April 12, 2010

Undiscovered Books

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Writingprompt_book Anyone who knows me, knows that I am obsessed with books and I would be perfectly happy forever if I didn't have to do anything but read all day long. I have a feeling some of you are like me too, so today's Writing Prompt has to do with books.

You know how some books are super crazy popular even though they are sort of, um. . . how do I say this nicely? . . . not really good? And then some books are super awesomely amazing and it seems like nobody has ever heard of them! I think it is one of the great unsolved mysteries of bookdom. So my question to you today is —

What is the best book you have ever read that no one ever heard of? What is that incredulicious book that you think should be the most popular book in the world, but for some strange reason, it isn't?

Tell us your favorite undiscovered books in the Comments, and maybe we will all discover them and build a tidal wave of popularity around them here on the STACKS!

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  1. anonymous

    The Wee Free Men, A Hat Full of Sky, Wintersmith, and I Shall Wear Midnight by Terry Pratchett. trust me, they are the best books EVER!!!!!! (yes, even better than harry potter)

  2. llalala

    THE GIRL WHO COULD FLY(really sweet and makes u wanna cry)
    THE GRACELING (amazing, this is for all u twilight fans out there who r looking 4 more)

  3. writergirl567

    My favorites are Allie Finkle’s Rules for GIrls, The 39 clues and The Amazing Days of Abby Hayes.

  4. Katniss/Thalia/Zoey/Max/Sahara

    One series that is sort of like Twilight but not nearly as popular is the House of Night series by P.C. and Kristen Cast!It has 7 books:
    And it’s basically about a boarding school for vampyres(and NO,I don’t mean vampires) and the series revolves around unusually gifted fledgling Zoey Redbird and her friends Stevie Rae,”The Twins” Shaunee and Erin,Damien,Jack,Erik,Aphrodite,and Stark.Jack and Stark show up later in the series.Plus,Zoey has a human ex-boyfriend(Heath)who won’t leave her alone.The series is shocking,dark,and tragic.And it’s MUCH better than Twilight.Another book you should read is Sahara Special by Esme Raji Codell.It’s about a girl named Sahara Jones(nicknamed Sahara Special) who really wants to be a writer and who got held back in school for a year.But now she’s going into 5th grade again,and this time she’s got a new and very interesting teacher,Miss Pointy.The book is all about Sahara and how she changes in Miss Pointy’s class.The companion book/sort-of sequel is called Vive La Paris,and it’s from Sahara’s best friend Paris’s point of view.

  5. southdakotarocks

    im pretty sure that most of the books i read are pretty popular but maybe not. but my brain is fried so i wouldnt be able to remember what the book was anyway!!! :)

  6. icebreaker28

    My favorite book is called “When you reach me”. Throughout the whole story, there are little clues and hints that the author gives you and they don’t sound important, until the ending ties everything together and you’re like “OHHHH!” It’s really a great book.
    My favorite author is Margaret Peterson Haddix. She’s written alot of awesome books and I’ve read quite alot of them. I really can’t pick a favorite! Her stories are always so suspending and intricate. They’re FABULOUS!!!

  7. arw8929

    The best book I have ever read is the first book in “The Shadow Children” series, called ” Among The Hidden”. None of my friends or my parents have heard of it.

  8. misse08

    I just want to say to Dollar that I agree with you and disagree with you! I’ve read Someone named Eva and it is totally good but Harry Potter is awesome! I haven’t read twilight yet because it is always checked out from the library!

  9. twilighter2010

    I think, without a doubt, that the The Wedding Planner’s Daughter series should be more popular.

  10. HappyStar243

    Inkheart is super popular but I DON’T LIKE IT.
    The best books in the world are THE MYSTERIOUS BENEDICT SOCIETY! It is a series by Trenton Lee Stewart.

  11. Samuel

    My favorite undiscovered book is called Iris, Messenger.I found it by just skimming the shelves of my library, read it, and it was very good.

  12. morgan

    two of my all time favorite books are “So B. it” and “pictures of hollis woods.” I’m not going to say a thing about either book, you’ll just have to read them to find out what they’re about.

