February 23, 2010

Trivia Tuesday: Inkworld

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Inkheart_130 While lurking on the Message Boards, I found this trivia quiz written by inkgirl2. Test your knowledge with this quiz.

ok, this is a little test to see how well u know the inkseries…..


  1. What was Darius’s profession b4 he was captured by Capricorn?
  2. What flavor did Meggie say she will never be able 2 eat again after meeting Basta?
  3. What color was the cats pelt that meggie fed in chapter 30 talkitive pippo?
  4. What is the name of the very last chapter in Inkheart? (without looking to find out)


  1. What are some common things that Dustfinger swears by in Inkspell?
  2. Folks say in the Inkworld that the Black Prince is so skillful with his knives that he can do what?
  3. Who reads the Inkspell audiobook?
  4. When is the only time you can hear Reasa’s voice?


  1. What is the gender of Meggie’s sibling?
  2. What r the names of Orpheus’s 2 glass men?
  3. How many chapters r there in Inkdeath?
  4. Name the character from the following clues….
  • pockmarked face
  • mask-maker
  • strolling player…

  1. chattypug1 (formerly SoccerBoarder)

    1. ?
    2. mint
    1. ?
    2. ?
    3. ?
    4. b4, when she laughed or screamed, she got it back once they were in the inkworld
    1. boy
    2. jasper and ironstone
    3. ?
    4. battista/baptista (i looked, same guy, inkspell->baPtista, inkdeath->baTtista)
    I’m surprised some people hated INKheart. I once read a book and i couldn’t get passed the 10th page cuz it wuz so bad, then I read it again a year later and i loved it.

  2. Ashlee

    Ink death
    1. boy
    2.Ironstone and Jasper
    3. 40
    4. pockmarked face-???????
    strolling players-black Prince

  3. emokid43

    Every time I went to check this book out,I couldn’t get it,but my sister kat_12 loved it!She told me to write that!

  4. Lilique

    The books great depending on how you read it. Oh Holly your spelling is wrong. Its heard!

  5. puppies125

    Why do people say InkHeart is boring? Come on, people! Anyway those were really hard i could only answer like one question. I definitely didn’t know the ones on Inkdeath ‘cuz I only read half.

  6. Holly

    that was a good movie and a good book but when i read it i had a whole different picture in my head.

  7. Maryy<3

    man, good questions inkgirl2. honestly, i cannot answer all those questions even though i am totally in love with those books.

  8. olivander

    INKHEART TRIOLOGY ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SHE ALSO WROTE IGRAINE THE BRAVE WITCH IS NOT AS COMPLICATED BUT HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GIVE POOR CORNEILIA A CHANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. crazychick

    I’ve read the Inkheart trilogy recently. I personally loved them. If you have no patience, do not read them. Cornelia Funke goes into extreme detail.

  10. Invisiblewoman2

    I just started reading it,
    it paints a pic. so well in my mind its its almost scary.

  11. Invisiblewoman2

    I’ve looked up books by the author and find all of her books are mostly childrens books which is sad cause usually when I find an author that i like I read lots of their books. :( :( :(
    I wish she would write more books 2.

  12. icecrem10

    I luv Inkheart triolgy!!! I just havn’t read them recentally. Iwish the author would write more books.

  13. Invisiblewoman2

    Im lookin 4 a new book to read. I loved the movie but am not sure ifI hould read it. ut im a huge fan of fantisy. hould I read this book?

  14. fuzzyball35

    I got halfway through Inkheart and had to stop because it was so boring, and I rarely ever quit books. My 5th grade teacher read all of them last year though.
    *fuzzyball35* :)

  15. bmw3bug

    oh wow someones happy! :P im gonna guess at these
    1 uhh libririan?
    2 mint
    3 ?????????
    4 going home???
    1 ?????????
    2 ?????????
    3 ?????????
    4 when she laughs
    2 ?????????
    3 ?????????
    4 ?????????
    as u can probly tell i studied these books 100′s of times ;) actualy i read inkheart and a bit of inkspell and thats it!

  16. syd17

    hi i saw the movie but idk if i should read the book my mom said i should but she also said it is a dark book,ao idk if i waould lie to read it or not plz right back and tell me if its bad or good thxs bye!

  17. inkgirl2

    OMGOMGOMG!!!! i cant believe it!!!! my inkheart trivia thing is posted on the ink splot blog!!!!!!!! oooooohhhhhhhhhh mmmmmmmmmmmyyyyyy ggggggggooooooooooodddddddd!!!!!!
    i am so super happy! thank you inksplot26 editor!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU!!! :D

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