July 9, 2009

What’s in your shoebox?

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Iwannabeyourshoebox_130 I was at a second hand book sale a few weeks ago, browsing through the boxes upon boxes of books, when I found a book I just had to have: I Wanna Be Your Shoebox by Christina García. It's not because I've heard of the book, because I hadn't. And it wasn't the title that grabbed me (even though my bedroom floor is littered with shoeboxes). But I had to read this book because it has the coolest cover I've ever seen:


Now that I'm reading the book, I've discovered that all the things in the shoebox on the cover are what make up the main character, Yumi Ruíz-Hirsch. There's the Statue of Liberty for her grandfather, Saul, who grew up in Brooklyn, and sushi (which she loves!) for her Japanese grandmother.

The surf board is for the surfing lessons Yumi took over the summer. Her father is teaching her to play the bass guitar, and in the school band, Yumi plays the clarinet. And you can never forget the pet bulldog.

Looking at this cover made me think about what would be in my shoebox. My list so far is:

  • My ceramic piggy-bank
    (I painted it all pretty at one of those pottery-craft places.)
  • Diet Coke
    (My beverage of choice)
  • Frogs
    (Those frogs on my desk weren't a fluke, I've been collecting frogs for over 10 years.)
  • My laptop
    (Working on a website and loving the internet come hand in hand.)
  • Peanut butter M&Ms
  • Italian Ices
    (Yum x2!)
  • My flag twirling flag
    (The colorguard is the best part of the marching band :P )
  • My iPod
    (So I can rock out on the subway!)
  • Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
    (Best! Book! Ever!)
  • Shoes! Specifically my new awesome purple shoes
    (I like pretty shoes)

Now you tell me—what's in your shoebox?

—Carly H., STACKS Staffer

  1. Rachel

    I’ll try to find that book today when I go to the library.It looks cool!In my shoebox,I would have a sunflower,my favorite bracelet,one of my drawings,my journal,my Ipod,pictures of my family and friends,my new sneakers,my clothes,my Percy Jackson and Alice books,and frozen lemonade!Whoa….that would have to be a big shoebox.More like a big plasic box.

  2. Gabi

    i think i would have my two dogs, derek roy, edward cullen, all my twilight books, food, smoothies, pugs!!!! I LOVE PUGS…… my best friend, (i would have to squeeze her in) and italian ice

  3. E M Librarian

    My shoe box would be filled with the pictures of all the teenagers I have met at the library. All with happy faces finding the right book to read, or finding the answers to their homework.

  4. manga eyes

    Cool box!I would have a ton of things in my box,so many things i wouldn’t be able to name.

  5. luvhorses10

    In my shoebox are: my pets, my family, my books, my friends, the computer, my DS, and horses. It looks like a cool book. Where can you get it? Thanks!

  6. shayshaypink

    I don’t have shoeboxes in my room but now that you talk about it it is a really cute idea. I am going to try it out sometime. IF I did then I would put my makeup, shoes, hair stuff, and my Nintendo DS, iPod, and music.

  7. Livia

    I think I would have 2 shoeboxes, one which would include pics of my family and friends,my favorite books and shows, and other things I enjoy, and I would have a seperate one, dedicated to… BASSET HOUNDS!!! I have recently been interested in those ADORABLE doggies!!

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