  13. Peanutcat10

    Skeleton Creek!!!!!!
    Also, Lois Lowry’s The Giver, Gathering Blue, and Messenger ( even though I still did not read the last one :)

  14. smw

    one of my fav books is called the circle trilogy and im really surprised no one has heard of it just because its so awesome.the only reason my mom has heard of it is because i talk about it so much.

  15. Katnissprim

    I love the Hunger Games and the Kane Chronicles, the new series by Rick Riordan (the author of Percy Jackson). I also love Diary of a Wimpy kid.

  16. SmileMonkey

    My favorite undiscovered book is The House Of Dies Drear. It is about a boy named Thomas figuring out the secrets of his new home, which is an old Underground Railroad stop. A book series that I think should be really popular is Dear Dumb Diary! It is sooooo funny and people can really laugh their heads off with it!

  17. Caity

    Hard question. I’d have to go with Camp Confidential as a series. Because I can, like, really relate to them. And if I had to pick just one, it’d be The Secret Life Of A Boarding School Brat, which is about wizards and boarding school. It’s really good. Oh, and I’s Raining Cupcakes, another book I can relate to. And The Landry News, which got me writing. I also love the Allie Finkle series. I sugget you read these books. Though there are so many other books I love.

  18. 4a2cp

    I love the books Warriors By Erin Hunter (about cats) and Dork Diaries by Rachel Renee Russel (the girl version of diary of a wimpy kid with better pictures)

  19. qwerfvtgb

    i ah-dore the last of the relly great whangdoodles by the (awesome) actress julie andrews edwards. its great.

  20. Cupcake_Kitty

    Ridley Pearson is a great author–I haven’t read Peter and The Star-catchers, YET! He wrote The Kingdom Keepers, which takes place at Disney World. It gives you a whole new look on Disney villains. Victoria Laurie is awesome, too!

  21. Ms.Nerdster

    I got to say my favorite books wich no one I know has ever heard of was: (comment on the books)
    1. Cut (so touching)
    2. Perfect (tells the truth)
    3. The Chronacles of Vladamire Tod (so amazing)

  22. crookedowl

    Roald Dahl was a really great author. Some of his books like “Charlie and the Chocoalte Factory”, “Matilda” and “James and the Giant Peach” are pretty well known, I guess. But he wrote some other that aren’t so popular, like “The BFG”, “The Magic Finger”, “The Witches” and “The Vicar of Nibbleswicke”, but they’re still really good.

  23. Izzy231

    I love Vampirates, a series about twins grace and connor(14 years of age) who’s dad dies of a heart attak.They lose everything the lighthouse, there boat and their orphans. So they decide to run away. They take the boat but suddenly a storm hits and there ship wrecked. Connor is rescued by pirates and grace is rescued by…. Vampirates

  24. Monica

    Well, I really like the book East by Edith Pattou, which I think may just have not been read because it’s like 700 pages. Also, The Heir series by Cinda Williams Chima is quite probably the best book series I have ever read.

  25. mycrushandi

    First of all Dollar i disagree about Harry Potter!But you’re right with dumb old twilight.But,like 1 out of 10 know’s The Mysterious Benedict Society.It clearly rocks.It’s all about kid power!
    P.-S.Constance is VERY smart for a todler!

  26. superbabybaby

    My fav book is doll in the garden! and i love all books except danny champion of the world

  27. amf...


  28. Amber

    OMG! I am team Percy Jackson too!!!! I think unknown books i’ve ever read is well… a lot. The best is Prophecy Of The Stones by Flavia Bujor. It’s popular in Germany and France, but not in the USA. They didn’t even have it on amazon kindle! Other good unknown books are Fortunes Folly and The Adventures Of Tom Trueheart. Also Skullduggery Pleasant.

  29. TayTay

    my favorite book is the series could “The Chronicals Of Vladimire Tod”..it is bout a teen that is half vampire and has too kill this other vampire that hated Vladimire’s dad..it is soo awesome!!!..its my fav series rite now..lol..

  30. TayTay

    heyheyhey..lol..wats up??.. i LOVE too leave comments and chat so if u wanna chat just send me a shout out and ill know..lol..

