November 24, 2009

Trivia: Magic Tree House Thanksgiving on Thursday

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Thanksgiving_on_thursday Yes, it’s true that Thanksgiving is this Thursday — but Thanksgiving on Thursday is ALSO the title of one of the Magic Tree House books by Mary Pope Osborne! (I have been waiting all year to say that.)

If you’re not familiar with the Magic Tree House series, then before I get to the trivia question, I should tell you a little bit about the books: They’re about a tree house. It’s magic. Got it?

Just kidding! Here are the details: Annie and Jack are a brother and sister who discover that the books in their tree house transport them through time and space. They visit lots of different historical destinations, from Ancient Eygpt to the Ice Age to the Civil War. And — surprise, surprise — in Thanksgiving on Thursday, they travel to Plymouth, Massachusetts during the time of the pilgrims.

So, here’s my question for those of you who are familiar with the book: Jack and Annie try to help out with the turkey for the first Thanksgiving, but something goes wrong. What happens?

Leave a comment with your guess, and then check the answer. Have a very happy Thanksgiving! Or as your dinner would say, “Gobble gobble!”

— Karen, STACKS Staffer

  1. kelly

    i think you should write about TWILIGHT it is asome you should mostly write about NEWMOON it is cool to i am seeing it next week i can t wait.maybe u should write about the secret garden it is a asome book i read it twice .it would be cool to write about it!!!!

  2. isparkle

    i read the books soooo long ago that i dont remember. so heres my version. jack was cooking the turkey and suddenly crazy squirrels started attacking him so he burnt the turkey and the whole village burned down

  3. kyra

    i love the magic tree house books . when i read his books it feels like im actually in the book.[ haha].

  4. Charmain

    I love reading MAGIC TREE HOUSE books, because the story is very motivative.i dunno la. i just like it!! hehehe.

  5. zebracake29

    Jack and Annie try to cook the turkey but it is accidentally burned. Thats ok though because there accually wasn’t any turkey at the first Thanksgiving.

  6. dodhouse

    this is cool i always read these books they are so cool i got book 40 and i m only on page 10 its cool
    hope we keep in touch

  7. Crystal

    Oh, I remember! The turkey accidentally fell off the spit into the fire. Jack and Annie thought that they had ruined the very first Thanksgiving by ruining the turkey.
    Not bad for someone who hasn’t read the book since about a year ago, huh? :)

  8. Katelyn

    I haven’t read any of the books from the Magic Tree House series in ages, but I used to love reading them. I think the turkey falls into the fire they’re cooking it over.

  9. Crystal

    It’s already out, Kenyada.
    I love this series! I’ve read it since I was a little kid and I’m still not tired of it! :)

  10. 16samantha

    iloved it!!!!
    i always read magic tree house so i try to get each one!!!!
    u rock!!!!
    this one rocked!!!

  11. obiwancrazy

    I read that book but it was a LONG time ago so I don’t remember, here is a crazy guess: Albus Dumbledore Apparates into the first Thanksgiving just as they are setting out the turkey and eats it all. Later on they eat EGG NOG instead :)

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