December 20, 2010

Wacky Holiday Traditions Writing Prompt

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Holiday tradition writing prompt According to the dictionary, a tradition is “an inherited, established or customary pattern.” In other words, it’s something that you do the same way every year. The holidays are full of traditions. Some people put up their Christmas tree on the same day every year. Some people eat the same foods for Hannukah every year. You get the picture.

Most traditions are normal and well. . . traditional. But for today’s Writing Prompt, I want to hear about some of your wacky traditions. You know, the strange stuff that nobody else does, but for some reason, you always HAVE to do at the holiday time.

I don’t remember when I started this, but every year, I do all my wrapping on the same day. I gather up all the presents that I’ve bought for people. I pull out all my gift wrap, ribbon, scissors and tape. . . and then I put on the Pride and Prejudice movie. Not the short one with Keira Knightley, but the 5-hour version and I watch the whole thing while I wrap. Don’t ask me why. I couldn’t tell you. But it just doesn’t feel like Christmas for me until I’m sitting on the floor surrounded by boxes and gift wrap, watching a really long Jane Austen movie that has nothing to do with Christmas!

What about you? What are your unusual holiday rituals that you do every year? Tell us in the Comments. Maybe I’ll get some good ideas for a new tradition!

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  1. commanderkitten25

    Every new years I stay awake throigh the WHOLE THING all the way to morning then I take a nap and wake right up because no one wants to miss new years day?
    Durimg the night I wait the whole time in my moms and dads room and we put martinellis apple cider on her bureau and we put snacks on her bureau and play around and wait and watch tv…and play with my cat.
    “HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!”

  2. Mateus

    I am so jealous! I too am like a child in the snow and we don’t get it here very often = I love lonikog out my window when it is dark outside and I can see the snow falling past the street lights! Probably no snow for us until January but hey I went to a Christman shop today and felt totally Christmassy!!

  3. artemishunting119

    We all get up at 5 am and dump out our stockings, then we help mom make Christmas fruit crepes, and then after breakfast, we open our presents. Then we have a huge Polynesian feast, and invite tons of people over! We learn Christmas songs on our violins, and have heaps of fun,

  4. Ally

    My dad commutes really far to work a lot, so on Christmas, while all of the kids (me included) are up at 6 o’clock in the morning, he’s sawing wood until 10. Once my brother snuck down and sorted the presents into piles.

  5. winterartimis9

    from my Canadian family:
    me and my dad listen to my grand mother read the Christmas story from the bible then I go to my moms

  6. werewolfcat5

    Well,I think this is unusual but every Halloween we go to the mall to trick or treat.We always wear costumes.

  7. anonymous

    on new year’s eve i made up a tradition that says on the stroke of midnight everyone throws paper planes for good luck

  8. Felecity

    On christmas eve I go to the Cheese Cake Factory and get cheese cake then my mom and I eat half and eat the rest in the morning

  9. ninjabb1017

    On christmas eve i go to my aunts house with ll of my itlian cousins. we sing th 12 days of christmas and have the feast of the 7 fishes and you HAVE to try all of the fish ALL 7!!!!

  10. owlo360pop

    every year we have a private joke in my family of what happened at christmas a few yrs ago.
    ” wake up its christmas!!!”
    (we walk out and theres a giant stuffed horse under the tree, we scream and get dad)
    “daddy daddy there’s a horse under the tree!”
    no theres not go back to sleep.”
    ( we drag the horse in the room)
    look dady!
    hahha so funny

  11. weirdo/hearts/weirdo

    every year on christmas all the kids in the family go outside and run around like a bunch of wild people

  12. Ashlee

    In Sweden, the people drop everything at 3 o’clock on Christmas Day and watch a Donald Duck special.

