March 20, 2012

March Madness Trivia Answers

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March Madness NCAA College Basketball Tournament!

Last week, I posted a quiz about the annual March Madness basketball tournament, and now it's time to get some answers! The tournament has only just begun but I'm so excited. Last minute three pointers and thrilling drunks have me glued to my seat, just waiting to see what happens next. But before the next game starts, check below to see the answers to last week's quiz. How did you do?

  1. The lowest seeded team to ever win the National Championship was the Villanova Wildcats. What seed were they?     
    B) 8
  2. Has a 16 seed ever won a game in the March Madness tournament?  
    B) No
  3. What coach has won the most National Championships?
    C) John Wooden
  4. What coach has the most wins in the March Madness tournament?
    A) Mike Krzyzewski    
  5. What school has won the most National Championships?
    A) UCLA    
  6. What team has made the most Final Four appearances?
    C) North Carolina
  7. What team has qualified for the March Madness tournament more than any other?
    A) Kentucky    
  8. Austin Carr set the record for most points in a single March Madness game. How many points did he score?   
    B) 61    
  9. What do teams traditionally do after winning the March Madness tournament? 
    B) Cut down the nets  

What teams are you rooting for in this year's March Madness tournament? Post your favorite teams in the Comments below!

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