July 29, 2012

U.S.A. Women’s Olympic Gymnastics Team

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Today’s post is written by Donna Freitas, author of Gold Medal Summer.

 In Gold Medal Summer, Joey Jordan’s best events are Beam and Floor. In order to fulfill her dream of winning gold, Joey has to find routines on both events that play to her strengths, not just what her coach values, and that means valuing artistry over tumbling, at times.

And here is a confession: back when I was a competitive gymnast, those were my best (and favorite) events too. My body is long and lean, and so are my muscles, and those events showed off my strengths: flexibility and grace. So I’m partial to gymnasts who can Gold Medal Summer cover dance. More than pure strength and power, I look for those pointed toes, beautiful lines, and poise, too. It’s not that the more artistic gymnasts aren’t powerful, but I think their power comes from a certain kind of fearlessness, especially on the beam.

Read Chapter 1 of Gold Medal Summer, and read on to find out more about the 2012 U.S.A. Women’s Olympic Gymnastics Team.

Of the five young women on this summer’s U.S. Women’s Olympic team, I’m partial to Gabby Douglas on just about every event. It’s difficult to take your eyes off her when she’s competing, especially on Floor and Beam. I think Kyla Ross has great potential too. In my mind, if Joey Jordan took after one of our five Olympic hopefuls, I think it would be Gabby or Kyla.

Here’s the list of girls on the U.S. A. Women’s Gymnastics team competing for the gold medal. The qualification round starts Sunday night, and the team final competition will be on Tuesday, July 31:

  • Gabby Douglas
  • McKayla Maroney
  • Aly Raisman
  • Kyla Ross
  • Jordyn Wieber
  • Sarah Finnegan (alternate)
  • Anna Li (alternate)
  • Elizabeth Price (alternate)

Don’t forget to keep an eye out for Gabby and Kyla!

If you could win gold, as Joey Jordan so desires in Gold Medal Summer, on which event would you most love to take first?

—Donna Freitas, Author of Gold Medal Summer

  1. Mia

    The women’s Olympic gymnastics team is so talented. All five girls are role models to young kids around the world.

  2. Amanda

    Wow sounds great i should look for it so i can read it!!
    as for the question: I would probably choose swimming beacause i am a swimmer on a team being an olympian is my dream!!!!

  3. Laila

    Gabby won gold! I feel bad for aly raisman. She tied for third but in a tie breaker she lost. I stayed up till 12:00 o’clock just to see gabby get her medal. WAY TO GO GABBY!

  4. cassidy

    i love jordyn it really stinks she didnt make 2 the all around i know she really wanted 2 and becuase shes the raining world champion. Also congragulations 2 i think its aly for getting the spot 4 all around and gabby we love u gabby i want u to win so much ur one of my favorites…..

  5. Citlali

    Did you know that Kyla and McKayla were best friends since they were 6 years old? Well now you do.

  6. AngelFairy185

    The Gymnastics team is doing ok. They have amazing skills. I don’t think I can do half the stuff they do. Go Team USA!!!!

  7. Aisling!!<3:)<3:D

    Gymnastics deffo!!! Either bars or floor!!! Maybe beam but deffo not vault :) GO GABBY!!!!! Hard luck Jordyn :’( I wish Nastia Liukin and Shawn Johnson were in the 2012 Olympics :D Gabby, Shawn & Nastia are my absolute faves!!! <3 you girls :D GO TEAM USA!!!

  8. Abby

    I read that book in like 5 hours it was really good! I highly suggest it. I love floor and beam. Bars comes in third. I hope Jordyn does well in the floor competition! GO JORDYN, YOU ROCK!!!

  9. Sapphirecupcake7

    Go U.S.A and win gold!!!!! You girls are GREAT! I would do soccer.I have always liked it.

  10. Amandapanda2001

    I’m sooooooooo sad about jordyn weiber. it was sad enough she didn’t win but then there were tons of cameras trained on her crying face. it’s too much like the hunger games! :(

  11. Isla Silvercresent

    im totally voting for Jordan Wieber!
    well i really wan to win in fencing or equestrian or maybe gymnastics!

  12. singingdancing93


  13. Melanie

    Whoa, neat! As for the question, I would do swimming. I always love going to the beach.

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