April 10, 2013

When the Butterflies Came Book Review

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9780545425131_xlgWhen the Butterflies Came
by Kimberley Griffiths Little

Murder, mystery, and . . . butterflies?
There are secrets the townspeople wouldn't suspect about 12-year-old Tara Doucet. First of all, Tara feels like her world is falling apart. Her depressed mother won't leave her room and may be taken away to a mental hospital. Tara keeps fighting with her sister Riley about everything, including the volume of the screaming Riley calls music. Even more horrible, Grammy Claire, the person she was closest to in the whole world, just died!

On the day of the funeral, Tara notices purple and pink butterflies are following her everywhere. Can they be a sign from Grammy Claire? Then Tara starts receiving letters and keys from Grammy Claire from beyond the grave. They are filled with warnings and information that don’t make sense. What can all of this mean? Tara is the only one who can figure out the clues left behind in an ultimate scavenger hunt that can mean life or death. It is of upmost importance that no one else knows what she is up to, since someone is also after the same secret Tara is trying to uncover. When unexplainable and dangerous things start happening, Tara knows that she can’t trust anyone but Riley.

This beautifully written tale of magic isn’t for the faint of heart. Did you find you couldn’t put it down? Or do you think you are smarter than Tara and could figure out the clues like it was a piece of cake? For those who do read the book, let us knows what you think in the Comments!

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—Elysse, STACKS Writer

  1. Tbos

    My 9 year old daughter LOVES this book. She said it is the best book she’s ever read. She is in 3rd grade, and a good reader. It is probably a 4th-5th grade level book.

  2. emma


  3. butterflyadventure143

    I read half of this book so far. It is so good! It’s recommended for fifth to seventh graders.

  4. Cheerfulfuschia53

    I CANT WAIT TO READ THE BOOK!!!!!!! I read the preview and it was AMAZING!!! I just have 1 question: what age group is it for?

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