February 8, 2013

Valentine’s Day Roundup

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Createacrush_130Valentine’s Day Roundup

Valentine’s Day is coming! After all your Valentine’s cards and candy are ready to give out to your friends, here are a few other things for you to do to celebrate this wonderful day of love!

Paint chip samples from your local home improvement store.
Heart-shaped paper punch
White ribbon cut into 8-inch strips.


  1. Use the paper punch to punch heart shapes into each of the different colors on the pink or red paint chip samples.
  2. Use the paper punch to cut a heart shape at the top of the paint chip sample.
  3. Tie the ribbon through the heart shape at the top of the bookmark.

Isn’t that cute? What is your favorite thing about Valentine’s Day? Tell us in the Comments.

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  1. artemisvampire35

    I agree with Danielle about v-day.Until I get a bf, I will totally hate v-day. Same as new year’s. No kiss at midnight…

  2. purpleheart246

    this is a good idea but people should be caught up in this whole valentines day love fest. just focus on the day and it will be ok. hahaha i rhymed. lol.

  3. anonymous

    Okay that is sooo cool i am going to make this for my B-friend. He thinks I am so crative with things. He’ll totally love this.

  4. Jordan

    I saw this idea online and thought it was the cutest idea ever! Everyone should make these for Valentines Day. =)