September 14, 2010

Trivia Tuesday: Football Answers

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Ink Splot 26

Hi all! Let’s recap last week’s Football trivia questions.

I gave you a bunch of words that didn’t make any sense and I needed you to unscramble them to reveal some NFL teams. Like I said, I’m a HUGE football fan and what better way to enjoy a little friendly competition than with a challenging world scramble? Not to my surprise, you guys did great! Here are the answers.

1. Mebliorat Varnse
Answer: Baltimore Ravens
2. Enegr Yba Rkpasce
Answer: Green Bay Packers
3. Smannitoe Vginkisk
Answer: Minnesota Vikings
4. Wen Srlaeno Snatis
Answer: New Orleans Saints
5. Nolisinaidap Stloc
Answer: Indianapolis Colts
6. Allads Wbosyoc
Answer: Dallas Cowboys
7. Ewn Rkoy Igntas
Answer: New York Giants
8. Wen Gndaen Tiotaps
Answer: New England Patriots
9. Vedner Bsrocon
Answer: Denver Broncos
10. Znariao Cnalsrdai
Answer: Arizona Cardinals

Don't forget to keep checking back every Tuesday for more fun and challenging Trivia!

—Jen N., STACKS Intern

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