November 7, 2008

Which Hogwarts House Fits Your Reading Style?

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HarrypotterOOTPSplotters! Do I have something interesting for you or what? A professor at a university in Ireland was researching the Harry Potter phenomenon and found that there are four different categories that Harry Potter fans fall into, and that these categories match the personalities of the four Hogwarts houses.

Think of which house you’d be in, and then click to see if Professor Brown got your fan-style right. You might be surprised at what you find out. (Or do it the other way around: think about what type of fan you are and use that to see which house you’d fit into best.)

Gryffindor: Quick readers. Interested in getting the next and newest book as soon as possible; once it’s done, they move on to the next, new thing.

Hufflepuff: Slow and steady readers. Love the Harry Potter books and will re-read them over and over again. Loyal to Harry even now that the series is over.

Ravenclaw: Enjoy the magical world but view the stories themselves with skepticism. Use the books as a jumping off point for their own creative endeavors.

Slytherin: Don’t particularly care one way or the other about the books. Prefer the movies, but will read the books if there’s some other reason to do so.

Or, as Professor Brown puts it, “Only the Hufflepuffs are totally loyal to Harry. The Gryffindors are already moving on to other things; the Slytherins never really liked him anyway, and the Ravenclaws are too busy writing their own fan fiction.”

What do you think? Where do you fall? (If you’re curious, I’m soooooo Ravenclaw I once told Nancy that I wanted J. K. Rowling to stop messing with my characters.)

— Carly H., STACKS Staffer

  1. bankshot#5

    I have read many,many post on the HP boards,and despite what many people say,most of the HP board are Hufflepuff.Some are Ravenclaw,and Gryffindor and Slytherine are about even.The reason behind this theory is that,the people who use the board the most could’nt be Gryphs because they still discuss the books,and reread them like crazy,which would make them Huffles,then there are a few Ravens,they love talking about possible relationships and “what if..” scenarios.Then there are the Slytherines,who come on there to say “Ive only watched the movies,the books are okay..”.There are very few of them,then the Gryphs.I am sorry to say,I am one of them.I have barely discussed the books at all since DH came out.A few people are like that,but you wont find many.They tend to either make a few random post,like me,or entirely leave the board until something news worthy happens with the series.At least thats my analysis of it.

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