June 2, 2009

Trivia: Percy Jackson Book 2 (The Sea of Monsters)

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Percyjackson2_130 Hey, Splotters! Over the long Memorial Day weekend, I did a lot of thinking. Some soul-searching, if you will. And I came up with the answer to a very important question: if I were a demigod like Percy Jackson, I would want my god-parent (ba-dum tcchh) to be Hermes. I realized this in the middle of an ultimate frisbee game, which was reducing my legs and my lungs to jelly; Hermes’ winged shoes would have been really useful. (My team won anyway. Obviously.)

Anyway, as you can tell, I’ve got Greek mythology on the brain, and you know what that means: It’s time for Round 2 of Percy Jackson trivia! (You can check out Round 1 here.)

1. In his travels in Sea of Monsters, Mr. Jackson meets Circe. What does she turn him into?
(BONUS: What similar animal does Circe turn Odysseus into?)

2. Annabeth teaches Percy about “hubris” — a key element of the Icarus myth. How did Icarus die?

3. Which famous pirate do Percy and Annabeth meet?

4. Who was the original hero associated with the quest for the Golden Fleece?

5. (ULTRA OBSCURE) What old man was changed into a rock by Hermes for betraying him?

Good luck! I’ll post the answers when someone gets all (or most) of these right.

— Jack, STACKS Staffer

  1. L

    1.Guinea Pig
    Bonus. she does not turn him into anything
    2. getting to close to the sun
    3. blackbeard
    4. Jason
    5. old man of Onchestus.

  2. olivia

    ok sorry i’m not answering the question. but i am SO mad about annabeth in The Lightning Thief movie. #1 shes a brunette! shes supposed to be blond! and #2, she was born in 1986! that makes her like 24! annabeth is 12 in this book! ugh it makes me angry.

  3. LuckyXStar

    1. Circe turns Percy into a guinea pig. BONUS: She turned Odysseus into a pig, but they are too hard to take care of, so she settled for guinea pigs.
    3. Blackbeard.
    4. Jason
    5. Wasn’t it the old man of Onchestus? (Or something…) :|
    Great!Now get reading the 3rd book! =)

  4. Songheart

    1.Guinea Pig
    BONUS:A pig.
    2.Icarus fell while flying out of Crete,and died.
    BONUS:I’m not THAT into music!!!Iron Maiden?I DON’T KNOW!
    3.Captain Cook.
    4.Jason and the Argonauts.
    5.The old man of Onchestus.

  5. dramateller

    1: A Guinea pig
    2:Don’t know
    3:Blackbeard (he became a guinea pig by Circe)
    5: No idea
    That was a good book!!

  6. rachel

    1. guiena pig, odysseus wasn’t changed into an animal, his crew mates were changed into swine
    2. flying too close to the sun,
    3. blackbeard
    4. jason

  7. A Major Bibliophile

    Percy Jackson rocks!
    1. A Guinea Pig
    2. Flying
    3. Sorry, Don’t Know!
    4. Jason
    5. Sorry, Don’t Know!

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