November 24, 2009

Trivia Tuesday Answer: Coraline

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Coraline_130 Congratulations Madison! You were the first person to get the answer to the Coraline trivia question right. If you’re just joining now, the question was:

In what toy did the Other Mother hide the souls of the three children in the closet?

In the book Coraline, Coraline goes through a mysterious door in her dreary new flat (flat is British for apartment) to a world that is almost exactly like her regular world, just much, much better. In this Other World, she has an Other Mother, who seems much better than her real mother at first. (She cooks much better for one thing!)

But when Coraline doesn’t do exactly what the Other Mother wants, the Other Mother’s other side starts showing. She punishes Coraline by locking her in the closet, where Coraline meets three other children who have also been lured into the Other World. They tell Coraline the truth about the Other Mother — that she just wants to steal Coraline’s soul! That’s what she did to the three of them. Which leads us to the trivia question:

The Other Mother hid the three children’s souls in marbles.

Can Coraline escape the Other Mother’s grasp? You’ll have to read the book to find out!

—Carly H., STACKS Staffer

  1. Bridgett

    I love the movie it’s so good. I just finished the book. I think that the mother shouldn’t have cheated

  2. icecreamem

    i started reading this book, and the first night i read it i had nightmares! i shut that down real quick! I STOPPED READING THE BOOK!

  3. kyra

    u know how the book and the movie a so not the same well they r trust me i read the book and saw the movie with my mom and we both love it. i love the part we her parents have dissaerped .it felt made me feel like i wouldnt like it if my parent didnt love me but they do.i reallly love both the characters in the book and the movie…..

  4. missy

    i didnt really like the movie or book of coraline it wuznt my kind of book or movie. but i didnt hate it just wuznt for me

  5. keira

    i think this a great book is it based off the movie??????? you are my favorite author im reading your book right now its called fearstreet cheerleader first one i wonder what hapens!!!!???? see you later keira

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