October 14, 2008

TRIVIA: Little Women

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Littlewomen Little Women written by Louisa May Alcott in 1867 and 1868, tells the story of four sisters — Meg, Jo, Beth, and Amy — who live with their mother while there father is away serving during the Civil War. Since its publication, countless readers have joined the March sisters as they go on adventures, fight with each other, endure poverty, befriend their neighbor, Laurie, and grow up.

But the one scene that stands out most to me after all these years (I read the book in 4th grade — a long time ago for me!), is when Jo comes home after selling her hair to a wig shop. Her sisters can’t believe it. Jo had long, beautiful hair. And she cut it all off because the family needed the money for something. But I couldn’t remember what that something was!

So that’s my question for you: What did Jo do with the money that she got from selling her hair?

I cheated and looked up the answer. But don’t do what I did! I want to know how many of you are one better than me, and really know the answer.

— Carly H. STACKS Staffer

UPDATE: The answer is up here!

  1. heaven

    i like it it is a good story i cant say its the best story i ever heard but if there was a vote from 1 to 10 i would pick five im not trying to be mean just thats what i pick

  2. Ingrid

    I read Little Women two years ago so I don’t remember too much.
    Was it because of Beth’s sickness? Or was it just because Meg was getting married and needed money for her home?
    I TOTTALY forgot. I doubt any of these answers were correct but I hoped it helped!
    PS The part that I remember the most is when Beth died. *sniff* It was so sad!

  3. Abby

    Wait, doesn’t she sell the hair to buy the train ticket to bring her mother home to tend her sick sister?

  4. melissa

    i’m a fan of Little women and the answer is…….she sells it to a wig shop to get money for her mother to visit their father, a wounded Civil War chaplain. :-D smile

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