October 22, 2014

Whatever After: Cold as Ice

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Whatever After Book #6: Cold as Ice

Abby and Jonah are visiting another fairy tale in the Whatever After series. . . and this one’s freezing! When author Sarah Mlynowski meets her fans, they often suggest to her which fairy tale they want her to write about next. The #1 request she had been getting from readers was to put main characters Abby and Jonah in the story of “The Snow Queen.” Whatever After #6: Cold as Ice

What do you think? Pretty awesome, right!?!

Go to the Whatever After website to play the dress-up game, watch the trailer, and read a few excerpts.

And look out for Whatever After #7: Beauty Queen!

Happy reading!

  1. brianna

    i love this kind of books they are about fairytales and other kind of fairytale stories

  2. Clamdres36

    I wonder is a GOOD book because my mom just bought me this book i love these type of books so plz tell me !!!!!!!!!!

  3. why

    i really liked this book and the fact that it has a lot intersing thing .Like when they go on different mission

  4. hockeybull59

    I loved cold as ice!! But my favorite out of all 6 must be
    -If the Shoe Fits(#2)
    -A Bad Hair Day(#5)

  5. Nay nay

    Hey I only read 1 book .the one with the little mermaid .i am a geek so I like to read hey I read your books online ?just asking.

  6. katya

    I LOVE WHATEVER AFTER BOOKS. I AM SO EXCITED FOR NEW ONE,!!!!!!:-) :) (: :( I don’t think it’s stupid!!!!!!!!!

  7. lanie

    Hay Ava do you like this book.If you do or not but if you do what is your favorite part I Love it do you love it.I have to go help my dad with lunch. wight me back. To Ava From Lanie

  8. Ava

    I really want this book I want every one of them I love these books I have only read one of them I have read this one I do not know any other one that I have read the girl looks like Anna.

  9. scarfbeetle1

    Omg i love these Whatever After books.I have been reading them from since 1st grade.My friend is the one that had introduced me to this wonderful series of books.

  10. trollteal2

    I love the series of whatever after. I even have the whole collection. All except this book. I can’t wait to read what Abby and Jonah do next

  11. naomi

    bulldogadventure417 how come were the only ones who post something about the book about whatever after

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