  31. Ever R

    WEll, I have looked up some of the books that u guys have commented, and I have to saw that 1 most are populor already not wat the whole point of this is, and 2 look ok, now, how many of u guys have read “Maximum Ride.”I would underline that if I could.anyways, it is the best series i HAVE EVER READ!! iam serious, it is very popular, but no one at my school has ever heard of it, so its loke popular, and no popular, but it is amazing, Now at first I thougth is it was OK, but i ketp reading the series, and IT IS SOOOO GOOD. I SEAR, AND IT HAS AN AMZING WEBSITEIT IS VERY fun!.read them, look them up….im a reader, and always will be, i now a good book when i see one.. and max is it. Also, if what i have said will not convince u..it will be a movie, look it up. And the chapters are like one or 2 pages long. great

  32. ridingthedistantwave


  33. twilight019

    Some of the best books i’ve read are by Sarah Dessen like lock and key, this little lullaby,so on. Another good book is The memoirs of an Amnesiac by Zevin.(Dont know her first name)

  34. writeaholic

    My favorite book no one has ever heard of is Schooled. It is very interesting. It is about a boy who lives in present day named Cap but grew up in a special farm place where it is like the 80s. But then Cap must go to pubic school when his Grandmother breaks her hip. Want to hear more? Then go read the book called Schooled starring Cap!

  35. Lucy

    Well, my favorite book series and to me is the best book series ever is the Septimus Heap series by Angie sage. It’s a series about a land where Magyk(Aka magic) exists. Here’s a bit of a description:
    One day the queen of the village has a baby girl. When the ExtraOrdinary Wizard, Alther Mella, the best and most talented wizard of the castle, and his apprentice Marcia go to perform a ceremony for the princess, the Queen and Alther are killed.
    On that same day, a young boy named Septimus heap is born. he is the seventh son of the seventh son, and is suppose to be very talented in Magyk. Silas, Septimus’s father, finds the baby princess, Jenna, in the snow where Marcia had hidden her for Silas to find. When Silas gets back home, a Midwife has declared baby Septimus dead and taken him away!
    On Jenna’s tenth birthday, Marcia, the new ExtraOrdinary Wizard, finds out that a Hunter has been sent to kill Jenna. Jenna, Silas, Nicko (Jenna’s adoptive older brother), Marcia, and a young army boy called Boy 412 end up on an adventure to escape the Hunter. The rest of the books are about Jenna, Nicko, and Boy 412′s adventures. They’re the best books ever and everyone should read them. The first one is called Magyk.
    The Warriors series is a very close second on my fav book list though. I also love the the Guardians of Ga’Hoole series, The Sisters Grimm, and Artemis Fowl(I can’t wait for the seventh book, the Atlantis Complex,! It looks really good!)
    I personally don’t get why people are so obsessed with Twilight. What’s so interesting about Vampires and Werewolves? (But i do love Wolves, you’ll never catch me without wearing a wolf necklace, just not werewolves)

  36. 3625lovebooks

    I really like the books Once Upon a Marigold and as well as Nobody’s princess series I really enjoyed those books.

  37. mintchocolatechip100

    a lot of Andrew Clements books, like the report card are really good. The only really famous one by him is Frindle which is a really good book. and teh little house on the prairie series are good.

  38. gymnast430

    i love “the hunt for the seventh” by christine morton-shaw and “the secret order of the gumm street girls” by elise primavera

  39. Joslyn.

    My favorite book is not popular…at all! It is~ Molly Moon’s Incredible Book of Hypnotism by Georgia Byng.

  40. Aly

    My favorite book is part of the Belgariad series and it is called Pawn of Prophecy by David Eddings.
    it’s really good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I don’t get why tons of people love Twilight.
    oh, I would recomend pawn of prophecy for boys and girls ages nine and up. The beginning is slightly boring (and you might want to skip the prolog the first time you read it) but the rest of the book is really good!!!!

  41. haytink

    My absolute favorite book and series that not many people have hurd of is the camp confidential series. its about girls that go to summer camp. there the same age as me so i can compare to them very well. Melissa J. Morgan is the best writer. Love you Melissa and love your books. i read this book and now i want to go to summer camp. me and my friend what to go to summer camp together now. hopfully it will be fun.:)

  42. A

    HARRY POTTER ROCKS THE WHOLE ENTIRE WORLD and my other favorites are every soul a star, harry potter, loser, mick harte was here, junie b. jones, harry potter, lunch money, frindle, a school story and harry potter

  43. HarryP0tterFan

    My fav book series that is popular is Harry Potter, but my favorites that aren’t as famous are the Dragon Slippers series and Every Soul A Star.

