February 2, 2010

Trivia Tuesday: Three of a Kind

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Trivia_tuesday Tuesdays are double trivia days for me. Every week, there's trivia right here on Ink Splot. But I also play trivia with my friends on Tuesdays. And my friends are a lot more afraid of a couple of little questions than you are.

They're especially scared of getting one type of question wrong—the Three of a Kind. In this type of question, the questioner (in this case, me) names three things. You, the answerer, guess what they have in common.

For example, I might give you "Kevin", "Joe", and "Nick," to which you would answer "Jonas Brothers."

See? Easy!

So, here's today's Three of a Kind trivia questions. Leave your (right) answers in the comments, proving my friends are all just a bunch of big babies.

1. Alex Russo, George Fayne, Sam Puckett

2. Flyers, Gnawers, Crawlers

3. Momsen, Swift, Lautner

4. When You Reach Me, Bud, Not Buddy, The Tale of Despereaux

5. Apple, Red Ribbon, Queen

6. French, Waffle, Curly

7. John Cena, The Miz, Triple H

8. Eric, Alí Ababwa, Naveen

9. Sayonara, Auf Wiedersehen, Adios

—Carly H., STACKS Staffer

  1. Kayla

    1.Female TV characters
    2.Names of creatures in the Underland
    3.First name is Taylor
    4.Newbury award winners
    9.Ways of saying goodbye in foreign languages

  2. star341230sarah

    This goes to my last comment-
    #1 I want to add that all are girls with nick names like Alex- Alexandra Sam- Samantha

  3. star341230sarah

    1. Names of t.v. characters
    2. Gregor of Overlander animals
    3. Taylor
    4. Newbery Award Winners
    5. Red
    6. Fries
    7. Wrestlers
    8. Princess and the Frog
    9. ‘Goodbye’
    I am 99% sure that I got them all right!

  4. PaperFlowers

    1. Girls with boy’s names
    2. Gregor the Overlander animals (I used to be obsessed with those books)
    3. Taylors
    4. Newbery Award winners
    5. Things on Twilight covers
    6. Different kinds of fries
    7. Wrestlers
    8. From The Princess and the Frog
    9. All mean goodbye

  5. Amma

    1.tough girls/ girls with boys names
    5.covers of Twilight books
    7. wrestlers
    8. princes of some sort
    9. goodbyes

  6. Mae_D_Cahill

    1. Girls with boys names.
    2. Insects.
    3. Last names of people named Taylor.
    4. Newbury Award winners.
    5. Twilight covers. (My friend has these, I hate twilight!)
    6. Fries.
    7. Wrestlers. (My brother watches them.)
    8. Disney Princes.
    9. Ways to say what I’m about to say: GOODBYE!

  7. Aylee


  8. star341230sarah

    1. T.v. Charachters
    2. Gorge the Overlander
    3. Taylor
    4. Newberry Medal Awards
    5. Red
    6. Fries
    7. Wrestelers
    8. ‘Goodbyes’

  9. Keara

    1) Theyre all tomboyish
    2) Creepy sounding
    3) Last names of people who’s first names are all Taylor
    4)all book titles
    5)twilight book cover pictures
    6) types of fries
    7) My friend Sawyer’s favorite westlers
    8) Disney Princes
    9)goodbye! ;)

  10. Lili11

    1- Girls with boys names
    2- From The Underland Chronicles
    3- They all are Taylors
    4- Newbery Awarded
    5- Twilight covers
    6- Kinds of fries
    7- Wrestlers names
    8- Princes names
    9- Ways of saying goodbye
    Wow, that was fun! The 8 was very tough!

