August 5, 2008

Trivia Tuesday: Harry Potter Puzzler

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Harry Potter’s Wizarding World

J .K. Rowling has created this really incredible world and it seems so real. One of the aspects of this world that has intrigued me from the very start are all the rules and laws of the wizarding world. (How does she keep them straight?!) One area of the wizarding world that remains pretty mysterious throughout the series is wandlore. How the wands choose a wizard, how they are all different — all of it is fascinating to me.

So, here’s a trivia question about wands: Ron received his first wand as a hand-me-down. Who did Ron’s first wand originally belong to?

— Amanda, Harry Potter Message Boards Moderator

  1. HarryPotterFreak82

    I’m pretty sure it’s Bill. It could be Charlie, but I’ll stick to Bill. I really hope I don’t get it wrong! :P

  2. Emmafan911/Jess

    It was Charlie! I knew it even before I saw other people say it so don’t worry about that! =]

  3. Pia

    Yeah, it was Charlie’s :)
    NickJonasIsMine has probably seen me on the message boards as my alias..

  4. Amanda T.

    Hi, guys! Thanks to all of you for making your guesses! I’ve posted the answer now, so check it and see how you did — and find out which super fan was the first to answer correctly!

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