  44. Jasmine

    here r my fave books that my besties, and nobody else in the universe have heard of:
    My sister the vampire book series
    The Withes
    Double Fudge
    Dark Secrets
    These r my undiscovered books!!!

  45. Lelia

    trading faces all the way! they even have a sequel called take two! my second choice would be devon delaney should totally know better and my third choice would be my sister the vampire: switched. they’re all awesome not hard but not easy books.

  46. Renee

    Probably one of the best books that I have ever read that most people have never heard of is The Shadow Thieves by Anne Ursu. Here is a shout for all those Percy Jackson fans who love Greek mythology. The Shadow Thieves is the first book in the trioigy for the Cronus series, and you guessed it, it is all about the mythology…well not all about it, that would get very boring…

  47. thumbelina08

    A book series that not many people have heard of that I love is The Looking Glass Wars trilogy! It’s based on Alice in Wonderland, but it’s really different! It’s not for the younger crowd, though!

  48. mirialin_moon_knight4789

    I like this series by an author, Psydonyeum Bosch. Pretty sure I spelled that wrong.
    Anyways, he wrote this thing. The first book is The Name of This Book is Secret, then If You’re Reading This, It’s Too Late, followed by This Book is Not Good for You. It follows the life of three/two kids , mainly the first one (Cassandra), as they become involved in a society trying to protect The Secret from the evil guys/antagonists: The Midnight Sun.
    It’s really kind of funny, but I finished the entire thing. Sadness.
    I wrote this at 6:07 AM ET! Yay!

  49. Cal

    I am like you Sonja, I think that they’re are definatly some great pooks people hsvn’t heard ofhe Charlie Bone Series by Jenny Nimmo is as good as other really popular awesome books such as Percy Jackson, 39 clues, and Harry Potter, but it doesn’t get much fans.

  50. hizz421752

    Well, I LOVE and I mean LOVE Percy Jackson and Harry Potter ( I have all the characters birthdays that I know written in my calender and stuff LOL)
    and I hate Twilight- BLEH anyway, and some books are Highway Cats, Found, Me and The Pumpkin Queen, and School Gyrls. I have lots more, too but I can’t name them all!

  51. Priscilla

    I have billions of favorite books but the best one i’ve ever read was a book called “Emmy and the incredible shrinking rat” best book ever please answer if you’ve read it.

  52. PaperFlowers

    Gregor the Overlander by Suzanne Collins should seriously be WAY more popular than it is. I’ve been waiting for it to be made into a movie for about five years…so far no luck. :(
    Also, Alcatraz Vs. The Evil Librarians is hilarious in a sort of dumb way. So is the Pals In Peril series by M.T. Anderson. And the Gideon trilogy is AWESOME. And…well, I could go on all night. I LOVE undiscovered books. =D

  53. Josephine

    I am completely obsessed with Little Woman. This is a book that not many people have ever read yet they have heard of it. I also love Just Ella and Cassie Binegar.

  54. Abby

    My favorite not-that-well-known book is Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment. Granted, the characters have a few annoying tendencies, such as spontaneously developing powers and the CONVENIENT ability to tuck their wings perfectly into their clothing.
    Other than that, though, it’s great.

  55. Jenna

    Well even though it was a Caudell nominee not many people read it or know about it’s called Jermy Fink and the Meaning of Life. So much awesomer than it sounds. Secrets of my Hollywood life is good for the first 3 to 4 books but is terrible after that. I read this on book a while ago that i found in the corner of a bookshelf and was pretty awesome. it was called The Dessert War from what I remember. The Adventure of Edward Tulane is great yet sad (Not sure if it has the adventure part in it) Hmmm… what else? There is a easier kid one that’s pretty good called Fairy Realm that I used to read. OH! Poseur is awesome if your a girly-ish girl.
    Can’t think of much more right now.Try some out if you can.

  56. megan

    my favorite books were the twighlight seires…i love twighlight and i also love one other one but i forgot

  57. andrew25

    i love a book called the twenty-one balloons by william pene du bois its a real good book and people should read it.

