March 20, 2009

What’s Your Game?

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Game_on_animatedDownloading straight to your brain — types of video games . . .

We’re bringing you a series of blog entries to guide you through the process of inventing your own video game — and then you can enter your brilliant creation in a cool contest (the winning idea will be turned into a real game!). Today’s focus: a cheat sheet on different types of games. Because you gotta know what’s out there before you can make your own!

First up: Casual vs. Core Video Games
Casual video games are fun, easy to play, and targeted to the mass public, meaning pretty much anyone can play them. The games can be played on a computer, the internet, cell phones, and game consoles. They have simple rules and technology.

Our fave casual games:
Allie Finkle’s Cupcake Switcheroo

Core games have more high-end technology and require more of a long-term commitment.

Our fave core games:
Goosebumps Enter Horrorland

Next: Game Genres

Within both core and casual games, there are also Puzzle Games, Run-Jump-Avoid Games, and Simulation Games.

Puzzle Games:

  • Have a fixed play field like a grid, board, or set of shapes
  • You use logic to solve problems
  • Time management is often a big factor
  • Common Puzzle Games: Soduku, maze, crossword, matching

Our fave Puzzle Games:
Chasing Vermeer Pentominoes Game

Run-Jump-Avoid Games:

  • Involve a “character adventure” where you have to get your character to accomplish a task
  • You face hazards along the way (lava, snake pits, monsters) and have to collect items or avoid enemies

Our fave Run-Jump-Avoid Games:
Dragons of Deltora Adventure

Simulation Games:

  • Replicate a real-world experience
  • You get a set of objectives to achieve through strategic planning
  • Common Simulation Games: racing, sports, fighting

Our fave Simulation Games:
Wii Sports

So there you have it! A basic recap on different kinds of games.

Now, your mission . . . go and play! Consider it necessary research as you decide what kind of game you would want to create yourself. And on Monday, we’ll take you through how to design that game.

In the meantime, check out more background about games on The STACKS!

— The Game On! Team

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