September 30, 2008

Trivia Tuesday: Allie Finkle

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Movingday_cover I'm about to send you off on a little scavenger hunt.

OK! Here's your Tuesday trivia question: Who is the character of Allie Finkle based on?

This is a pretty tough question, but the answer is somewhere on this site — from the lips of author Meg Cabot herself. So here's a hint . . . Good luck!

— Jack, STACKS Intern

Check out the answer!

  1. emma

    Dear Allie Finkle,
    I NEED your help. I started a club at my school. My friend asked what the point was. I really don’t know. WHY DID SHE HAVE TO ASK THAT???
    Here’s my question. How can I make the club better?

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