  58. Brook Smiley

    Well my fav is Percy Jackson and the Olypains. LOL I think I spelt that wrong. Do you guys every talk about anything fun?? Well besides reading. I love reading!

  59. WistfulThinking

    The Beacon Street Girls series or BSG series is really good. Not many people have heard of them, but they deal with a lot of real-life problems kids experience.

  60. gylfie97

    i also like cirque du freak and howl’s moving castle and the unicorn chronicles and the last dragon chronicles and the mistmantle chronicles and lots more!!!!!!!

  61. gylfie97

    i think i read too many unknown books…
    Alcatraz versus the evil librarians
    the secret series
    the vladimir tod books
    (I’m on team Percy Jackson, by the way)

  62. anaghak

    Hi folks!
    First of all, I love the classics, and I couldn’t believe some of my twilight lovin’ friends have not even heard of the Little Women books! they are so good, and are popular in the classic category, oh so good books! But I am sure a fan of Twilight harry potter Percy jackson, etc. I LOVE THE HUNGER GAMES!!!! O MY GOODNESS THAT IS AWESOME!!!
    Oh, everyone has heard of twilight and harry potter, and i am sure sick of twilight’s fame. come on, guys, what’s great about it?? yes, it is very good as a book, and the movies are okay, but why? because of taylor lautner? rob pattinson? really, guys, i like the books, not the fad. The hunger games is just perfect though, and i loved it when i went on google books, and the hunger games was rated higher than twilight!!!

  63. soontobewriter

    Almost nobody has heard of the Canterwood Crest series by Jessica Burkhart.It is entertaining and I recommend it to girls who love drama.Also I don’t really get why most people like Diary of a Wimpy Kid.It is mostly meant for boys but i respect the girls who like it.

  64. Katniss/Thalia/Zoey/Max

    I think the Gifted series by Marilyn Kaye deserves to be more well-known!It’s realistic fiction with a slight twist.That twist will make you want to read it!The books are called Out of Sight,Out of Mind,Better Late Than Never,Here Today,Gone Tomorrow,and Finders Keepers.Another great series is the Kingdom Keepers series by Ridley Pearson.They’re about magic and Disney World.The books are Disney After Dark,Disney at Dawn,and Disney in Shadows.I bet there’s a lot more books,but I don’t remember them now.Anyway,read those!

  65. yellowball

    one of my most favorite books of all time is…. Larklight and no one in the world has like ever read it. It drives me insane. Deep down popular is another one of my all time favorites and again no one ever bothers to read it. so saddening.

  66. Bailey Pickett

    I think the best book I’ve read was called Junie B. Jones.lol Because im not a fan of reading at all . !!!

  67. BEcrazy

    Brair Rose is a great book that a lot of people I know have never heard of. It’s a “sleeping beauty” story with a WWII twist. The main character tries to trace the history of her grandmother, who told her many stories about a girl named “Brair Rose”. The main character ends up in Poland….you’ll have to read it to find out anything else. :D

  68. mikayla

    The books i think should be popular are:
    1. The city of ember
    2.101 ways to bug your parents
    3. The giver by lois lowry

  69. fallbookgirl

    I think the most popular book in my school should at least be The Hunger Games. Everyone loves Twilight but it odes not hold a flame next to The Hunger Games. Also The Book of Story Beginnings, The Girl Who Threw Butterflies, and the Young Wizards Series are soem of the best books I have ever read that no one has really read.

  70. scott

    Please have a look at the book “Dragons of Asgard,” found at all online bookstores. (internet only).
    When a high school boy leave his window open while sleeping, little did he know his scent was luring a tiny hand size dragon into his bedroom. The boy is suffering from MS, and has lost the use of his legs, but the tiny dragon insists that the boy is dragon, eventually gaining the use of his legs back.
    1. West =high school boy with MS
    2. Bruce= West’s best friend
    3. Michelle= West’s other friend
    4. Ral=dragon oracle & leader of Asgard, has the power to make anyone fly.
    5. Ort=has the power to copy himself multiple times to confuse enemies.
    6. Tal=blue dragon with power of ice.

  71. EverTrue

    haha, well there’s the “Vampire Kisses” series, which not too many people know about….oh! and “Dead is the New Black”, also a series. an “Never Slow Dance with a Zombie:

  72. Summerwriter

    One book I’m sre no one heared of is the novel by Kit Pearson A Perfect gentle Night.

