August 26, 2008

Trivia Tuesday: Warriors Series

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I used to live with a cat named Emmett who enjoyed sleeping, lazing around, lying on the floor, curling up on the couch, and yawning. If you have a feline companion yourself, this kind of behavior may sound familiar. But as countless readers have discovered, there may well be a secret world where cats spend more time strategizing and planning for battle than napping — the forest of the Warriors series.

I don’t have to tell you that the Warriors books — about various cat clans trying to survive while upholding the sacred warrior code — are extremely popular. In fact, I bet you fans out there could easily recite the characteristics of the different clans and even identify their many members (although, to be honest, all those names make my head swim!). So, instead, I have a different trivia question for you:

The author name on the Warriors books is Erin Hunter, but there’s no such person as Erin Hunter! (Well, there are probably lots of people named Erin Hunter in the world, but none of them is writing the Warriors stories!) So, who is/are the real author(s) of the Warriors books?

Leave a comment with your answer, and we’ll reveal the truth next week!

— Karen, STACKS Staffer

Answers are up!

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  1. Elle22

    I have read every book that’s been published. Once you start to read them, you can’t put them down!

  2. avidreader(appleshopper)

    thats easy: its Kate Cary, Cherith Baldry and a new recruit…..Tui Sutherlind!!!!!!!!!!

  3. PugHugs

    …There are three of them. I know that. And that’s basically all I know about them. =/
    I’ve read a few of the Warriors books, up to the second series, until they became too tedious and hard to keep track of. But a boy I know loves them.

  4. Allison

    I love the Warriors series because I have two cats, but have only gotten to read the first two books. I have no idea because I’ve actually never known that. So I’ll pass, and I can’t wait to catch the answer!

  5. brenda (luv2write666)

    the authors are….
    Cherith Baldry, Kate Cary, Victoria Holmes, and Tui Sutherland

  6. Karen W.

    Hi, guys! Thanks for your responses to my trivia question. I’m going to hold off on publishing the answer because no one’s gotten it quite right yet. avidreader was VERY close — and definitely the first to leave a comment (props for that!). Wanna give it another try? HINT: There are actually four authors now!

  7. Rita

    I stopped reading the Warrior series because it felt like it was becoming more quanity and losing it’s quality because there were so many people working on it…it just kind of lost its touch, wasn’t really original anymore.