  13. Dani

    2 or 3 days b 4 christmas me,my mom,and my sisters go to my aunt’s house to bake and my cousin alo thorw a banana peel on the dog’s back (not hard) becuse one year on the night that we baked cookies i slept over and at like 1 in the mornig we ate bananas and he threw my peel and the dog happend to be there,so now its a tradition

  14. Kirti

    OH, I forgot. The wacky thing is my aunt hides a gold coin in a sweet dish. The person who finds it will have a prosperous, auspicious year. What’s wacky is that my brother had found the golden coin, and his year was pretty awesome, I’m still hoping=)

  15. Kirti

    Well, we celebrate Diwali in our house, or the festival of lights. We usually perform rangoli, or should I say, my mom and I, at the front or back of the house. Rangoli is like art using geometric shapes, painting it in with paint or chalk. On the night of Diwali, we all wear new Indian style clothing and light candles, and wish for the best (plus get a history of Diwali from my grandfather). We exchange gifts and eat a delicious meal! Diwali is so fun.

  16. s.snape2000

    Yeah, I know I already commented, BUUUT I remembered another tradition that my family does. Every eve of Christmas(sorry, just felt like wording it that way) my mom and dad read us Twas the Night Before Christmas.Then we watch The Christmas Story.After the movie,we are allowed to open one gift.We have been doing this for as long as I can remember!

  17. lotrnarniafan

    we have a humungo feast and open presents from each other on Christmas eve from youngest to oldest and on Christmas day we wake up and rush to the living room to open stockings and see what “Santa” brought for us

  18. bibliomania123

    This is not my tradition but my friend’s family. The parents go away for thanksgiving leaving the kids (one of them is like 20 so it’s ok) to decorate the house for christmas however they like. they put up lights and the tree and everything. sounds like a wonderfull thing!

  19. 51dotfeg

    Have you guys ever made a Snow Car?
    This person in the city of where I live made a Race car with Ice snow and a lot of Spray Paint.

  20. happinessrocks

    our tradition is my mom and her sisters plan who has wat holiday
    merry christmas and a happy new year

  21. Puppylove5678

    I love x-mas but I really think it’s about the love and having time with your family.I think x-mas is cool because we don’t have school so we can have some quality time with our families.I love the cocoa my mom makes and we make our own stockings so it’s pretty cool and fun.

  22. Mh3

    My Mom,sister,brother and i and my dad always put up our Christmas tree in November i also Decorate the house for Christmas we have a Mary and Joeseph and baby Jesuse and lots of candeles

  23. cnahk

    We also hide a pickle.ANd celabrate Hanukah aaanndd Cristmas.Lots of presants.WE get to open 1 presant my mom makes P.Js and we wear them to bed .

  24. Cooly 11

    I don’t know if we have a wacky tradition- I guess it’s taking fifty pictures of each present in someone’s hands.

  25. seemo2

    We always eat Chinese food for lunch on Christmas eve. It started when my parents lived in Texas!!!!!!!!!

  26. Dancing Pickle

    I always wake up 1-2 hours before everyone else wakes up. Then I head downstairs, and I look at all the presents. I aslo try to find the Christmas Pickle. The CP, is where your parents hide the pickle ornament inside your tree, and the 1st person to find it will get a special suprise. But it is not your Christmas presents!!!!!

  27. 51dotfeg

    This is our wacky tradition, the person falls into the pool. We do this differently ever year. Doing it on each other.

  28. stonefairy

    My mom, sister, and I always decorate our house at a time that my dad is at work so that we can surprise him. Then when he comes home, the house is all decorated! Not a very weird tradition; it’s just something funny we like to do.

  29. Marytonga

    In my house, we celebrate Hanukkah for no real reason as far as I’m aware. We mostly just eat latkes though- my mom’s an awesome cook.
    And I bug my cousin, who’s eleven months older than me, a boy, and very different. Example- This year, he wanted Inkdeath. I don’t really like Cornelia Funke- OK, it’s more a grudge because she misplaced an explanation in Reckless.

  30. s.snape2000

    Well, in Germany there is this custom that the parents hide a pickle in the Christmas tree(or tanaunbaum for them) but I thought since we had German in us, that we should start doing that.My mom actually found a pickle ornament. It is on our tree right now. On Christmas eve, she will hid it, and on Christmas day, my brother and I have to try and find it.Whoever finds it, gets a prize.

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