  73. Threedozen

    Well I loved Ink Heart it was very intresting and some parts made me want to cry…. It is just as good as the movie.

  74. prin87

    Well, for me, the best book I’ve ever read would have to be The Three Musketeers. It has the best writing I’ve ever read. It has such a good storyline, and such good value. It’s amazing how no one has ever heard of a great classic, but has heard about a bad book about sparkling vampires

  75. FantasyReader07

    Well, there’s:
    The Giver
    The Fire Within and series
    Inkheart series (And I think it is amazing in any language!!!)
    Fablehaven series
    Evangeline Mudd books
    Artemis Fowl series
    Oliver Twist
    Cat’s Cradle
    Tales of Beedle the Bard
    Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
    Lord of the Rings series
    and I’m sure there’s more but I can’t remember all my years of reading. They’re all really really good, or most of them, and it’s so amazing that most people that I know have never heard of these books. It’s just incredible. I feel that it’s from lack of exposure and forcefullness of those around them to read to a satisfactory requirement.
    You see, most of my friends would not be able to understand a word of that sentence. What is the youth of this world coming to?

  76. SorcerersStone

    This one is known by, like 1 or 2 people in my class, but here goes: CAPTAIN UNDERPANTS

  77. Serein

    Nobody seems to have heard of Airborn or its sequels, Skybreaker and Starclimber. They’re amazing, and definatly deserve more attention. Anyone with no new books handy, go find them!
    Also, Abarat is incredible, too, and no one knows about that, either. It’s quite sad.

  78. pstep

    I like to read,I just don’t do it much.My favorite books are junie b.jones, and diary of a wimpy kid.I think there AWSOME!!!

  79. toylollipop

    Hmmm…I bet there are a lot that I’ve read out there, but
    1. I can’t keep track of them, and
    2. I guess I just forget ’cause they aren’t that popular! :(
    Anyway, I’ll try to think of some now…
    12 Finally
    by ???
    (I JUST read it, I got it from the Scholastic Book Fair at school!!!)
    Oh well, it always takes me awhile when there is a good question like this. *sigh* I’ll probably be back later with more books…:)

  80. summerflower88

    I like the book Phillipa Fisher and Her Fairy Godsister. I read it in about 3 days!

  81. vidhi98

    i cant believe no one has ever heard of the little secrets series. even though its a teen book its really good. it has a lot of drama, romance, and mysteries. its a series you wouldn’t want to stop reading

  82. catching_fire

    Definetly Graceling by Kristen Cashore. It’s like… well, it’s like… hmm… okay, get this. There’s a land with seven kingdoms. Simple enough. And in this land, there are those blessed with the ability to preform a particular skill or trade better than anybody else. They are said to be Graced with their skill. Everybody in the land avoids the Graced, who always have eyes with diffrent colored irises.
    It’s really good, and nobody’s ever heard of it.

  83. Lexi

    I love what Beverly Lewis has to write. Nobody I know has heard about her but she writes out of this world, so that’s why she’s my mentor. The best series she’s ever written is Holly’s Heart.

  84. hugehippo567

    My favorite book is part of a seris….. Seekers-The Quest Begins. My least favorite book is….. I don’t really have a least favorite book.

  85. Samantha

    my fave undiscovered book is Good Night,Mr.Tom. The book is really moving and I am surprised nobody else has heard about it. I’m also a fan of the Warrior, Wizard, and Dragon Heir books by Cinda Chima.

  86. stuffedmudkiptoy

    One of my favorite books of all time is the Far World series by J. Scott Savage. Another book that i think should be wicked popular is the Gideon trilogy. If you have not heard of these books drop what you are doing and run to a book shop. Or was it a donut shop?

  87. andrea13579

    my favorite book is the last song i already saw the movie it was sad and happy @ the same time.

  88. Ronfan

    I read a really good book called Jakeman. I don’t know how many people have heard of it but it’s great! The same author wrote Sacred Leaf and I Am A Taxi. I’ve only read Sacred Leaf and I liked it a lot. I have to warn you though, it is a little sad and it is not for young children(I personally would say NOT under 9)I’m a Taxi is the first book of the two but it looks a lot sadder. Well that’s all I can think of right now!

