December 16, 2008

Trivia Tuesday: Guess the Quotes HINTS

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Here are the hints for Tuesday's "Guess the Quotes" trivia. Solving these clues will get you one step closer to the answers!

Quote #1 hint: He is thought to be the last centaur and highly revered as a teacher and tutor.

Quote #2 hint: Time isn't on their side . . .

Quote #3 hint: The title of this book means "fire" in a fictional language.

Quote #4 hint: Involves an “electrifying” public figure

Quote #5 hint: Arctic chill

Quote #6 hint: They only wish it were dream . . .

Answers to come Tuesday!

— Carly M., STACKS Staffer

  1. Alyssa7019

    What is it? Looks like Percy Jackson and the Olympians to me. The
    fourth book, Battle of the Labyrinth, came out in May 2008. And it
    kinda looks like they are making it into a movie. #5 has the word
    dragons, but I don’t get the rest. ????

  2. Aly

    Number three isn’t Inkheart. It is Brisinger. Brisinger is the third
    book of the Eragon series. That series is really good. I can’t wait for
    book 4!

  3. jobro.1fan

    Hello! ok, Is number 6, the Hunger Games?? Just spittballin’ here, but
    I kinda think it is, I DON’T KNOW OK! lol :)

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