  11. Thalia_Grace_Is_Awesome

    1.Girls with boy’s names
    2.Names of creatures in the Underland(in the series The Underland Chronicles,by Suzanne Collins)
    3.Last name is Taylor
    4.Newbury award winners
    5.All are on the covers of the Twilight books
    6.Types of fries
    8.Disney princes
    9.Ways of saying goodbye

  12. LittleBlackDress

    1. Girls with boy names
    2. Bugs
    3. They are all Taylors
    4. Newberry Award Winners
    5. Twilight Saga Book Covers
    6. Fries
    7. Proffesional Wrestlers
    8. Disney Princes
    9. Goodbye in Three Different Languages

  13. bluecookiedough

    1- Girl names
    2- Insects
    3- Stars
    4- Book names
    5- All red?
    6- Food?
    8- Boy names
    9- Ways to say goodbye

  14. LDO

    1.They are all trouble makers.
    2.They are all part of the Underland Chronicles.
    3.Theyr all have the first name Taylor.
    4. They are all by Kate DiCamillo.
    5. They are all on Twilight covers.
    6. They all have triple consonants.
    7. They are all wrestlers(and maybe are all actors)
    8. They are all from the Princess and the Frog.
    9. They are all ways to say good bye.

  15. emgmpg

    1. actor’s tv names
    2. ?
    3. actors
    5. ?
    7. Wrestlers in the WWE
    8. Princes (?)
    9. Goodbyes

  16. Crystal

    1. The Wizards of Waverly Place
    2. Gregor the Overlander
    4. Newbery Award
    5. Snow White
    8. The Princess and the Frog
    9. Goodbye
    That’s all I can guess, and I’m not even sure if some of them are right. :P

  17. iluvdavidcook

    1. Ugh, I can’t figure this one out. :P
    2. The Underland Chronicles
    3. Taylor
    4. Newbery winners
    5. Snow White
    6. fries
    7. pro wrestlers
    8. Disney princes <3
    9. goodbye

  18. harryobsessed

    1. No clue . . all tv characters maybe?
    2. No clue
    3. All Taylors
    4. All have won the Newberry? I’m positive for two of those . . .
    5. All featured on Twilight covers (gag)
    6. All types of fries
    7. No clue
    8. All Disney princes
    9. All ways to say goodbye
    Defy gravity!

  19. can't_stop_reading88

    1. characters
    2. bugs
    3. Taylor
    4. Newberry Medal
    5. ?
    6. Fries
    7. wrestlers
    8. ?
    9. good-bye

  20. peacepurple10

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  21. 103mintchocolatechip

    1. wizards
    2. bugs
    3. Taylor
    4. Newberry medal winners
    5. ?
    6. ?
    7. wrestlers
    8. ?
    9. different ways of saying goodbye

  22. Thalia_Grace_Is_Awesome

    1.Female TV characters
    2.Names of creatures in the Underland
    3.First name is Taylor
    4.Newbury award winners
    5.Types of candy?I have no idea!
    9.Ways of saying goodbye in foreign languages

  23. sid


  24. Abby

    1. All are wizards.
    2. All are creatures from Gregor the Overlander.
    3. All have the first name “Taylor”.
    4. All deal with receiving or giving clues.
    5. All come in the color red.
    7. All are wrestlers?
    9. All mean “goodbye.”

  25. Marytonga

    1. Girls with boys names.
    2. Insects.
    3. Musicians last names?
    4. Newbury Medal winners.
    6. Hair styles.
    7. Musicians?
    8. Arabic names?
    9. Goodbye.
    Come on, When You Reach Me was a dead give-away! And reading Nancy Drew sure paid off!

  26. Bookworm288

    1 = girls with boy names
    2 = bugs
    3 = last names, all of people named Taylor
    4 = books turned movies
    5 = covers of twilight books
    6 = related to Hoot by Carl Hiassen
    7 = wrestling champs
    8 = Disney princes
    9 = goodbyes

  27. HeroineHiding

    1. No idea
    2.Gregor the Overlander animals
    4. Newbery Award books

  28. soontobewriter

    1 They are all tough girls
    2 Gregor the Overlander
    3 Taylors
    4 Newberry Award Winners
    5 red
    7 wrestlers
    9 ways of saying goodbye

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