June 26, 2012

Trivia: Leap Second

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Trivia: Leap Second . . . & Leap of Faith!

On February 29, we posted Leap Year Trivia Quiz because 2012 is a Leap Year. Did you also know that 2012 has a Leap Second? A leap second is one second added to clocks worldwide to compensate for the slowing of Earth’s rotation.

Believe it or not, there is an International Earth Rotation and Reference System Service, or IERS for short. (Wow! I wonder how I get a job with them?!) They determine when to add a leap second. Since 1972, a total of 24 seconds have been added to the clock. And the next one will be added on the last day of June. So on June 30th, 2012, there will be 86,401 seconds instead of 86,400!

In honor of cosmic leaps, we have some wacky Leap Second Trivia for you. Imagine if there were other things you could leap. For instance . . .

  1. Leap Class! What class would you create, if you had to have an extra class in the school day?
  2. Leap Grade! Which school grade would you choose to repeat if you had to do it all over again? Or what new school grade would you create to add on?
  3. Leap Meal! What meal would you choose or invent if you had to have an extra meal each day?
  4. Leap Sibling! Would you pick an extra brother or sister?
  5. Leap Birthday! Which birthday party or year would you love to repeat? Or what would you do for your extra birthday this year?
  6. Leap Gift! What one extra gift do you wish you could get?
  7. Leap Vacation! An extra vacation anywhere in the world – where would you go?
  8. Leap of Faith! If you could cure or fix one thing in the world, what would it be?

Let us know your Leap Answers and any other wacky Leap Questions you can think of in the Comments below.

Don’t forget there’s one extra second on June 30th. Spend it wisely. Myself, I think I’m going to use it to eat an extra Hershey’s Kiss . . .

— Ratha, STACKS Writer

  1. mysterysecret9

    i want to watch the movie Katy Perry ssssooooo badly i want to watch it the first day that is comes out i really hope that i can


    Leap class; Movie class(where you can watch movies)
    leap grade;Kindergarten
    leap meal;something with lasanga
    leap sibling;older brother
    leap birthday; my 13th birthday
    leap gift;$10,000,000
    leap vacation;Hawaii
    leap of faith;all sickness(cancer, bipolar etc.)

  3. indescribableauthor3

    1.I would create a class called Free Period where we had an hour to do whatever we want.
    2.I would repeat kindergarten because it’s easy and there’s barely any homework or projects.
    3.Lunch and Dessert because then you can have dessert after lunch and after dinner.
    5.My 6th bithday party.
    6.An Iphone.
    8.Cure all diseases and end world hunger.

  4. athenaaqua166

    1. Karaoke Class
    2. Fifth Grade
    3. Ice Cream/ Frozen Yogurt
    4. Sister
    5. Go to a Taylor Swift concert
    6. A week with Demi Lovato
    7. Paris
    8. World Poverty and War

  5. lightningthief3

    Leap Class: No homework class
    Leap Grade: 5th grade or 3rd grade
    Leap Meal:I would invent that has to do with something with chicken and ice cream
    Leap Sibling: NO IN MY LONG LEGGED LIFE!!!!!
    Leap Birthday: yes!!!!!!! most of my friends forget!
    Leap Gift: a Kindle Fire or water balloons
    Leap of Faith: I would help with hunger! :)

  6. bookwormgirl45


  7. Siko99

    Leap Class- Archery
    Leap Grade- 5th or 6th
    Leap Meal- Something Savory
    Leap Sibling- Brother all the way!
    Leap Birthday- 10th Birthday
    Leap Gift – Disney World, Orlando Resort, or iPad 3
    Leap Vacation- China
    Leap of Faith- all terminally ill diseases

  8. queenlavender2

    1. crafts
    2. grade 1
    3. after dinner snack
    4. twin brother
    5. go to Harry Potter theme park then to see a Broadway musical
    6. $1,000,000
    7. Europe
    8. all syndromes and cancer

  9. werewolfcat5

    1.I would create a class called the sleeping class.
    2.I would choose to repeat Kindergarten.
    3.If I had an extra meal each day then I would have dessert whenever I want and how much I want.
    4.I would pick an extra sister.An extra BIG sister,that is.
    5.I would invite everybody I want to my birthday party!
    6.One extra gift that I would love to get is a pet! I’ve always wanted a dog or cat really badly.
    7.I would choose an extra vacation to Alaska!
    8.If I could cure or fiz anything I would fiz all the times I made a mistake on something and the times I made a mistake in life.

  10. Isla Silvercresent

    1. cotillion
    2. repeat 7th grade
    3. 2nd breakfast or brunch
    4. older brother or younger sister
    5. get fencing lessons…and a pony
    6. the new Macbook
    7. tour of Europe
    8. teach other girls

  11. claire

    leap class:i would create a swimming class diving, jumping,or just relaxing
    leap grade:i would redo 5th
    grade,i had an awesome teacher!
    leap meal:dessert instead of lunch
    leap sibling:a baby brother or teenage sister
    leap birthday:i would like
    to get my nails done with my buds
    leap gift: an i-pod toch
    leap vacation:hawaii!
    leap of faith:i would stop people from abusing animals or kids

  12. redwolf248

    1. cooking class
    2. another year for middle school (9th grade)
    3. 2nd dinner or dessert
    4. older brother
    5. I would like to go horseback riding, laser tagging, or a paintball fight
    6. a new phone
    7. London or Greece
    8. fix poverty

  13. dolphinbrain37

    1)I would create a bilingual class to learn diff. languages
    2)I would repeat 1 grade.
    3)i would create Cereal w/bananas
    4)No Never I have a enough
    5)My first birthday the bomb
    6)A laptop
    7)France the heart of Romance
    8)All the violence and hurt in the world

  14. ?

