July 15, 2014

What Color Is Your Personality?

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Rainbow PenQUIZ: If your personality had a color, what would it be?

Have you ever noticed how some people seem to remind you of certain colors? For example, someone with a sunny, happy personality kind of reminds me of yellow. Now it’s your turn to figure out what color matches your personality. Answer these questions to find out.

  1. A totally awesome job would be . . . A) TV Producer. B) Veterinarian. C) Kindergarten teacher. D) CEO of Disney. E) President of the United States.
  2. Your favorite food: A) spicy nachos. B) berries with yogurt and granola. C) pasta with butter. D) fruit snacks. E) pizza.
  3. Your BFF is bullied by a classmate. You . . .  A) get so mad you want to scream! B) tell your BFF to ignore it. Maybe it will go away. C) talk to the bully. You’re sure this can be worked out. D) Try to solve the problem with humor. If you can get your BFF and the bully laughing, you’re hopeful things will work out. E) tell the bully’s parents or a teacher.
  4. What colors would you love to paint your room? A) Hot pink or red. Bold, powerful colors are your style. B) Powder blue or mint green. Calm and relaxing so you can just chill. C) Neutrals. Something classic like gray, tan, navy, or white. D) Sunflower yellow, bright neons, and pop-py colors. They put you in a good mood. E) Deep, rich colors like ruby, emerald, or sapphire to make you feel like royalty.
  5. How do you feel about performing in front of a crowd? A) Love it! You were born to sing, dance, and be on stage. B) If it’s for something you’re passionate about . . . yeah, you’d do it! C) No way. You would rather eat worms, clip your dog’s toenails, do dishes, anything else at all! D) Only if you can do it with your friends. There’s safety in numbers! E) Bring it on. Nothing scares you!
  6. Among your friends, you’re the . . . A) loud one! B) athletic one. C) quiet one. D) funny one. E) smart one.
  7. Your favorite thing to see on a hike is . . .  A) A grizzly bear! You were so scared you almost peed your pants. It was awesome. B) The different plants, berries, and flowers you were able to identify from your nature books. C) A beautiful sunrise coming up over the mountains. D) Gorgeous wildflowers. You’ll give them to your crush. E) Really cool looking bugs. You just don’t see these creatures in the suburbs!
  8. What’s your favorite type of music? A) Rock. B) Alternative/ indie. C) Country. D) Top 40 pop. E) Hip hop.
  9. The grand prize of a lifetime would be . . . A) a BILLION dollars. B) world peace. C) to feed the hungry and cure all illnesses. D) to be the biggest movie star in the world. E) to be the King or Queen of your own country.
  10. You really wanted the lead in the school play but your BFF got it. You . . . A) tell her congratulations, but are totally jealous and seething on the inside! B) are heartbroken, but determined to be a good friend and support her. C) are genuinely happy for her. She deserves it. D) are ok with it, since you got the next best part! E) resolve to practice harder and get the lead next year.

Now, count up your answers to reveal your color! If you answered . . .

Mostly A’s: RED
Fire it up! You are a strong person and passionate about everything! You are outgoing, and a leader among your friends. You have a zest for life and aren’t easily stopped. This drive will get you far in life, and people love to be around your red-hot energy. Just make sure you don’t always let your temper get the best of you or you might burn out!

Mostly B’s: GREEN
As the song goes, “It’s not easy being green,” but you do it with style and grace! You are calm, soft, caring, and dependable. You never lose your cool and have a good sense of balance. You might love nature, take care of the earth, and fight for things with a cause. You are hopeful and peaceful, and don’t usually like to make waves. Just make sure you’re not too chill all the time, and take a stand when you need to.

Mostly C’s: BLUE
Pure and true, if your personality had a color it would be blue. You are honest and trustworthy, and people respect you. You have a fresh perspective on things, and always want to believe the best about people. Your friends are also nice people, because good attracts good. Just be careful you don’t let yourself get taken advantage of because you are too nice!

Mostly D’s: YELLOW
Like the saying goes, you have a sunny personality, are almost always happy and have a good outlook on life. You’re a blast to be around, and your friends can always count on you to cheer them up when they are feeling down. You’re also smart, and have a good head for business. You might enjoy puzzles, crosswords, and anything that involves your mind over sports or physical activity. When you grow up you would do well in business, science, or finance.

Mostly E’s: PURPLE
 Long known as a color associated with royalty, you have royal hopes and dreams, and aspire to greatness! That might be trying out for the lead in the school play, or winning the spelling bee for now, but one day that will mean BIG things for you. You are confident, individual, and also have an artistic side, as many artists favor the color purple. A combination of red and blue, purple is also a balanced color, and you have peace of mind. It is said if you surround yourself with purple, you will have peace of mind.

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  1. lonelylibrary5

    I am blue!
    except i like rock music such as All Time Low and Green Day… not country although i have a weakness for country love songs

  2. adorabledolphin237

    I got green and yellow! Green is my favourite color! And yellow is ok. I’m nice and I have style and grace, apparently.

  3. jadejoyful145

    I got Yellow.I hate Yellow that’s my worst favorite color.I wanted Pink! Or at least Purple! But I’m glad I’m sunny! I might take this everyday!Please take my fun quiz on the message board!

  4. violetnecklace28

    i got blue and yellow, apparently i’m pure, true, and happy. Yellow is not my favorite color but blue is one of my favorites.

  5. Hira

    I got yellow which is not my favorite color. my answers were B,D,D,E,D,D,A,D,D,D.
    4 Q6 I am both athletic and funny

  6. chattyindigo41 (Julia)

    i got red! my 4th favorite colour! My most favorite colour is HOT PINK!!!!!!!!! Although i sorta disagree because yes, i am outgoing but i always feel nervous when onstage. And im not ALWAYS the leader! Anyway, my results! (i know im typing 2 much in this comment if i dont the screen says that im posting comments 2 quickly)
    4 A’s, 3 B’s 0 C’s 1 D (1 Direction’s initial’s!) , and 2 E’s

    1. amethystdolphin311

      I got purple and green! I took the quiz again to get one color, (I only took the quiz with green and purple) and then I tied again! I wish I had one color! :(