  89. Sydney

    Okay, undiscovered books. I can think of a bunch but I’m only going to post about two.
    One of them is The Pepins and their problems By Polly Havorth. It’s really, really funny.
    The other is actually a series. It’s the Blossem family books by Betsy Byars. The first one is The not-just-anybody family, then it’s The Blossems meet the vulture lady, then The Blossems and the green phantom, then Blossem promise, and last but not least, Wanted… Mud Blossem.
    The Blossem family books are really awesome. And if your thinking, ‘can’t you go into detail?’ No I can’t because I just can’t put my finger on what makes the books so great. Every part of them is awesome.

  90. WinkyGoMoo

    I just recently discovered the Dinah Galloway mystery series by Melanie Jackson. It’s about this girl named Dinah who ends up solving mysteries in her little town in Canada. I just started the second book (The Man in the Moonstone) and so far it’s AMAZING! Though it’s not as good as Nancy Drew, I find it has a unique voice. :)

  91. scifi99

    some books i like but nobody knows is the dragon slippers series . something i don’t understand is how the allie finkle series is so populer . it is weird!!!there is no point!!!

  92. TheInky3

    I’d have to say I completly disagree with HeroineHiding. The Inkheart series is amazing, and I am the only fan in my school. They are amazingly written and you never forget them. But, it’s your opinion. But visit the Inkheart board, and prepare to have your mind changed. Anyway, my mom is reading the Twilight series, and hates it. She’s told me parts, and I have no desire to read it. I think that everyone is obsessing over totally pointless love. I mean, Edward loves Bella ‘cuz she smells good. Bella loves Edward ‘cuz he’s beautiful. Yea.

  93. Jen

    i like a book called I.M.F, it’s good n scary at the same time. i think ppl that read that book would have love it as well;D

  94. GNOletsgo1

    Well, I read this book called, The Girl Who Could Fly, and our class knows about it because our teacher bought it, but otherwise no one else knows it. There are also other good books by authors i’ve never heard of! Like I found this series, Dork Diaries, which is like Diary of a Wimpy Kid for girls! One series that isn’t any good is Inkheart. I find it boring. I also think Diary of a Wimpy Kid is sort of funny, it’s pretty cheesy and not very fun for girls to read.

  95. loki25

    OK this is a great series but when I ask my friends they’ve never heard of it. It’s called The Seven Sleepers. It is an awesome book series you guys should find and read it.

  96. ICEDEMON96

    i love harry potter and percy jackson some of the most popular books ever but i also love reading old books like Misty of Chincotigue series and i also love the book Shiver and the Hunger Games. And the Vladimir Tod series is really good just not that well known.

  97. readingstar5

    The best books I’ve ever read (There is more than one) is Eleven, Twelve, and Thirteen by Lauren Myrical. I love them!

  98. Dollar

    I absolutely LOVE “Someone Named Eva” by Joan M. Wolf, but no one I know has ever even heard of it, much less read it. Now, not to dis all you “Twilight” fans, but why is it so popular? They aren’t that good! I’d have to say the same thing for “Harry Potter”. Really sorry if I offended anybody, that’s just my opinion!

  99. Miranda

    SEEING EMILY by Joyce Lee Wong. It’s got some following, but I don’t hear about it anywhere. Joyce Lee Wong is my hero! She has a beautiful writing style, and she make realistic fiction a wonderful, creative adventure. Unlike some books of that genre, this isn’t as bland of cardboard. This is coming from someone who for a while, could read nothing but fantasy novels. But SEEING EMILY is as genius and creative as a fantasy novel. READ IT SONJA, READ IT!!

  100. Rachel

    I love a lot of popular books (Twilight, Harry Potter, etc.) but some books that I love that are not quite as popular are:
    The Den of Shadows series
    Suck It Up
    Cirque du Freak series
    Secrets of my Hollywood Life series



  102. HeroineHiding

    The best book I’ve ever read that probably no one has hear of, well I have two. First, H.I.V.E, which none of my friends have heard of. Then thre is Stop the Train, which no one has like ever heard of.
    Then the book I’m amazed that someone would find remotely interesting is the Inkheart series. My opinion is, maybe it sounds better in German, because it definately isn’t any good in English.

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