    1. chilax
    2. Repeat Fourth
    3. lobster
    4. sister
    5. I would repeat my first year
    6. Ipod 4
    7. Around the world
    8. cure death

  15. Jennifer

    1. Leap Class! Study Hall/ Free hour
    2. Leap Grade! Kindergarten (I never went)
    3. Leap Meal! Some sort of sweet.
    4. Leap Sibling! Probably an extra brother
    5. Leap Birthday! Get everything that I ever wanted and not care about it.
    6. Leap Gift! My own computer
    7. Leap Vacation! Europe
    8. Leap of Faith! I would fix obesity.

  16. 2010musican

    1.Dreaming class
    2.Does Pre-K count??? If not Kindergarden
    3.Brinner..The most important meal of the day twice
    4.Maybe a little sister
    5.IDK,My birthday is on a break.They’re usually all good.
    5.A non-flamable jetpack
    7.No fears of expressing your embarassing thoughts

  17. Jewel

    1.a class where i about my own history.
    2.5th grade..most fun. :)
    3.pasta with cheese and burgers and beef and fries and…..
    4.yup.i have an elder bro.probably a sis this
    5.i’d repeat my last birthday
    6.the whole set of my fave books!!RAWR.
    7.France and the US.hope i get to visit someday…
    8.our environment. its too dirty,too polluted,too harmed.

  18. Labrador

    1.A class where you could do anything!
    2.I would choose to either repeat Kindergarten or add Grade 0 (no Grade 13 for me!)
    3.What about one at midnight! Exciting!
    4.No one! One is enough.
    5.I would choose to repeat my 12th birthday
    6. Sooo hard… maybe some book…
    7. I would go to Malaysia.
    8.I would cure cancer.

  19. Fairyemerald31

    Leap Class!A P.E Sports class where we have to do baseball,kickball,etc. instead of dodgeball
    Leap Grade! I would do 1st grade again
    Leap Meal! I would do a F.F.M.,Favorite Foods Meal, where you get to have one of your favorite foods between 1:30 and 3:00.
    Leap Sibling! Depends. A younger or older sister or a brother,no. One of my friends,Yes.
    Leap Birthday! I would have an extra birthday and I would celebrate by doing the same birthday I had in 2012
    Leap Gift! A book!!
    Leap Vacation! England!
    Leap of Faith! Global warning and pullution.

  20. Julia

    1. Drama class
    2. 3rd grade
    3. candy meal (what else?)
    4. No one is enough
    5. For an extra party, I would make an around the world party. in each room of my house, their would be a different country, and food/ crafts representing that country.
    6. get my own ice skates
    7. I would go to London
    8. cure cancer

  21. elfheroine1

    A Star Wars class! Where you get to learn a TON more about Star Wars!
    I don’t know, I’m home schooled.
    2nd lunch! (like Hobbits!)
    Hmm. . .probably not, I have two sisters and two brothers.
    Extra birthday? If I COULD I would go to Celebration VI in Orlando Florida.
    A dog!!
    I would cure Bi-Polar.

  22. Starrninjarawr

    1. Home economics
    2. 5th grade
    3. Dessert- cake, brownies, etc.
    4. Brother
    5. 6th birthday
    6. One direction tickets
    7. London
    8. Global warming

  23. Citlali

    I would love going on vacation!I haven’t got out of Georgia my hole life! I want to go to Florida to visit the beaches! I’m going to sixth, but I want to go to eighth because in eighth you get to go to a beach for a field trip!

  24. chattyangel42

    Leap Class! Hmm.. social class, to see how well you are with friends, and just to talk with friends xD
    Leap Grade! I’d go back to 4th, when I had my favorite teacher. I would create 13th grade for high school.
    Leap Meal! Breakfast and Dessert combined.
    Leap Sibling!NO! I already have a little brother and two older sisters!
    Leap Birthday! My fifth birthday. Most of my cousins and family were there.
    Leap Gift! Ps3, maybe?
    Leap Vacation! Europe
    Leap of Faith! Cancer

  25. katie

    1. i would create relaxing class. everyone just sit on a comfortable chair and do what relaxes you.
    2. i would do kindergarden. so fun!just play all day!
    3. i would have dessert as a meal.
    4. neither. i am akready the oldest of five.
    5.for an extra birthday, i would rent a jumpee house and have a water ballooon fight.
    6. i would like a kindle or an i pad for an extra gift
    7.i would go to italy
    8.i would help everyone learn to read and write. those are my two favorite subjects!

  26. Ankita

    1.recess,2.3rd grade,3.dinner,4.Sister,5.10th birthday party 6.Pj’s for my American girl doll,7.India,8.Poverty

  27. Jewel

    Hey guys i hardly had time to log in school. i miss writing here…Besides,i forgot my password!any way im in grade 6 going on highschool next year..thanks for making me love my talents..especially in writing.

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