October 17, 2011

What Book Character Would You Be?

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Writingprompt_bookGreat minds think alike, and you guys in the Splotter Universe are no exception. When picking this week’s Write On! Writing Prompt, we realized 4 of you asked the same kind of question but all with a different creative spin.

Can you guess the MOST popular question posted? Drumroll please. . .

If you had the ability to go into any book, and be any character in that story, who would you be, and what would you do?

This question was submitted by 4 Splotters, who all had different twists on it.

  • Legit/awesome/cool urged us: You could mix up the stories, like Harry Potter uses the wrong spell and goes into the Maximum Ride series. BE CREATIVE!!!
  • Raiderthief5 upped the ante with a movie: If it was a book or a movie, what would it be?
  • Amabel said to choose: “preferably a How I Survived Middle School book!”
  • Redhorse20 asked: Will you fly with the Flock in Maximum Ride by James Patterson? Will you become a spy in the Alex Rider series by Anthony Horowitz? It’s all up to you!

So what book character would you be? What would YOU do in the story? Let us know in the Comments below! And while you’re thinking about it, why not dress up like that character for Halloween? Here are some ideas for book character Halloween costumes!

— Ratha, Stacks Writer

  1. werewolfcat5

    If I the ability to go into any book,I would be Gylfie in The Guardians of Ga’Hoole.I would help Soren,Twilight,and Digger fight evil and fly to save the world.

  2. greenfreeze27

    transfiguratioon class mishap
    have you hp fans ever wondered how proffeser mc gonagels animungis got tured into a cat
    if any of you read rowlings 8th hp book,exculisivy for people who do not belive in tablets,hard cover only!
    when mc gonagel was at hogwarts with james potter seeing them sneak out as their animagus. she being the herminoe of her age wanted to know what they were up to she chose a cat because she thought she would look like she was hunting pettigrew but then would ditch them after a fight and go away secretly following them.this is why dumbeldor knew
    what a great spy she was

  3. dragonangel106

    I would be salsdin from 39 clues but(spoiler alert)instead of the potion making them all powerful and super and stuff, it would make them morph int Hogwarts where Saladin becomes human but wants to be a cat again(he doesnt get any red snapper as a human)so casts a spell and joins Warriors where he becomes Salatail and joins Shadowclan

  4. Shadow Princess

    Well, i would want to be in a lot of books like….
    1. Hogwarts, i would be the 1st girl on the Ravenclaw quidditch team in Harry Potter.
    2. I would be the 1st girl Ranger in The Ranger’s Apprentice (Apprenticed to Halt).
    3. In the Percy Jackson series I would be the mysterious daughter of Artemis.
    4. In the Twilight saga i would be with Jacob!
    5. In the Canterwood Drest series i would be the new girl who Fences!
    6. In the Hunger Games, i would be a winner of one of the games!
    yes, i’ve read a LOT of books!

  5. Ley56

    Well that’s a toughie. Hmmm I have to say Loren because hello she married Elfangor! I mean how could you not love that andalite? Sure Tobias is lovable. Ax is funny but Elfangor is the awesomest not Marco I dispise Marco.

  6. Hawktechnology3

    I would be in the Animorphs series because becoming animals sounds fun.
    I would be Tobias because I always wanted to fly like an eagle or hawk.

  7. Ley56

    I would be Rachel. I would not have her die. We would live with Tobias with a happy ever after. And we will go on the quest to free Ax. I would say “let’s do it!” When Jake says “ram the blade ship!” Then we would live and everone will be a happy person! Yay I love happy ever afters. :{D

  8. lightsong1

    I would be Ginny Weasley from Hogwarts and use Harry’s Invisibility Cloak! Also I would want something DRAMATIC to happen, like mabye one of the characters gets a broken leg? :) But i would of course mean no harm because they’re only book characters…

  9. partygreen1

    I would be bella in new moon because she gets kissed by taylor lautnor lol:) ………..i mean who can resist taylor lautnor

  10. Rachel

    I would love to be Rachel Berenson from the Animorphs series. She’s really brave and beautiful! Diana from the Gone series, Johanna from The Hunger Games, Thalia from PJO, and Reyna from HOO are also awesome.

  11. aquaocean25

    I would love to be Bella. She’s from Twilight. I love how’s she’s so brave. If I were her I don’t think I could go through that. I would not do as much as she does in the story or series.

  12. SavvyandFabian

    KATNISS!!!!!!!! I love her! I would also love to be Sarah Fincher in the Skeleton creek series!!!!

  13. astronomyable3

    i would be harry or hermione so i could just go to hogwarts or
    a worker at the department of mysteries so i could see cool stuff or
    be in the beacon street girls books and be charlotte so i could travel and be friends with the bsg and own a tower and a computer and lots of books…..
    or i would be Annabeth from Percy Jackson cuz shez soo cool
    or i would be someone form goosebumps so i could live a whole nightmare

  14. trixie m

    i’d be hermione from HP and destroy voldemort myself!who cares about harry,people only care about killing voldemort!and be a legend!haha!but i’ll make sure i dont have frizzy,fuzzy hair like hermione!

  15. Nikki

    Hm………… maybe Jenny from How I survived Middle School cuz im going through the EXACT same thing right now…..

  16. chattylavender13

    allie finkle books!! i want to see how her mom made the new stinky, old house look pretty and new again!

  17. blueisland29


  18. aquacheese17

    I LOVE the Percy Jackson series! So I would choose from that series. For a half-blood I would do Thalia and for a godess I would do Athena.

  19. Madison

    I would be Hermione from Harry Potter. I would have her play Quidditch instead of sitting on the sidelines. I would have Hermione get into more dumb situations, not just let Harry and Ron be the ones getting laughed at. I might even make Hermione the chosen one. If I was in Hermione’s place when Draco Malfoy was picking on her, I would not have stopped at just a sock in the nose.

  20. Nat

    lets see….if i wor frome a book i think i wood be Casey Slater frome the dead end. or Ivy Vega frome my sister the vampire.

  21. redwolf31

    I would be Annabeth from the Percy Jackson and the Olympian series so that I can hang around with Percy and Grover, be the daughter of Athena, and just be an awesome demigod!

  22. s77

    i would be Annbeth or piper or hazel or nico di anglo as a girl . just for the adventure or percy as a girl.

  23. pearpearthe14th

    Wow, great question! There’s so many awesome books… And characters… How to choose?
    Okay, I would totally love to be Bluestar from Warriors volume one. The warriors get to live in this great forest and I think it would just be so great to be them. And here’s what I would do differently if I were Bluestar: instead of giving up my kits and mate to become leader, I would convince Oakheart to join Thunderclan and I could live happily ever after!

  24. pegasusathena1

    I would be a H.I.V.E student that is friends with Otto Wing Laura and Shelby so I could go on the cool adventures instead of boring everyday life.Or maybe I would be a spy in the Alex Rider books to help take down the evil. Or maybe I would join up with Harry Potter to help defeat Voldemort.

  25. Alexis

    Oooh, this is hard because I love ALL books! But, if I had to choose, I would be Mackenzie Blue from the book “Mackenzie Blue” because I’m just like her. I like to read, write, and sing.

  26. ninjadragon99

    Oooh….let’s see here….
    I think that I would become Alyss from the Ranger’s Apprentice series and go on an adventure with Will and Halt! :D
    Either that, or I’d be Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter and just go to Hogwarts for the day!

  27. greensports10

    Harry Potter goes into the wrong train- platform 5!!!
    And he thinks he is on the Hogwarts Express. But he is on the Polar Express!

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