January 19, 2010

Trivia Tuesday: The Baby-sitters Club!

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Trivia_tuesday I can't possibly be the only one still riding high from our recent announcement about The Baby-sitters Club, so I'm going to keep the ball rolling with some BSC trivia. So put down your Kid Kit, tell Karen to stop complaining about Morbidda Destiny, and let's get started!

Question 1:
In Book #2, Claudia and the Phantom Phone Calls, readers meet Charlotte Johanssen for the first time. Charlotte goes on to become the favorite charge of which member of the BSC?
a. Kristy
b. Stacey
c. Mallory

Question 2:

In #9, The Ghost at Dawn's House, who (or what) is leaving behind the trail of items that Dawn thinks belongs to a ghost?
a. Nicky Pike
b. Jamie Newton
c. Jackie Rodowsky

Question 3:
What is the secret language referred to in #16, Jessi's Secret Language?
a. French
b. Pig Latin
c. American Sign Language

Question 4:
In #30, Mary Anne and the Great Romance, Mary Anne gains a new stepsister. Who is it?
a. Karen Brewer
b. Dawn Schafer
c. Becca Ramsey

Question 5:
In #100, Kristy's Worst Idea, why does Kristy disband the Baby-sitters Club?
a. Kristy starts to think she's a bad baby-sitter after her charge, Jackie Rodowsky, sprained his ankle while she was sitting for him
b. Claudia's family announced they were moving out of Stoneybrook, so the club had no place to hold meetings
c. Dawn and Mary Anne decided to move to California with their parents

BONUS QUESTION for all you BSC experts out there!
Dawn's friends from California started their own baby-sitting club after Dawn told them all about the BSC. What did they name it?

Think you know the BSC? Leave your answers in the comments!

—  Morgan, Scholastic staffer

  1. Kaitlyn

    BSC is my favorite series EVEr, so Stacey, Nicky Pike, Sign Language, Dawn, Kristy
    and The We Heart Kids Club starring Sunny Winslow, Maggie, Jill, Whitney Carter, and of course DAwn

  2. Candysplash

    2.A-Nicky Pike
    3.C-American Sign Language
    4.B-Dawn Schafer
    Bonus: We <3 Kids Club
    I love the Baby-Sitters Club! It’s hilarious and talks about real life issues,and they sometimes get a little creepy…

  3. Alix

    Bonus: We Love Kids Club (actually, the ‘love’ is supposed to be a heart, but, you know.)

  4. bmw3bug

    1. stacy
    2. jamie?
    3. pig latin!idk
    4. dawn
    5. the sprained ankle one?
    except for 1 and 4 these r all (random) educated guess’s!

  5. Andyslibrary

    Are you kidding??
    I never read this series.
    So, I’m just gonna guess.
    1. A
    2. B
    3. C
    4. A
    5. B

  6. SWSD12904

    1. B. Stacey
    2. A. Nicky Pike
    3. C. American Sign Language
    4. B. Dawn Schafer
    5. A. Kristy starts to t…
    6. We Love Kids Club

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