen to a demo of mine.

  30. Whopper24

    Hey people!! That video should be the music video for “Whip my hair!” Not an interview!! And Jaza98, what I did, is I clicked on “Permalink”, above where it says “Total Approved Comments”.

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