August 2, 2011

Trivia Tuesday Answers: World Hunger

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Earth Food For Thought

Because we know how strongly you guys respond to social issues, we wanted to start a discussion on World Hunger. So last week, I posted a Quiz on World Hunger. See the answers below.

  1. True or False. Hunger affects men, women, boys, and girls, young and old equally.
    ANSWER: False. The majority of people that die related to hunger, or diseases related to hunger are boys and girls under 5, then the elderly and women. Typically women will give the food to the men and children first.
  2. What area of the world has the highest number of hungry people?
    A. Asia B. Africa C. Latin America D. North America
    ANSWER: Asia (and the Pacific). This area contains over half of the world's 1 billion chronically hungry. It is followed by Africa.
  3. How many calories a day does the average person need to live a healthy life?
    A. 900 B. 2,100 C. 3,000
    ANSWER: Around 2,100 calories. The average person in the United States consumes 3,600 calories per day. The average calorie intake of a person in Mozambique (in Africa) is 1,632.
  4. How often in the world does someone die of hunger?
    A. Every 3.6 seconds B. Every 10 seconds C. Every 2 minutes
    ANSWER: Every 3.6 seconds.
  5. True or False. The lack of adequate nutrition affects only children's physical development. ANSWER: False. Hunger also affects brain/cognitive development and behavior.
  6. What is the main cause of world hunger?
    ANSWER: Poverty. There is more than enough food in the world for everyone to eat, but the poorest people can't afford to buy it, so they go hungry.

How can you make a difference against world hunger? Maybe by buying a few extra boxes of macaroni or canned goods each time you go to the grocery store, and donating them to a food bank? Holding a fundraiser for a worldwide organization? Or maybe just by reading more and learning about it, and telling your friends.

Last year, one of the Be Big in Your Community winners, Will L. from Texas, created "Hits Against Hunger" a program that raises awareness of hunger in his community by playing baseball. Kids in local baseball leagues get sponsors to pledge $1 per hit during the season, to go towards the local food bank.

What will YOU do to help someone who is hungry today? Let us know in the Comments below.

— Ratha, Stacks Writer

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    please put something else up but on the story the kids in Asia will get affected if they dont have any food. no bad topic to talk about.

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    of course kids and older ppl get affected by hunger more isn’t it obvious this shouldn’t be a story

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    Wow, it’s soo sad to think of how many people are chronically hungry. It’s good to know that people are helping! :)

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