February 13, 2013

Valentine’s Day Confessions from Confectionately Yours

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Confectionat_4Valentine’s Day Confessions from Confectionately Yours

Do you look forward to the “love”-liest day of the year? Or does all of that pink and red make you want to puke? According to Hayley Hicks, star of the Confectionately Yours series, sometimes it can be a little bit of both.

Confession: I Love Valentine’s Day! (Except For When I Hate It)

In second grade, Carrie Conway showed up in class with a GIANT pink heart-shaped box topped with a rose. The box was filled with chocolates, and it was from her father, and Carrie didn’t share any of it. She just kept taking the box out of her desk and looking at it, and smiling, and then putting it back in her desk, and I just KNEW that she was going to go home and eat that candy and smile at that beautiful box forever! And that was when I started hating Valentine’s Day. I admit it. It turned into annual Envy Day for me.

I told my friend Meghan this story at lunch yesterday, and she said, “Hayley, you’re looking at it all wrong! It’s better to give than to receive!”

Hearing that TOTALLY turned the whole thing around for me. I love to make my friends smile—and that’s what I’m going to do. So I’m baking some red velvet cupcakes with pink white-chocolate frosting, and dropping a little candy heart on top. If baking isn’t your thing, you could write funny poems, hand out candy, or write a little friendship note and fold it into an origami heart. (You can find origami instructions online.) Also — everyone likes a heart-shaped box of chocolates. ;-)

So I’m going into this Valentine’s Day with a whole new attitude! What are you planning for your friends?

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  1. rabbitlively18

    i know what you mean i cant read things under my reading level since im at 8th grd level

  2. watermelonsprinkles28

    I read this book already and it was an aweswome book!!! I highly reccomend this book to anyone who is a girly girl or just somewone who wants to read a girly girl book! :)

  3. alyssa

    i have all three books i was reading the first one and im in the middle of it and it was good! so in guessing that there all going to be awesome books!!!!

  4. bluebird4505

    yep under my reading level i read at a 11th grade even though im 11 SALTS(smiled a little then stoped)

  5. bluebird4505

    omg vaentine’s day is so bore-ing i mean when your homeshooled you have no fun today the cupid is just a big guy holding a bow and arrow wereing a dieper

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