June 23, 2009

UP and James and the Giant Peach

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Dug, from UPHave you seen the new movie UP yet? Because I have, and it is a-maz-ing!

The film features a house floating through the sky, held aloft by a bunch of balloons. Which reminded me of one of my favorite books by Roald Dahl, James and the Giant Peach. Check out some of the similarities I noticed:

James and the Giant Peach The movie UP
The “Old” Dude The Old Green Grasshopper Carl Fredricksen
The Little Boy James Henry Trotter Russell
Unconventional Mode of Flight Giant Peach, by way of seagulls A House, by way of balloons
Deceased :*( James’ parents Carl Fredricksen’s darling, Ellie
There’s a scary pack of . . . Sharks Dogs
You’ll be surprised when you start chatting up . . . A centipede, earthworm, ladybug, and more . . . Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and more . . .
One of the antagonists is . . . The Cloud Man Ha! I can’t give everything away!
So go and . . . Pick up a copy of James and the Giant Peach!
Watch the movie UP!
P.S. James and the Giant Peach was made into a movie too. Rent it! Can you think of other similarities?

— Nancy, STACKS Staffer

  1. liltt

    I didnt see the movie yet, but I want to see it so bad. When I see the movie
    I’ll tell everybody about it.

  2. liltt

    I want to see the movie so bad my mom might take me there i will tell my the hole stories iwant to see it so bad.

  3. maria s2

    also thats a nice diagram has alot of work into it and i also want to give a shout out to my freinds hey guys watzs up

  4. maria s2

    wow i love what you did i love up but i never got to see it i also like the phinies and ferb drwaings

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