August 19, 2008

Trivia Tuesday: Children of the Red King

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Charliebone_2By now, everyone has a guess about which Hogwarts house they’d be sorted into if they lived in Harry Potter‘s world — probably even those of you who only watch the movies and don’t read the books (although you really should be ashamed of yourself if you do that). For me, I’m pretty sure I’d be in Hufflepuff.

But did you know there’s another British fantasy series about kids who attend a boarding school where they are “sorted” into groups based on their extraordinary talents? In Jenny Nimmo‘s Children of the Red King series (also known as the Charlie Bone series after the protagonist), the kids who attend the sinister Bloor’s Academy are all endowed with artistic, dramatic, or musical talents — and some have magical gifts, as well. And just like Hogwarts marks students by house crests and colors, Bloor’s Academy identifies its members by the colors of their capes.

Which leads me to this week’s trivia question. If you’re familiar with the books, then you should have no problem coming up with the answer: What are the cape colors for each of the three student groups at Bloor’s Academy: artistic, dramatic, and musical?

And even if you’re a newbie to Charlie Bone’s story, I’ve got a question for you too: Which group at Bloor’s would you be in? Personally, given my love for Guitar Hero and Rock Band, I’d want to enroll in the music program. Sure, jamming on plastic instruments may not translate directly into real musical talent, but that’s the whole point of taking classes, right?

— Karen, STACKS Staffer


Edited 8/26: Answers are up!

  1. Mizpah

    I’m sure I would be sorted into the art department. And that would be nice, seeing as my favorite color is green. :D

  2. PugHugs

    I think I know this, I think I know this… drama’s purple, art is green, and music is… blue? Maybe? Or maybe not… um…
    Hmm… maybe I’d be in music, or art.

  3. Pinkelephant11

    i would definitely be an art–funny, too, one of the characters who des art is named Emma like me!

  4. Luna

    Well, i love those books and i agree with pugHugs. i know that I would be a green cap art! i really like to draw so yup!

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